Quotable Quotes: Time to recruit a new hitting partner.

In case you’re not an ardent fan of … err … Austrian tennis, Federer’s practice buddy and former pro tennis player Stefan Koubek has retired from tennis. In an interview with the Austrian Der Standard, Koubek talked briefly about his relationship with Mister Wodge.

Mentioning Koubek, the Austrian bid farewell to his career through an exho in Austria last weekend, which Federer was rumoured to have committed to attend, only to cancel last minute for “private reasons”.

Here’s to hoping those “private reasons” involve HARDCORE TENNISTICAL TRAINING and not a crash course in Wiggles karaoke.

Standard: You are good friend with Roger Federer. How would you characterize this man?

Koubek: He is, as he presents himself, there is no facade. He is extremely friendly, has respect for everyone. He is playing unbelievable tennis. Roger is the proof that a top athlete need not to be a ‘pig’. He is a world star, then he goes home home, he sits around on the floor and plays with his twins. I can tackle(?) him. He is just more successful and has a bit more money.

Standard: Has Federer opened your eyes?

Koubek: At each of our training session, Roger taught me the reality. I never belonged to the same league as the Top 10. I was talented, but so are many players. Perhaps I could have won five instead of three tournaments.

Source: Der Standard


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4 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Time to recruit a new hitting partner.”

  1. Marie says :

    I’ll be his hitting partner!!

  2. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Saw “tackle” translated elsewhere as “tease” — meaning Koubek is comfortable enough around Roger to joke around with him if he wants 😉

  3. Pratha says :

    great quotes….Thanks for the update Doots! 🙂

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