Federporn Friday: Wag that FINGER bitchezz.


Just to keep you on your toes. 😉

You guyzzz! ‘Pologies with the lack of bloggage of late. Student life takes its usual toll around Roland Garros time. Many, MANY, squishy Wogie-shaped thank yous to Poojay, you kept Picket Fence well maintained during the dirty slam.

But now, I am DONE with exams. DONE with clay. DONE with this temperamental Aussie winter and I am BACK bitches – back with a little bonus Federporn Friday.

Just give me a second while I catch your jaw before it clatters onto the ground.

Federporn. IS YOURS.

Federbitches … you know what I’m sick of, these days?

I am sick of the negativity over a loss on clay. To Nadal. Who, not only matches up well against Roger, is 5 years younger, but also has an inherent surface advantage at Roland Garros.


I am sick of the constant, incessant scrutiny over every bit of Federer’s body language, his words, his deeds, when the man has done NOTHING but give the sport the most excellent name in the course of his career.

Federporn. IS YOURS.

I am sick of the media double standards. I’m sick of the GOAT debate.


… I’m sick of expecting disappointment. I’m sick of being critical.


So here’s the deal for Wimbledon: It’s on grass. Our surface of choice. Federer has the kind of draw that he can DO things with. He came out of Roland Garros in good form, with 2 weeks of rest.

All of these point to one, irrefutably awesome conclusion: It is time to get our swagger back.




xx doots

P.S. A closer look at the Wimbledon draw tomorrow. IT’S FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON WOGER ON FRIDAY!


23 responses to “Federporn Friday: Wag that FINGER bitchezz.”

  1. PJ says :

    You rock many many pairs of clean white socks.

    And THANK YOU. ❤

  2. writersbleedink says :

    I spy a tumblr gif. 😀

  3. Matt Zemek says :

    This post was one long wag of the finger.


    Let the fun begin at the St. Peter’s Basilica of tennis.

    Rev’rence the altar, milords and miladies.

    The leg is not wrapped. No Falla thrill rides or Bozoljac battles. Time to coast through the first three rounds, pick up steam on Second Monday, and get to the semis with a fresh tank of petrol.

    • dari says :

      ay yay to all you said!
      it’s a good day when there is FPF!!!!!! thank you and glad to see you back, dootsiez.
      best finger in the world right there

  4. lapinroyal says :


  5. Carol says :

    Yeah! Bring it on!!!

  6. lishyissquishy says :

    WAG THAT FINGER BITCHEZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovin’ it! lol. Thank you tons, Doots, you awesome person, you!! I can’t wait for Wimbly! I can’t wait for Feddy to come out blazin’! I can’t wait for Feddy to wag that finger of his! But then again.. this is Wimbly… he might think it’s not appropriate to do that at his favorite slam…. ahh whatever, just so happy to see FPF again!!

  7. Margaret says :

    Welcome back, and CMOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Roger! Show them so we can indulge in mass finger wagging two weeks on Sunday”

  8. Vanessa says :

    oh how I have missed you Doots! This is just what I needed today! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 😀

  9. jandemom says :

    Welcome back, doots! Great post, great points – and many thanks for the great porn!! Wag that finger, indeed!!! come on!!!!

  10. Alex says :

    Best Federporn Friday evars beotches!!!!

  11. Tournament Junkie says :

    Ahhh, Feddy fingering bitches. Umm, ok. Mind out of gutter. Doots, great treat to wake up this morning. May Wimbly and it’s beauty wash over all of us.

  12. Lady B Good. says :

    WOW! Thanks Doots for these wonderful themed photos of our Roger, living proof he’s always finger licking good!!!!!!!!! Now COME ON Roger good luck at Wimbledon, put me in 7th heaven!

  13. caliope says :

    love fed porn fridays!!!

  14. gamegrrle says :

    No offense to PJ WHATSOEVER…who did a FANTASTIC JOB covering RO…and I’ve been a bit remiss for not jumping online and saying so, but…


    Hope your examz went well!

    NO ONE can make the hurt, hurt less, and the yes feel more like YEESSSSSSSSSSSS… than you!!

    I have to admit I was moping after the French Open…with all the “so close and yet so far” thinking, but I was actually quite hopeful for Wimby, especially after seeing his draw…but you put it so eloquently and so succinctly with your words and pics!

    So let me join in with the battle cry!


  15. jfK says :

    Hell to the yes. We have not had FPF since …a year? WOW.
    Welcome back doots, PJ was awesome of course 😀
    Allez Rog, Wag that finger and… Let’s do this!!

  16. Deborah (shackle52) says :

    I’m a happy camper! Doots is back, PJ kept things together, Baby Boy is about to do his dance on the grass, and life is good. There is even some positive press to celebrate. Damn, somebody noticed Roger is one fine tennis player.

  17. Ali says :

    now that’s righteous!

  18. Mulliga says :

    Welcome back! 12 minute Roger interview to celebrate.

  19. Freudo says :

    Great Doots! “Let’s all get stoned,” on grass and Roger in whites!

  20. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Even his hands and fingers are pornworthy 😛
    Thanks Queen Doots!

  21. PSP says :

    🙂 🙂 Time for grass now!!!!

  22. peRFect Tennis says :

    We’ll be seeing that finger at Wimbledon thats for sure!

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