Quotable Quotes: You tell’em, Woger.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how our opinions of a player may change over the course of their career, about giving second chances and keeping an open mind. There was a time when I hated Roger, hated Hewitt, and hated their entire generation for their polarising personalities and odd mishmash of mutant styles.

Thankfully, that time has come to pass.

There is a tendency these days to see every age as the Golden Age, a vastly superior model of the previous age. Progress. The inevitable march to sporting perfection. Sport may be about history and identity, but sports coverage is all about creating the “right now”.

And partly as a result of this, Federer’s generation has copped more than its fair share of total bollocks and discredit, from the “weak era” theory to the disregard for players like Roddick,  Hewitt and sometimes Roger himself.

Nowhere was this more evident than in this question asked during Roger’s press conference:

“Do you welcome the Australians having a tennis player for a change after their great heritage?”

Let’s get the facts straight here:

1) We “have tennis players”. Even in our worst era of tennis performance, the last Australian to make a grand slam final was Sam Stosur in 2010, oh yeah! That would be LAST YEAR.

2) Yes, Bernard Tomic is clearly a talent and one of the youngest players in history to be in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon. This is partly to his credit as a maturing player who has vastly improved his movement on court, but also partly as a result of a draw, of a subpar and ill Soderling, of … well, Xavier Malisse.

And 3) the question ignores the fact that Lleyon Hewitt – remember him? – is part of the “great heritage” of Australian tennis.

Roger, of course, picked up on this very quickly.

You talk like Lleyton isn’t around anymore. Be careful.

(He) could have beaten Soderling. We’d be talking differently. For me, he still remains a great champion, always will be.

He almost seems a bit injured to me I’m sure he’s never going to say what was actually the problem with him. But he can really battle through, you know, I think tough moments. That’s why I admire, you know, him as a player and his work ethic.

Source: Herald Sun

But I wonder just how much Roger was thinking of himself when he said “you talk like Lleyton isn’t around anymore. Be careful.”

Be careful indeed.

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6 responses to “Quotable Quotes: You tell’em, Woger.”

  1. lapinroyal says :

    The talking GOAT has spoken…
    PS: I suggest to Rafa to have a MRI for the head as well…

  2. Anjali says :

    Particularly interesting –given that we have a flurry of 28+ year old players having a resurgence in the ATP (tomic notwithstanding). I’m hoping Nadal will lose to Fish–not because I’m a Nadal hater but just because I thought he was just a drama queen with the foot and a bad sportsman during the match with Del Potro. Am beginning to see a petulant side to Nadal–think the media is catching on???

    • virgilou says :

      Nope, obviously, media is not very quick…and is still drinking Nadal’s every little word of self pity. I don’t hate Nadal…. but I sure don’t like him a whole lot!!
      An MIR for his head!!LOL! Trop drôle le lapin!!

    • gigi says :

      How was Rafa a bad sportsman during the Del Potro match? You mean the MTO for his foot?

    • TheHumbleOne says :

      I do not think Nadal was being a poor sport when he hurt his foot mid-point, played out the point & finished the game, only halting play when the score was tied BEFORE the tiebreak began in order to get assessment and treatment. Would you have rather he stopped at some other point?
      I believe The tournament referees try to do a similar thing, to be fair, to stop matches due to rain or to call matches on account of darkness AT THE END of games and when things appear fairly even so as not to put either of the players at a disadvantage when play resumes.
      And why if Nadal was not in serious pain do you think he would go & get an MRI after the match is done? Just for show? Give the man a break already…

  3. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Nice retort by Roger. I never liked Hewitt; not his style of play nor his attitude… but I kind of feel sorry for him. The injuries are really making it hard for him to try to have a ‘last hurrah’ sort of run at anything. I understand the media’s excitement over younger players — always have to be looking to the future of the sport — but many older players are doing really well this year, that needs to be acknowledged.

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