Picket Fence Federbears wish Roger Federer a happy 30th birthday!

By the time this post goes up, it will already be 8th August in Australia.

Can you believe it? The boy who took out Pete Sampras at Wimbledon is now 30.

He now has 16 slams. 67 career titles. A family. Two beautiful daughters.

He’s been No 1. He’s been raised on a pedestal. He’s fallen, and he’s hit back.

He’s been the subject of admiration and jealousy in equal measures.

He became the inspiration for what many regard as the greatest essay ever written, by a man who eventually lost the will to live, but while alive – found enough beauty in a forehand, a serve to keep believing in the best of humanity and religion, and to keep at that slow and tortuous process of digesting emotions and excreting them into words.

But beyond that, he is my inspiration and the daily inspiration of many of you readers who – when I proposed this little project – sent in your birthday notes for Roger through comments, emails, through Twitter and messages. Some of these are in text, some are in pictures. But regardless, thank you all for taking the time to contribute.


From Amber R:

God gives the world

So many wonders and treasures

To remind us of his love

Happy Birthday (Roger) to one of them!

From Janet Gibson:

Happy Birthday Rogi. We hope to see you on court for many more years. Keep up the hard work as any tournament without you does not live up to standard. Good health also.

From Koukou:

Happy Birthday roger

I love you so much

You are my hero

I love the tennis because of you

I hope the best for you

You are n1 for eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

From Mihir:

Keep converting lawn tennis Court into ping pong table …

Happy Birthday Roger Federer … you rock!

From Sophie:

From Ayanechan:

Happy Birthday rogeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer 🙂

Good luck ! You are the best in the world

We love you

From Liz:

Dear Roger,

Thank you for the wonderful memories over the past few years. You’ve been a joy to watch, even that time you flooded me with your tears in Melbourne. I think you’re amazing and I know there’ll never be another like you. Happy Birthday my darling, stay squishy.


From ImNotHiba: 

Happy birthday to someone special,

Happy birthday to some on I love,

Happy birthday to the man who is my everything,

Happy birthday to the one who has the key to my heart,

Happy birthday to the one I see in my dreams,

Happy birthday to the one I think about constantly,

Happy birthday to you my love, my life, my Roger Federer.

Happy 30th birthday Roger!

From Deborah:

From Bhara99:

Happy Birthday Roger, from an adoring fan through the good times and the bad. Remember, form is temporary but class is permanent.

From piratesswoop:

Happy Birthday Roger, I hope you enjoy your birthday, please win Cincy for me, also the US Open. Say hi to Mirka and the kids!!

From arkulari:

Happy Birthday Roger, have a blast with Mirka and the girls, keep playing and bringing joy to the Tour.

But it’s not all just about reflecting on 30 years of sheer, unadulterated AWESOME. There’s the future too. So I end with a birthday note from Roadrunnerz:

From Roadrunnerz:

Dear Roger,

For your birthday, I’d like give you me. That’s right. Me.

I know, I know…it’s too much!

But then you’ve given me a whole lot these last eight years or so and it’s not like you turn 30 every day. So I’m sticking with it.

You got it. Me. For your birthday.

That’s said, I’m going to I need a little help from you.

I have only ONE day to attend the Rogers Cup in Montreal this year and in order for me to make the above happen, I’m going to need you to be there that day.


Happy Birthday, Rog.

See you there.

Indeed. See you soon, Woger!

xx doots



27 responses to “Picket Fence Federbears wish Roger Federer a happy 30th birthday!”

  1. bridgepea says :

    Aaah you missed mine Doots. Sent it this morning (I am Jamaican, I have no idea of time) LOL

  2. Cathie (@breadstix) says :

    I hate time differences – it’s still mid-afternoon in Europe! This is awesome – I really wish Federpoop will get to see these, although how he’ll react to some of these notes will be, um, interesting. 🙂 Anyway, they’re so full of win, and so is the great man himself.
    Happy 30th, ol’ man Fed. 🙂

  3. PJ says :

    Beautifully warm and fuzziness galore. You rock for doing this post!

    And of course – Happy Birthday to Rog, the man who is amazing, talented and hot beyond belief. And without him, we (all of us) may have not met, much less form everlasting friendships and hold parties when we wins, and form comfort circles when he loses.

    Happy 30th to the most fantastic old dude on Tour!

  4. Pratha says :

    awww….some beautiful,some dorky messages – but full of love,all of them!I missed the date,I’m sorry….DOOTS,any chance you could edit it for a pic?No pressure though…. 🙂

  5. fortunato09 says :


  6. TruBlu says :

    I feel the love, I’m positive Montreal Rajah fans will share these sentiments in person. 😀

    Great job Doots!
    (RFers at the best!)

  7. evie says :

    Nice present, Doots — and everyone. Super-sweet birthday wishes.

  8. Matt Zemek says :

    I’m not good at pictures and stuff, so I’ll submit my birthday wish here and now:

    Dearest Roger,

    You are an inspiration. You always have been. Wherever you are, there is a famous quote waiting to be altered. It smacks of hyperbole, but no – you truly have been a bright light for me and so many other people in a world gone largely wrong.

    If Aeschylus were alive today, he might have said, “In the dark of night, when a pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the human heart, then – in the pit of despair – comes Roger Federer to us, by the salvific grace of God.”

    If the American publication The Sporting News wanted to update what it said about the game of baseball in the early 20th century, it might have said, “Great is Roger Federer – the global tonic, the reviver of hope, the restorer of confidence.”

    Dostoevsky might have said, “Roger Federer will save the world,” because your tennis is and has been synonymous with beauty ever since you learned to harness your remarkable artistic talents and channel them fully into the flow of daily tennis competition on tour.

    Seeing a quiet Swiss man smack a little yellow-green pill shouldn’t possess much of any importance, and it shouldn’t affect the emotional states of so many human beings, but sport represents my escape from all the problems of this broken, battered planet and the nations that can’t manage to govern themselves properly. Amidst killings and wars and financial crises and personal moments of disillusionment and fear over the past eight years, you – Roger Federer – have given beauty and brilliance and blessings and a sense of the bountiful to me.

    I can’t ever begin to remotely come close to repaying you. I can only say thank you, Happy Birthday, and of course, many happy (first-serve in a major) returns!

    Blessings to you and Mirka and your children and your parents, now and always and ever.

    Gratefully Beyond Measure,

    Matt Zemek
    Seattle, Washington, USA

    • pika says :

      Matt, that was beautiful!!

      And Doots, this post is so full of win I can’t even…!!!! Thanks for doing this! And of course to everyone else who has contributed 😀

      Happy birthday, Roger Federer!!!

    • pban says :

      Matt has put into words what all Fedfans feel he is one of the 2sportsmen who can reduce me to tears ….of ecstasy as well as agony.Thank you Feddy for bringing beauty into our daily monotonous existence.

    • dari says :

      Lovely, Matt!!!!!!

  9. Dipika Velkar says :

    Dear Roger ,
    Happy 30th Birthday !!…..Its been such a pleasure watching you play all these years and still we cant get enough of you…For a man who is synonymous with sport itself , its been a great honor to be your fan….a fan for life…
    Short of words to describe you….but ..you are PeRFect and just wondeRFul ..!
    May you win many more Slams !…Wishing lots of happiness to You , Mirka , Rose , Riva and your parents…
    Love you always.. ❤
    Dipika Velkar
    Mumbai , India

  10. jfk10s says :

    Just brilliant! Happy birthday old man 😛
    You’ve inspired alot of love 😀

  11. Hiba/Heba A. M. (@IAmNotHiba) says :

    AMAZINGLY AMAZING POST REALLY…happy birthday Mr.Squishy man ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. peRFect Tennis says :

    I’ll keep mine like his Fed needs to keep his points on the hardcourts – short and sweet: Bon anniversaire Roger!

  13. LJ says :


    happy birthday Mr adorkable

  14. Lady B Good. says :

    Remarkable Outstanding Graceful Exquisite Returns
    Forehands Endlessly Deliciously Elevating Rapier Elegance Revolutionary
    Roger wishing you a very happy 30th birthday good luck and good health to you

  15. Lady B Good. says :

    Lest we forget a very happy 40th birthday to Pistol Pete Sampras on Friday August 12th
    How about that Roger and Pete share the same star sign of Leo !!!

  16. PSP says :

    Awww, these birthday messages are so sweet! I’m not good with word so I’ll keep it short. Have a great 30th birthday, Roger! 😉

  17. jandemom says :

    Great post, doots & all who sent happy birthday wishes to the old hot Swiss guy.

    Happy Birthday, Roger! Thanks for playing tennis and thrilling me every time I watch you with your talent, grace, creativity & athletic genius. I wish you good health & much happiness, always. xo

  18. steve says :

    Happy 30th birthday, Roger, and best wishes for you and your family!

  19. ismaco says :

    Happy Birthday Roger!!!
    I loved your post Doots!

  20. divinedevilxyz (Arun) says :

    What a beautiful post!

    Lovely comments too. Adding +1 to everything Matt Zemek said.

    Happy Birthday to Roger Federer!

    Roger is and will always be my favorite tennis player sportsperson ever!

  21. dari says :


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