Vid: You are a complete and utter showboating moron of a 16 time grand slam champ.

Roger Tweenerer, cursed for reckless conduct towards the future of Swiss tennis.

The most hilarious part of the whole thing was the utterly braindead judgement from Youzhny on the shot: “OH SHIT, ROGER FEDERER HIT A TWEENER, IT MUST BE GOING IN AND IMMA LOOK LIKE A HEADCLOBBERING IDIOT”.

Dude, the shot would’ve been out anyway, and you will always be a headclobbering idiot. Said with love and resignation.

(Gif credit: livefortennis.tumblr)

Oh, by the way – 29 CONSECUTIVE GRAND SLAM QUARTERFINALS. No big deal or anything. I’m just going to wag my finger back and forth – awake, asleep or downright unconscious.

xx doots


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4 responses to “Vid: You are a complete and utter showboating moron of a 16 time grand slam champ.”

  1. PJ says :

    Tee hee. It was a good match, although the first set TB made me want to die a little. Okay, die a lot, but all good. The backhands made the match very pretty.

    There was a bit in the second set (I think on the point where Fed broke actually) where Youzhny dived headfirst into the net to lunge for a ball and very nearly clobbered his head against the net-post. I was quite amused.

    Youzhny will always be a lovable, headsmashing retard for me!

  2. gigi says :

    Hi dootsiez! Just wanted to tell you that I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy your work. Your trenchant and hilarious thoughts on tennis are much appreciated. Also, as both a Roger and Rafa fan (though in head to heads, I tend to support Roger), I’m happy to have found a place in the blogosphere where I can indulge my love for both without incurring hatred. Keep up the excellent work! P.S. You’ve made me a convert of Federer’s hair through Federporn Fridays. Never noticed his delicious chocolate swirls until I started reading your blog. 🙂

  3. jfK says :

    Roger Tweenerer FTW!!

  4. Lady B Good. says :

    Moron! Thats the last thing he is, all those languages fluently! President of the players council, all that money in the bank, sponsors galore, one of the most recognised sportsman on the planet!
    But i digress good luck to our Roger tomorrow when he faces the flamboyant frenchman Jo Wilfred Tsonga, in the quarters, started biting my nails already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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