It’s almost 6am in Australia, which means that I will have gone for a whole 24 hours without sleeping, so you must all excuse my deliriousness and inability to form paragraphs right now. Thoughts AS FOLLOWS:

So he DIDN’T convert his break points. But he won his tiebreaks.

He DID have mental letdowns, but he was gutsy, dynamic and exhilarating in every way.

From the moment he stepped on court, his demeanour, the way he gathered crowd support, his point construction, approach to the match – everything was brave, persistent, and inventive.

The last match Djokovic lost before this streak was to Federer at the World Tour Finals, seems like all the poetic justice in the world that the person to end this amazing streak would also be Federer, who – incidentally – also ended Nadal’s 82 match clay court streak. But hey, it’s a weak era, right?

Things that hurt Djokovic: the burning comet of a backhand down the line; the serve, the odd no pace slice tossed in here and there; the serve (ACE ON MATCH POINT? ARE YOU FRIGGIN JIZZING MY PANTS OR WHAT?); the crowd; Papa Djoko taking offence to the Chair Umpire and walking out of the match.

Things that didn’t hurt Djokovic: the fucking drop shot; the chip return of serve.

Commiserations to Nole fans. I may not like your man, but those of you that pop by are certainly the most classy bunch.

To the rest of the world who counted him out, to the naysayers that who thought you would go out of your way to tell me that aside from Nadal and Djokovic, NO ONE ELSE HAD A CHANCE; to the Dan Markowitz’s of this world, the “Low Renters” and sensationalists: I’d stay classy, but I ain’t no Roger Federer, so one massive IN YOUR FUCKING FACE!


I think it’s fair to say that there is a part of Roger Federer that LOVES force-feeding his critics crow when they count him out.

Last but not least – Roger Federer. You are an extraordinary human being. What a privilege to witness your career, objectivity be damned.


xx doots

PS. More thoughts will ensue. My brain hurts.

PPS. Don’t mention the final just yet. Soak in this moment y’all. AND PARTY LIKE IT’S 2009!



40 responses to “PARTAY!”

  1. TennisAce says :

    What’s my name “Roger Federer” and don’t you ever fucking forget it


  2. Deborah says :

    Doots, I’m sending hugs from half way round the world, from my desk where I’m supposed to be working, from my heart, that is overflowing, I would sneak glances at livescores and my twitter timeline. All I can say is OMG! What a man, what a man, what a mighty, mighty, good man!

  3. FortuneCookie says :


    Ah haters will keep on hating…but also,seriously well done to Novak for the streak he’s had and commiz to his fans, but soooo happy for Roger! 🙂

  4. FortuneCookie says :

    Also,even if Roger loses to Rafa on Sunday,he’s proven SO.FUCKING.MUCH. this tournament. You don’t write off Roger Federer…you just can’t do it.

  5. marcoiac says :

    it’s 2009, isn’t it? 🙂 no words, just enjoy the moment

  6. PJ says :


    I’m so so so happy. He’s played so brilliantly (let’s not mention the BP conversion though) and did so well to rise to the occasion. That’s always been the way he is. I know I said at the beginning of this Slam – when Rafa was struggling – that I will never ever write Rafa off at RG.

    Well…I neglected to say that I will never ever write Federer off at ANYTHING.


  7. Carotid says :

    😀 everywhere

    And by the way, as far as break chances (i.e.,did you break in a game where you had the chance to) go, by my count, Roger and Novak were both 4/8. #notasbadasitsounds?

  8. breadstix says :

    That was AMAZING. Appreciated the amazingness even in my time of severe frazzlingness, thus made all the more amazing. I love how he pulled this one out which goes against all that the critics, of which there are many, have been saying, just LOVE it. And for him to break Nole’s streak, and by that I don’t mean I’m against Djoko so much as for Rog – the fact that he was the one to do that—

    I’m pretty sure that made very little sense, so — EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    first fedal final since ao 09 – cannot. wait. 😀

  9. FortuneCookie says :

    Also also,apparently Jim Courier is presenting the trophy on Sunday,aaaaand we know how well he gets on with the Fed,so if (IF IF IF) Roger wins this can really be the ultimate Happy Slam and the most winningest thing ever 😀

  10. annalisa says :

    we love you too, dootz!!! yay for this amazing win!!! xxx

  11. girl_from_mi says :


  12. Carol says :

    Way To Go FED! Hugs to Dootsie from Canada!! Wish I could’ve watched it with you!!!!

  13. Jack says :

    So friggen happy right now!! 😀

    Love how clutch his serve was, especially at 5-5 in the fourth set and the tiebreak too.

    It was just great to see him playing fantastic tennis and really own the occasion. The celebration at the end was great! 🙂

  14. Matt Zemek says :

    Something I haven’t seen mentioned on Twitter yet:

    Federer has now reached 5 finals at all 4 majors. I think he’s the only man in the open era to do that.

    The 5 French finals alone is astounding, given the lack of a fast surface and a proliferation of dangerous guys like Ferrer and Davydenko (from 2006-2008) and Nalbandian and, of course, Djokovic.

    23rd major final – Nadal has 12 now.

    219 wins in majors. If he collects 6 wins between now and the end of Wimbledon, he will pass Agassi (224) for second on the all-time list.

    Federer once again makes a clay final on Rafa’s favored surface, proving the completeness of his game.

    Most of all, though: THE 2010 US OPEN SEMIFINAL HAS BEEN COUNTERED! Almost an EXACT inverse copy of that match in the sense that it was played on the razor’s edge and that Federer needed to dig out of trouble at the end (4-5, receiving) to get it done.

    Hugs to all the Fed fans here, and for any Nole fans looking in, your man battled and battled and took this thing to the edge like the warrior he is. His streak was amazing and a testament to his emergence as player, person, and sportsman. It is noted (I did not see the match because of crappy f—ing online streams) that Nole conceded points at key moments in the match. Being a first-class person counts for more than anything in this life.

    Now, one final thing about “THE FINGER” and all this other stuff: It’s really VERRRRRY simple, folks:

    The Miami Heat celebrated BEFORE they had won – they showed up the Dallas Mavericks.

    Roger Federer celebrated AFTER he bagged what is probably the most satisfying individual match win of his storied career. I think a man’s allowed to wag a finger and spill some justified pent-in energy after the stacks of gloom-and-doom stuff from the global press. This isn’t a team sport – it’s one man in the arena. The emotions should show; Fed shouldn’t be expected to just say this was another win.

    Federer? An earned celebration. Miami Heat? A premature celebration.

    • dootsiez says :

      “23rd major final – Nadal has 12 now.”

      Rafa’s major final conversion rate is astounding.

      Hoping – against reason – that it goes down a little on Monday.

  15. pban says :

    its 2009 again isn’t it, almost weird but i too get the same vibes….wimby here we come. I know that makes absolutely no sense but hey at 4am what do you expect from a delirious fedfan

  16. rosso says :

    OH MY GOD! I can’t believe how absurdly happy & giddy this result has made me & it’s only a semi-final (& a final vs Rafa on clay to come!) I’m not sure I can recall the last time I was THIS ecstatic about a tennis match, I’m literally bubbling with happiness. Only Fed can do this to me!

    God help me if he wins on Sunday, beating Rafa at RG. Ultimate dream of dreams.

  17. LJ says :

    GROUP HUG EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. A_Gallivant says :


    I am so happy we have been riding the FedExpress and that Fed believed enough in his own abilities to bring it on the big occasion. Seriously, this has been such a wonderful RG. I’m going to soak it up and not let Sunday get in my way, because I remember other folks saying today was impossible as well.

    Doots, *HUGS* all around!!!

  19. Jodi says :


    Not coherent enough to say anything more than EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  20. BS says :


    This is the happiest I’ve been about tennis in such a long time. I always say, you can NEVER write him off. His reaction was so cute- I love to see him so happy with himself! He reminded me today why I love watching tennis and why I love being a Fed fan. Enjoy it guys, we deserve it. Hugs to you all! 🙂

    • Joan Moore says :

      I thought of you Doots when I am sitting there clutching my pillow and screaming in the last tie break..”just one more f……ing ace Roger! It is great to be a Fed fan tonight and I feel the love.

  21. flo says :

    His play was inspired and he showed his mettle. And I like the intensity and focus throughout. He learned his lesson from last years US and didn’t try to go into conservation mode or worry about the finals before the SF was over. I thought it was great but no partying if there’s one more match. Just a similar effort and focus and let the chips fall where they may.

  22. dari says :

    its hours later, the match is over, ive played tennis and come back home and im still giddy!!!!!!!
    what a display! what a man! my heart was beating so fast the last few points in the tie break, as if i had just sprinted up much stairs or something! ah! i am still incoherent/ not making sense.
    ROGER FEDERER!!!!!!! :)))

  23. dari says :

    and i can say with no sarcasm or reservations, congratulations to novak djokovic, amazing run, fantastic tennis beating fedal so many times, and it was a really fun run of wins, i enjoyed the tennis so much.

  24. Katarina_YYZ says :

    I am so happy 😀
    It are my burfday (as the LoLcat says)… and this was a great present (poo on Rafa; I’m older — I had this date first).


  25. ines says :

    Can anyone say now that Fed´s days are over? He still can play the best tennis I have ever seen in my life.He beat “the player of the year”.I´m so happy for him, so proud…It was the only one who could beat Novak.
    Love you to DEATH ROGER!!!

  26. Matt Zemek says :


    A tweep just reminded me of the evil secret I shared with you in a DM:

    I said I wanted Djokovic to enter Paris unbeaten for the year, mindful of what happened in America’s collegiate basketball championship semifinal in 1991 between Duke University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

    Non-Americans, look up “1991 NCAA Final Four Duke UNLV” on a search engine or Wiki.

    I also loved seeing Djokovic spill his tank in Madrid and Rome.

    Guess who was smart enough to lose to Gasquet early in Rome and gain freshness for Roland Garros?


    • dootsiez says :

      LOL did you just suggest our darling Wogie tanked Rome? Tread carefully Moonpie Zemek.

      But I totes agree. All clay season, I was happy with Federer’s play, but puzzled by some of the odd losses to Melzer and Gasquet. While I don’t think they were on purpose, in hindsight, it seems like a smart idea to put in just one strong masters performance, then head to Roland Garros with plenty of emotional and physical fuel left in the tank. Let Nadal and Djoko battle it out for the Masters. I’d trade any number of Rome titles for a major and some “Swiss Onions” 😉


  27. Blue says :

    Way to go Rog! This win has made me unbelievably happy. He said he was focusing on making it to the finals and he did it superbly! You are right doots, it is a privilege indeed to watch him play!

  28. lapinroyal says :

    EEEEEEK! Just finish watching replay….

  29. jandemom says :

    What a great match! What a great player! love ya, Rog!

  30. steve says :

    Matches like this are why I watch this man. Still, after so long and so many victories.

    It was a classic from start to finish. And he showed he still wants to prove himself the best, even after having won so much.

  31. Pratha says :

    What a match it was!
    I never once felt like Roger would lose,in fact at one point I even thought he’ll take it in straight sets!He didn’t come in as much as thought he would (or should) and yet he played his best match of the tournament so far!His tennis was indescribable.Sublime,intricate and beautiful.Every now and then I found myself wondering,”where did that come from?” AMAZING! 😀 He didn’t utilize his BPs but he broke at all the important moments.And if he made an error,he immediately made up for it!
    And I haven’t seen Mirka cheer so enthusiastically in a match in a long time – not in a semi at least.Even Sev and Paul weren’t their usual calm and composed selves yesterday!A memorable match in all ways possible.

    Last but not least,Roger’s reaction at the end was…….it melted me!That smile,it was priceless!Great great great match! 😀

  32. Freudo says :

    HUGE HUGS, DOOTS!!!!!!!!!! It’s the only way to contain the joy. He did what he needed to do enough of the time, “Thank you Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!” For maybe the first time ever, I didn’t watch LIVE, or know the outcome. I was tired fighting NBC lunacy, 11 a.m in all time zones, so they could show their “Morning shows,” and I couldn’t bear missing the neauty of the NBC picture, so big and crisp for a pale pirate stream. So I wnet and worked out, and stopped at the grocery to shop and came home and voila, 11 a.m, turned on. Didn’t get lunch until two sets were under his so perfect belt-line, and even then, just something I could grab and eat in front of the TV. Oh Happiness!!!!!!!

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