Swiss Wooing.

As most of you will already know, a seemingly casual, hypothetical question posed by DailyForehand to Martina Hingis just over a week ago had the entire tennis world weeing their pants in excitement at the possibility of a Federer/Hingis mixed doubles team at the London Olympics. 

Since then, has confirmed from one of Hingis’s agents Phil de Picciotto that she has indeed been in “informal conversations” with the Wogies about the London Olympics.

Swiss Tennis president Rene Stammbach has also stated not-so-subtly that he is planning on sitting down with Martina and Woger in August to have some  “conversations with the parties involved on that potential subject”. For those not fluent in Swiss, I dare say that roughly translates to “OMGZ BRB organising tennistical match-making sessions NAOOOOO *shaking and cryingzzz*!”

According to SI, for Hingis to be eligible for mixed doubles at the 2012 Olympics, administratively, she will (obviously) have to unretire and gain a professional ranking, as well as make herself available for anti-doping tests for a minimum of 3 months prior to the Olympics (which can be done off tour). Switzerland will also need to petition the IOC to secure entry for Martina to bypass the Fed Cup participation requirements (players must “make themselves available” for at least two of the past four years in order to be eligible).

It’s a lot of hassle for a bit of on-court chemistry, but look me in the computer screen and tell me you don’t see the opening for a way back for Martina Hingis right there? If Hingis had any lingering regrets over the way her second career ended, then surely Federer just went and dangled a giant carrot in her face to lure her back into the game? And if Kimiko Date Krumm can do it as an Octogenarian, why not Hingis?

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8 responses to “Swiss Wooing.”

  1. Marie says :

    Well I hope Wogie isn’t planning on playing singles, doubles and mixed doubles. May be a little much for a 31 year old. Maybe do away with men’s doubles since he and Stan already have the gold. Really want him to concentrate on singles cuz that’s the prize he really yearns for.

    • pika says :

      That’s exactly what I thought as well! I thought, “Surely Roger wouldn’t want to play all 3 of the events in such a short period??” Realistically speaking, his 31 years will be a factor in how easily drained his body will be if he decides to participate in all 3. And that can totally affect his performance when the gold in singles means a hell of a lot to him. I really hope Fedingis(lol???) happens! But more than the partnership, I want Feddy tearing up on that podium, while the Swiss National Anthem is playing, with that gold medal around his neck!!! hehehe So selfish, I am…!

  2. Anjali says :

    Hmmm—indeed not a good idea for him to play all three. Dude will be exhausted and we’ll be Hingis haters if we wins the mixed and loses to Nadal or the Djoker in the finals. Pick your fights, peeps!!! I say, screw Hingis, stay focused on the singles. We want that gold medal to make it a golden slam!

    • Marie says :

      Although, mixed doubles won’t be too taxing for him which is why I think he may be considering it. It would be more like an extra practice session. At least that way if he loses early in the singles (god forbid) he can still stick around and end up on the podium with tears in his eyes.

  3. jfk10s says :

    Interesting. He might just play 2 events since he already got a gold with Stan.

  4. Katarina_YYZ says :

    sorry, I don’t like it… I don’t like Hingis (never did) and don’t see why he needs this at this stage. 😐

    but, whatever makes u happy, Rogi.

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