RG2011 Men’s Final Thoughts (by PJ): Acceptance

I know, I know. This is more than a week late, and may seem largely irrelevant at this point to blog about IT. But I have my reasons though…first, work was kicking my ass. Interviews were kicking my ass.

And the pain of Roger losing was also sort of kicking my ass.

So I thought I’d wait for a time when I was slightly more coherent to write something slightly more intelligent and comprehensive than SLGKDLKFJSKDJKDJFKSDFJ WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHYYYYYYYY!?!??!?!

Anyway, after literally scrubbing my apartment from the top to the bottom for the last three hours, I somewhat felt like 20% of my angst has been scrubbed away, hence I think I’m ready to close my guest bloggage on this French Open.

Before anything else though: Congratulations, Rafa Nadal, for your sixth French Open!

And now that’s done with…

Urm, where to begin? The could haves? The should haves? The would haves? Do I really want to go there? I do want to try and be somewhat rational, so here goes.

The general consensus: Roger could have, and should have won that first set. Ironically, the drop shot that won him French Open two years ago was the bane of his existence two years later. Even so, one would say he still should have served out the set. But does that mean he could have won the title, if he took the first set? I don’t know, but here’s the thing I have a bit of trouble (understatement of the century) coming to terms with:  we’ll never find out.

I told myself I have no expectations going to this French Open. I was happy when he reached the quarterfinals, and happier still when he reached the semis. I was EASTATICALLY EASTATIC when he beat Djokovic. There was some serious celebration going on there that involved me not sleeping, and running a lot, and then eating a lot. And then I told myself “no expectations” for the final – cos, come on. It was Rafa freaking Nadal.

But yes. I can repeat the mantra of “no expectations” about a trillion zillion times, but when he got to the final…well. As a fan, I want to see him win. All the time. There’s no such thing as “it’s boring to see Federer winning all the time”. I am going to be quite happy with him winning all the time, thank you very much. But then, there’s accepting the fact that that is, of course, impossible for him to be winning everything.  I wanted him to beat Rafa on his turf. I honestly wanted that SO BADLY, but somethings are not meant to be…for now (because I believe he’ll beat Rafa at French one day, even if I am aware that this may be the patriotism in me as a citizen of Delusion Land speaking).

At the end of the day, reflecting upon the final, I don’t really want to dwell on the ‘if onlies’, though. I’m going to have to be okay with never finding out what could have been if that first set had flipped around. Because I couldn’t even begin to imagine the tremendous pressure Roger must be under when he was ahead in that first set. It certainly couldn’t have been easy to keep his wits together after missing those few chances. I can sit here and talk about the could haves and should haves but talk’s easy. I’m not the one on the court. I’m not the one facing a person that has pretty much been crushing a lot of my dreams.

And you know what? I’m certain that he gave it his all, and more, even with that unfortunate hiccup in the first set. Because that’s Roger Federer. He never ever gives up. That speaks volumes about him as a person, not just as a tennis player. That’s why I love him. That’s why I’m permanently installed in his pants.  Win or lose, I’ll still be in those pants. I’ve stuck with him for this long, I’ll definitely be sticking around for longer still.

A wise woman said to me, “it is what it is” and that’s the truth.

Overall, Roger played a fantastic tournament, that is undisputed, I would say. We’ve seen some major TMF moments from him. We’ve seen him cut through draw like hot butter, silently and lethally. He took down The One Who Cannot be Taken Down, and even though he didn’t pass that final hurdle – I’m really proud of him. For someone whom everyone else has written off as “old”, “irrelevant”, “on his way out”, “over” – I think it’s safe to say Roger shoved all those sentiments down those people’s throats and made them choke on it, for good measure. Seeing the way he played for this French Open – it gives me a lot to look forward to for Wimbledon.

We’re back on his lawn, y’all. And he still wants it. REALLY wants it. And we can be sure that he will stop at nothing, and pull out all stops, at kicking those few unwanted arses OFF his lawn.

– PJ

P.S. apologies if it’s still not very coherent…I tried.

P.P.S A HUGE THANK YOU to Dootsie, for letting me sit on the Mighty Picket Fence and filled it with my incoherent ramblings for the French Open period. I thoroughly enjoyed writing incoherently. 🙂 ❤

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About PJ

I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

17 responses to “RG2011 Men’s Final Thoughts (by PJ): Acceptance”

  1. Carol says :

    I hear ya PJ, all the way down to my toes.

  2. Freudo says :

    thanks, PJ, let’s do it at Wimby!!!

  3. Matt Zemek says :


  4. pika says :

    PJ, thank you tons for your recaps! I wanted to reply to them, but my weird superstition of the tournament was if I didn’t spazz about how great Feddy was playing, then I’m not going to be jinxing him for that next match! LOL I was hoping it would continue on through the final, but alas… hehe. Sorry about that, but I have read through ALL of them!! They were great, and I find myself nodding my head in agreement as I read through them all! Both you and doots are GREAT, ENTERTAINING writers!! I can’t wait to spazz with you all again for the next few weeks as Wimbly gets underway… I’m not sure if I’m completely ready for the grass… It really isn’t my favorite slam, Wimbly. But Feddy loves it, so I guess I KIND OF like it too… haha thanks again!!

    • PJ says :

      Thanks PIKA! 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed the recaps. I’m pretty happy actually that I managed to keep up day-to-day RG blogging for Doots *pats self*. 😛

      Wimbledon is upon us…and I’m feeling a bit schizo about it! A huge part of me is like I CAN’T WAIT BRING IT ON and a smaller part is like I’M NOT READDDYYYYYY

      But Wogie will sizzle!

      You share Doots’ sentiments of Wimbly being your least favourite Slam. Although it isn’t my favourite…I still like it for all the winning Wogie memories. 🙂

  5. jfK says :

    Thanks PJ 🙂
    The final was sad, but he played some spectacular tennis at RG and that is a good sign for Wimbledon.
    #17 here we come!!!

  6. Matt Zemek says :

    What is it with Fed fans not liking Wimbledon? That’s like Swiss people not liking Lindt chocolate, neutrality, or fat bank accounts.


    Snobby, ahppah-crahst Brits and bad bounces do not a second-rate major tournament make.

    Yes, Australia has the Happy Slam, but age-old resentments have their limits! 😉

    Federista loyalties ought to trump Britain-Australia tensions! 🙂

  7. Katarina_YYZ says :

    I’m kind of more bummed about the loss now than the day after 😦
    But I’m not going anywhere either; I enjoy supporting Roger way too much 😉
    Can you come and scrub my apartment? Depression doesn’t motivate me in the same way… and the dust bunnies are getting bigger… and conspiring against me.

    thanks for being here, PJ. 🙂

    • PJ says :

      It kinda never goes away, does it, that bummed feeling? *hugs* But supporting and watching Roger being all shiny and pretty helps with the healing! Am sure he’ll bring it this Wimbledon.

      I would if I could (clean your apartment). I am one of those weirdos who find cleaning kind of therapeutic.

  8. pban says :

    nah still can’t write about it ….coherent or not you had the fortitude to revisit that final pj,I prefer to block it out(me totally chicken) 😦 .

  9. Anjali says :

    Hey–belatedly—I’ve been trolling the blogs like a good Fed stalker and it seems that Fed had a pretty inflamed groin (don’t let your mind wander on that !!) which really hampered his lateral movement in the last set. I think it was quite clear that Fed was tired in the fourth and we were lucky we got to see some of his old magic against Rafa for a few sets. I think this is the best he’s played EVER against Rafa on the clay, and I, for one, think the old man is going to win RG next year!! How’s that for a bold prediction? I think Rafa’s gone on the boil and is going to surprise us by doing a Borg and disappearing onto his fishing boat. But not before Roger beats him in a GS final please!

    • PJ says :

      Heard about the groin – and hope it’s honestly nothing too serious cos I want him to be 101% for the grass court battle! But yes, I think he played really well throughout the whole tournament, and that final is the closest he got to Rafa in so many RG finals. It’s disappointing that he couldn’t make the final hurdle but it’s been a good run for him. I’m pleased he got the third set by sheer tenacity and magic.

      Bold prediction – but I LOVES IT. Would want that to happen so much!

      As for Rafa…I’m not going to discount him for anything, but yes. Don’t think he’s going to play into his 30s like Roger or Agassi.

  10. Deborah (shackle52) says :

    Great piece, PJ. I was so proud of him after the semi, I could breakdance. Actually, just as proud after the final, to be honest. Poetic justice that the Roger was the last man to defeat the Djoker before the streak began. None of the “great minds” of tennis, busy with their relevant quotes gave him a snowball’s chance in hell to win that semi. I could watch him wag that finger and then shout “yes” all day. Still the one.On to Wimby!

    • PJ says :

      Yes! Literally dancing, I was. And yes, also proud of him for the final. It was three very tight sets and he kept pressing Rafa all the way through, and the fourth set was way more competitive than the scoreline suggested (kinda like the Madrid second set). He did good, our man. He did more than good. And he made a good many people choke on their words and their oh-so-professional predictions.

      That being said, Simon Reed picked him for Wimbledon. UGHHHHHH – can someone stop that man from predicting our man in ANYTHING??

  11. jandemom says :

    Thanks for all your guest blogging, PJ! Your posts are always entertaining & like many others, I often find myself nodding or laughing out loud as I read them.

    I’m still bummed that Roger didn’t win RG this year, but it was a great couple weeks of his lovely tennis & I hope he takes the good vibes with him all the way through Wimbledon. And I hope that groin is OK!

  12. Tournament Junkie says :

    I think I waited long enough to read RG wrap, just a day before Wimbly draw! With some distance I am now only mildy disappointed Fed didn’t take our 2008 Wimbly parallel all the way. Le sigh 🙂

    But echoing sentiments of all, Fed had a wonderful tournament throughout. He put together the best performances overall. How’s that for the ‘man who should retire to save his legacy’ folks?

    #WagTheFingerBitchezzz ha ha. On to Wimbly!

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