Vid: “I’ve been training all my life, for this kind of match.”

Listen to the reaction from the crowd. Have you heard anything like that for a player, French or non-French at Roland Garros? (And have you ever seen the Cone so giggly?)

There was defiance, happiness, and confidence written all over his face. Bask in the adoration bitches, ROLL AROUND AND RUB YOUR TUMMY IN IT.

xx doots


17 responses to “Vid: “I’ve been training all my life, for this kind of match.””

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    A pretty casual tennis fan friend of mine texted me with “Awww he’s so sweet,melting!” haha,I thought he was going to cry…and as much as the RG crowd can piss me off,I do love their total blind love of Roger 😛

  2. Thriding says :

    I’m getting worried by the size of Mirka’s hair

    • dootsiez says :

      I think it’s generally corresponds to the size of Roger’s bank account.

      • dari says :

        hahahahaaaaaaaa! mirka’s hair! yes, what is she putting in there. man, the celebration in the box was priceless. cone and mirka loving it up, wintour in the background, and then later sev whispering something to mirka and laughing…
        ah, such great tennis, such great emotions, and the crowd f* loves roger, wow!
        at about 1:25-1:30 he looks like he might cry.
        SO PROUD

    • Katarina_YYZ says :

      but I luv her leather motorcycle jacket. Ride or die bitches, as dootsiez says 😉

  3. qtaro says :

    I wonder if anyone recorded this game…had to work and only got to see the first 8 games and the last 5 plus the tiebreak…..go Rogi~~~~~~~~!!!

  4. pban says :

    I love the RG crowd they are all Federbitches…male female included

  5. anewor says :

    can you share the link to the video? I can’t view it from here. I want to see the Annacone giggle. and for the first time I saw him jumped from his seat when Roger won the first set–he was just sooo happy! Cant wait for Sunday, am hopeful but I don’t want to get too excited 🙂

  6. did anyone else notice says :

    what’s happening in the background @ 3:08…did that guy in the corner faint or something he’s being helped!!

  7. the fan child says :

    The dude was unreal today. It’s another huge bullet for the legacy (which didn’t need any help). Please, Roger, tell me that you’ve saved some for Rafa.

  8. Freudo says :

    What a great day! Roger made it into the “thanks” portion of our “goodnight” ritual!!! Wish I understood enough French to follow the whole video, but the emotions came through loud and strong. Thanks pj, I promise to enjoy this win forever. It’s definitely in my top ten fav Roger matches, even though the list is bigger than Mirka’s hair 🙂 she must use that producet advertised repeatedly, sort of beautiful woman but grotesque hairdoes who use a product called “Fructis”, by Garneier, which turns nice hair into this weird too much hair. It’s made of good things to eat like avocadoes etc…

  9. Vanessa says :

    I never in my life wished I spoke or at least understood French more than at this moment. As it stands, I have never seen or heard anything more beautiful than this man speaking French. I am so glad you posted this. I missed the roar of the crowd and the chants of Roger as I was screaming myself and rolling around the floor in my living room like a dung beetle someone flipped on its back. Bless you. I will probably watch this more times than is entirely healthy. 🙂

  10. Matt Zemek says :

    This video told me something:

    It’s not ROGER FEDERER at Roland Garros.


    Love it when he clasps his hands above his head! An old-school gesture of immense gratitude!

    Oh, the sweet poignancy of that moment.

    RO-ZHAIR! clap-clap-clap!

    RO-ZHAIR! clap-clap-clap!

    • dari says :

      yes, over head clasp was something special. the things fans notice!

    • dootsiez says :

      RO-ZHAIR *clap clap clap*

      I’m amused that despite Roger’s efforts to explain that it’s “ROGEUR”, the Frenchies still go around pronouncing it as “Rojé”.

  11. Emmanuel Anderson (@borglepdo1971) says :

    and for the first time I saw him jumped from his seat when Roger won the first set–he was just sooo happy!

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