You thought you could just prance around in a pair of checkered shorts and win me back, did you? DID YOU?!

Once again, Captain Adorkable demonstrates his questionable taste in swim trunks on the sunny shores of Sardinia. (Corsica post-Wimbledon 2010, Sardinia post-Wimbledon. Tough life for the $63 million man.)

Dootsie is not impressed. Dootsie is not moved. DOOTSIE IS NOT EVEN SQUEALING EXCITEDLY INTO A PILLOW AT THE SIGHT OF MCFUDD’S FLOPPY SIDE-PARTED CURLS. Nope. Not having your babies. I MEAN IT.


xx doots


18 responses to “You thought you could just prance around in a pair of checkered shorts and win me back, did you? DID YOU?!”

  1. Marie says :

    I don’t know about the trunks but that shirt is fitting him quite nicely:))))

  2. pban says :

    Not moved at all if anything he looks like the mcidiot that he is

    • Marie says :

      You’re the idiot. Go away.

      • jandemom says :

        hey, Marie, play nice! pban loves Rog just like the rest of us 🙂 and you’re right, he’s looking quite fine in that T-shirt 😉

        • Marie says :

          Sorry but anyone who calls Roger a mcidiot can’t be a big fan. I don’t care how bad his outfit, Roger could never be an idiot.

        • pban says :

          Marie you are new here i love roger just as much as any of his crazy fans out here ,in fact idiot is pretty mild compared to the many expletives which abound here when he loses inexplicably.The reason I called him an idiot is because i am still hurting and seeing him just deepens the pain 😦

        • pban says :

          PS I couldn’t care less about the outfit ,that certainly is not why i called him an idiot….if you are a true fan i don’t need to elaborate, you will know what i am referring to.

      • Marie says :

        Sorry I’m not new here. Been commenting for a few months and reading the blog longer than that but what evuh. I GET being pissed at Roger for his WTF losses but you said you’re not moved and now you say seeing him deepens the pain so it’s one or the other. Either you’re moved or you’re not. Ever time I see him I’m moved, checkered shorts or not. He’s is simply the greatest and no WTF loss would make me call him an idiot or not want him back as soon as possible. Seeing him again helps relieve the pain of his absence during these Roger-droughts.

        • pban says :

          Guess every fan has his or her take on Roger…his looks(i am not saying he isn’t gorgeous) have never been an issue with me nor his dress sense ,when i said i wasn’t moved any old timer here would tell you that we all have our defence mechanisms to get thru his losses.Commenting here for months ,then you are new since I have been here for 2 yrs and doots hasn’t been blogging quite so frequently for the past few days…sorry if I hurt your sentiment but I have adored Roger for 8 and I am with him till retirement do us part

        • pban says :

          The entire take of this article is tongue in cheek….at least our head bitch too wasn’t moved by him 😉

    • Marie says :

      I guess “new” is relative. I’ve been reading the blog much longer than I’ve been posting. No hard feelings, k? I’m sure you’re a great fan, as am I but I read so many nasty comments about our boy that I get defensive sometimes. Clearly Doots is always tongue in cheek which is why I love this blog. Always good for a laugh.

  3. Matt Zemek says :

    Checkered present beats a non-checkered past.

  4. Pratha says :

    Maybe I’m too soft,but the sight of him after so long is definitely making me melt 😉

    PS,great theme Doots! 🙂 And it’s great to have u posting again!

  5. sendtodarion says :

    That’s it! I’m getting my dude some checkered swim trunks!

  6. jfk10s says :

    hahaha. better or worse than the swim trunks he wore last year in Miami with the German flag on the @$$?

  7. Sue Whiteside says :

    Great to ‘see’ you back and blogging like only you can Doots!!!! As for Roger …………drool, hair looking like he’s just got out of bed (Ooh LaLa) shorts………….whatever!! (I quite like themTBH) Dont care what he’s wearing its just so gooood to see him at all!! We have another couple of weeks before he will be on view for the world to see and I cant wait !!
    Wonder if we’ll get any pics of the Birthday girls!!

  8. Freudo says :

    i like checks, takes me back, way back, to summers of my youth, daddies wore checks, girls and boyos, too 🙂 thanks, Doots!

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