Quotable Quotes: Sandwich of Champions

American readers will just have to excuse me, but who doesn’t have a soft spot for cricketing legend in his very own lunchbox – Sachin Tendulkar?

The Master spoke to the Calcutta-based Telegraph about having “tea and sandwiches” with Federer at the Big W earlier this year. How quaint an afternoon tea for two disgustingly talented CHAMPIONS.

Did you enjoy your Big W outing this year?

Absolutely… We went for a single day only, though.

You were seated next to Martina Navratilova. Does she follow cricket?

Martina does. In fact, she congratulated me for being a part of the World Cup-winning team… We spoke generally (about tennis and cricket).

As it turned out, you met Roger Federer, somebody you admire, that day. What did you make of the legend?

Federer’s so very simple… Came across as a really good guy… We spoke over tea and sandwiches.

Does Federer follow cricket?

Yes, but I didn’t probe him.

The last one… Do the two of you plan to meet again?

No promise has been made… Cricket and tennis events coincide in two countries, England and Australia, so let’s see.

Source: the Telegraph India


3 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Sandwich of Champions”

  1. Pratha says :

    Doots,great post!Thanks for the update.I’m an Indian but not really a cricket fan,but I like Sachin as a sports fan and love him as an Indian.Anyways,it was a special day with those 2 meeting.Sachin had always wanted to Roger.I was delighted to see them together!

  2. Deborah (shackle52) says :

    My Roger love has made this American much more international in sports awareness. Thanks for this!

  3. pban says :

    As an Indian and someone who loves Sachin for as long as I have it was great to see my 2 most favourite people together

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