Frazzle Post: Wimbledon


Flabbergasted Kitty



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6 responses to “Frazzle Post: Wimbledon”

  1. Matt Zemek says :

    Don’t forget the possibility of Isner working his way into round four and offering the proverbial one-shot (i.e., serve-based) challenge to Federer. Yes, it would likely end the same way Federer-Karlovic did in 2009, but if Isner’s on, we could recite this verse with the sing-songy lilt of tension-drenched people:

    Big Johnny Isner, serving from a tree. Eff, you, see, kay, eye, en, gee!

    Bottom line: Let’s get to the semis and see if the other big boys can join Fed. (I expect that they will, but several pundits seem to be doubting one of the elites. A few Nadal doubters here, a few Nole doubters there, and Murray doubters everywhere but Patrick McEnroe and a Sports Illustrated pundit I forget.)

    I wonder what the prevailing mood will be like on Semifinal Friday. This tournament, to me, feels like a stage for the elites to shine (Wimbledon and the US Open are historically the provinces of the big dogs), but many in and around the sport don’t share that sense.

    We gonna see, no?

    • dootsiez says :

      Ah … Isner. Hard to look past his first round match at the moment. Let alone the possibility of him going 4 rounds or – Mirka forbid – more. But then again, if he can’t do it at Wimbledon …

  2. pban says :

    LOL don’t know how you do it but Muzz’s kitty is a spitting image 😀

  3. Marie says :

    Love toothface’s kitty. LOL. 🙂

  4. jfK says :

    Go Rog!
    One match at a time….let’s do this!

  5. jandemom says :

    Doots, that Murray kitty – it’s just perfect. It really does look like him! Love all your kitties, by the way.

    come on, Roger!

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