Vid: Midlife Bulge.

You know you’re ready for a quarter-life crisis right NAAOOOO when you realise that Pat Rafter –  the sex-symbol of your tweenage years, tennistical equivalent of Hugh Jackman and a legend in his very own lunchbox – is now being marketed as a “family man” while growing fast in a horizontal direction.

But sporting a double chin as accessory hasn’t stopped Pat from looking utterly scruffy adorable and talking like a Queenslander, as evidenced in a new series of hotel ads featuring the nominal former World No 1.

But yer know what? Double chin or not, Pat Rafter still rocks my best pair of wooly Bonds socks. Wogie? WHUT WOGIE?! Hmmph!

xx doots



13 responses to “Vid: Midlife Bulge.”

  1. fortunato09 says :

    I realised this at Rally for Relief,sadz 😦 (Still love him!)

  2. Marie says :

    That’s gonna be Wogie in 10 years:(

    (actually he still looks pretty darn cute)

  3. Lady B Good. says :

    Thanks Doots for these vids of the still dishy Pat Rafter, when i first started watchnig tennis i used to think that Newcombe was attractive, then Natase, then Marat Safin, and NOW our Roger!
    Not seen any photos of Roger and Mirka’s mangoes since they turned 2.
    Its about time Roger and his team sat down with DVD producers and brought out a 3 disc set
    of some of his most famous matches, and packed with interview extras!
    What do you think?

    • dari says :

      we’re gonna need that box set in a few years, but i’d like them to hold off until he hangs it up for good 😦

    • dootsiez says :

      Ahahahaahah I’m with Dari – save the Box Set for another couple of years. That’ll give Wogie more time to wow us and create some box-set material!

  4. allie says :

    Rafter then, Rafter now, Rafter forever! I don’t care, I adore him.

  5. dari says :

    used to have a picture of him up in my 6th grade locker 🙂
    btw, this is the first time i have been on a desktop on this site for a while and this new layout looks very nice, digging it!

  6. lapinroyal says :

    Double chin or not… I’m going with Mantra… EEEK!

  7. Mantra Hotels says :

    Hi Dootsiez, thanks for talking about our new commercials, they were a lot of fun to make :). We had Pat visit us at a corporate conference last week at Mantra on Salt Beach (where the ‘family’ commercial was filmed) and if you’re keen to see some pictures from that event come check us out on Facebook; we’ll upload the pics early next week!
    Happy travels,
    -The Mantra Crew

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