Oh NAOOO you show your squinty face! Hmmph!

On my way to practice & since I am running a bit late, decided to take the ferry across the lake to save some driving time.

Oh LOOK who remembered he has a Facebook account?

Such a tough life for a Swiss tennis phenomenon – ferries, lakes, Swiss alps, twin mangos, twin moobies. But one thing is for certain, when Woger wants to hide, he actually just apparates off the face of this planet like a magical Hairy Otter.

Welcome back Squishy, I TOTALLY DIDN’T MISS YOU AT ALL. (Noooo! Don’t leave! Update your Facebook again!)

xx doots

P.S. Happy Swissy National Day to all spiritual Swissies (and actual Swissies!) Let us frolic and yodel like it’s 1999!

P.P.S. Got a birthday message for Woger? Write it down, take a picture, upload it onto yfrog or tinypic and send the link to me for the birthday post. Got it?!



6 responses to “Oh NAOOO you show your squinty face! Hmmph!”

  1. Cynthia Lo says :

    Your’e such a riot! LOL!!!!!!

  2. Sue Whiteside says :

    LOL you tell him Doots!! Great to see him again!! 🙂

  3. Matt Zemek says :

    He is the New York Yankees of tennis… minus the Steinbrenners and a billion-dollar sports palace.

  4. Pratha says :

    You are hilarious Doots!Thank God he finally updated his FB….I was beginning to miss him like crazy!
    And about the message,please wait for me another day,it’ll reach you in the next 24 hours – I swear!

  5. sendtodarion says :

    Worlds collide with roger in that yanks jacket! Of course he would like the yankees, fancy pin stripes and all.
    I for one really wanna know the logistics of the whole ferry situation. Did he walk to the ferry, or have to beg murky for a ride? Jajaja

  6. jfk10s says :

    Roger, the honorary New Yorker 😀
    Someone get him a better camera, I don’t like the grainy images he posts from his crackberry.

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