Picspam: ATP Players wish Roger Federer a happy birthday

I know, I know … SUNDAY MORNING WOGIE SPAM! But hey, I don’t hear any of you lot complainin’ …

McWodge is gracing the cover of the Swiss Schweizer Illustriert this August as he gets ready to turn the big Three-Oh on the 8th of August.

Being Mister Popular both in the locker room and in the media, no doubt the ATP, major media outlets and Rogers Cup organisers will have plenty to say in the coming days. But Schweizer jumped the gun earlier, getting each of the Top 4 players to pose with a blackboard birthday message to Roger in their August issue.

Got a birthday message for Woger? Write it down on a Post-It, a black board, or any surface really, and send it to me! I’ll post them on Federer’s actual birthday.

Ta da!

xx doots


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18 responses to “Picspam: ATP Players wish Roger Federer a happy birthday”

  1. Caroline Paquin says :

    Love the idea, Doots! Now I have to remember to do it at some point later on.

  2. sendtodarion says :

    I wanted for everyone to say ” roger I love you. You are the best ever, happy birthday my love, you are more handsome at 30 than I have ever been”
    But its just general happy bday, great playing with you :/
    Nole’s message is the sweetest. Party time on 8/8! It is the birthday of a few people in my life!

  3. Alex says :

    Those pictures look ‘shopped to me.

  4. LJ says :

    lol, Murray is SOOOOOO British…apologising for his handwriting? REALLY? boy if you don’t harden up you’re never going to get a slam.

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL That’s precisely what I thought too when I saw what he wrote. Too many of these “OH MY GAWD I’M NOT WORTHY” moments from him. (And to be quite honest, Rafa had the worst handwriting of the lot. Djoko was smart – he wrote in capitals.)

  5. cyn2887 says :

    ummm what does Nadal’s board say??? pls translate!!

    • dari says :

      rafa says “happy birthday roger. i wish you many more and that we continue sharing en the tour” LOVE rafa
      don’t quote me on that last part 😉

  6. Janet Gibson says :

    Happy Birthday Rogi. We hope to see you on court for many more years. Keep up the hard work as any tournament without you does not live up to standard. Good health also

  7. koukou says :

    Happy Birthday roger
    i love you so much
    you are my hero
    i love the tennis because of you
    i hope the best for you
    you are n1 for eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

    • koukou says :

      Happy Birthday roger
      i love you so much
      you are my hero
      i love the tennis because of you
      i hope the best for you
      you are n1 for eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  8. Pratha says :

    Murray’s message is SO British!Very formal.Djoker’s is short and sweet.Nadal’s I can’t read,but yeah he does have the worst handwriting!
    I still can’t believe Roger’s hit the big 30!And I don’t know why,but 30 feels younger than 29….lol

  9. Cathie says :

    Can’t believe August is about to decent upon us again. SO CUTE, this – love it. Love the idea too, Doots. 🙂

  10. Sylvie says :

    Happy Birthday Roger on 08.08 , you’re still 29 so far 🙂
    Please take the US Open for your 30s.
    Best match of the year was the semis at the French Open.
    Love You

  11. Ayanechan62 says :

    Happy Birthday rogeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer 🙂
    Good luck ! You are the best in the world
    We love you

  12. H. A. M. says :

    Happy birthday to someone special,
    Happy birthday to some on I love,
    Happy birthday to the man who is my everything,
    Happy birthday to the one who has the key to my heart,
    Happy birthday to the one I see in my dreams,
    Happy birthday to the one I think about constantly,
    Happy birthday to you my love, my life,
    my Roger Federer.

    Happy 30th birthday Roger ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. roadrunnerz says :

    Dear Roger,
    For your birthday, I’d like give you me. That’s right. Me.
    I know, I know…it’s too much!
    But then you’ve given me a whole lot these last eight years or so and it’s not like you turn 30 every day. So I’m sticking with it.
    You got it. Me. For your birthday.
    That’s said, I’m going to I need a little help from you.
    I have only ONE day to attend the Rogers Cup in Montreal this year and in order for me to make the above happen, I’m going to need you to be there that day.
    Happy Birthday, Rog.
    See you there.

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