Wogers Cup Preview

Wozniacki’s quarter

With the last minute withdrawal of Venus, Wozniacki’s draw is still packed with land mines, with Wicky, Ana, Cibulkova, Stosur early on. Roland Garros champion, the newly crowned Miss Popular with the sponsors, Li Na is the second highest seed in this quarter and set to play only her 5th match since Roland Garros.

As for how she’ll do this US Open series, your guess is as good as mine. Personally, I think Li might be tempted to go on a mental offseason early this year.

Vera’s quarter

The draw gods so like to have their little giggles that they’ve put ARad – Vera’s latest conqueror, in the same section of the draw as her. After her winning her first premier title in San Diego earlier today, Aga told the press that she had high hopes for the US Open. By “high hopes”, she ‘only’ meant semifinals.

“I was pretty close [to reaching a Grand Slam semifinal] a few times, but I was always against top players and it was always close,” she told reporters. “But I think I can do it, and if I play like that, for sure.”

While no one denies that she has the guile to slay a top seed now and then, whether she’ll ever get past her quarterfinal voodoo is another matter, especially when more power ball machines such as Azarenka has had enough trouble shaking off their quarterfinalist fate at slam level.

Other than ARad, power rules in Vera’s quarter, with Jarka/Petrova, Petkovic and Kvitova lurking pleasantly around the corner like a couple of blast-ended skrewts. Oh joy.

Azarenka’s quarter

BYO earplugs and heavy metal music, for this is the screechers’ quarter. Vika is due to face my compatriot Dokic first up, followed by Flavs/Kiri, Dani and yes – the original Screecher herself, Maria Sharapova.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out on Marion Bartoli, who’s on ambitious hamster rampage to become the WTA player with the most wins this season.

Clijsters’ quarter

Jankovic and Serena, Clijsters. Crammed into one tiny 16th of  fulsome awesomesauce, or bitter disappointment. The road doesn’t get easier on Franny’s end of the quarter, with the winner of Maka and home favourite Marino first up, and Sveta (oh remember her?) or Safarova in the 16th.

Satan’s quarter

First of all – because I’m a petty and ridiculous human being – I’d just like to say how much the above picture makes me feel awesome about myself and my unfailing ability to ERASE INCRIMINATING PHOTOS OF MYSELF FROM EXISTENCE.

But back to the tennis and Satan has scored himself a Satanic draw from HELL with Davydenko first up, followed by Cilic/Del Potro, and the winner of Trotsky/Isner/Monfils.

Watch my face: *ECSTATIC JOY*

Birthday Boy’s quarter

McFed may not have landed himself with a McDraw, with a Tsonga rematch hovering in the distance like a dementor upon all our souls, but it’s the kind of draw that could send sparks flying.

More intriguing than Jo-Willy would be an inter tennis-generational clash between Tomic and Federer, which – incidentally – would build some hype over the Australia-Switzerland Davis Cup tie in Sydney in September. Gasquet or Almagro bookend the quarter. It’s not a breezy sashay in the park, but it’s doable and challenging, which is a problem only of the first world kind.

(That said, Woger – if you lose to Tsonga again, I will personally pole vault my way to Montreal and chase you down with a wok in hand. No pressure.)

Toothface’s quarter

Oh yeth. You bet your ass that I'm recycling this little baby for all eternity.

Farty and Toothface sandwich this quarter of sheer whack, with match ups between Wawrinka v Nalbandian, Lopez v Stepanek, Llodra and Youzhny. Ooooof. I feel like a connoisseur just typing those names out.

Wafa’s quarter

Possibly interesting first round against Dodig, while Baldasco and Tipsy battle it out for the title of the ATP’s Favourite Minion.

On the other side of the quarter, Berdych (how is this guy still in the top 10?) takes on Dolgopolurve early, and hopefully, with a bit of cray-cray from Dolgo, we might say bye-bye to Berdy extra early in Montreal.

Oh yeah, apparently, Tommy Haas is still playing tennis. Who knew?

Play kicks off in a few ungodly Australian hours. Until then, bonne nuit!

xx doots


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7 responses to “Wogers Cup Preview”

  1. Marie says :

    Once again Wafa sails through (and on an injured ankle/foot no less). Where have I heard this one before?

  2. Cathie (@breadstix) says :

    “That said, Woger – if you lose to Tsonga again, I will personally pole vault my way to Montreal and chase you down with a wok in hand. No pressure.”

    Please do – I remember vowing to shove my shoe up his McNose moments before match point at Wimby, but instead ended up rocking back and forth in my seat for a good 15 minutes. Gotta say that Rafa’s ended up with the least embarrassing/unpleasant photo out of the four there…

    lolol, cannot WAIT. I mean, who needs sleep when you have tennis!?

  3. gundulkar says :

    Is history repeating itself again from last year?!!!!! Remember Roger had to play Berdych at Rogers Cup and avenge his loss at wimbledon quarterfinal (sad memories, I know) in that epic three set match where I almost died watching without moving from my computer screen. Will the same thing happen again this year ? Hopefully, it might motivate him to prepare well for this tournament. Also, Tsonga was the last person to beat Roger in Montreal in 2009 when Roger was up two breaks in the third set. NOOOOOO. Roger, please prove me wrong this time!!!!!!

  4. Matt Zemek says :

    Tsonga can go ahead and beat Wogie now. Just not at the Open or ever again in a major.

    All y’all can have Montreal and Cincy. Give me the Open (at least a final in New York) and I’ll be happy.

  5. peRFect Tennis says :

    Wafa always get cake walks – so annoying. Fed wil beat tsonga with ease this time around. Remmber Berdych when he beat him?

  6. dari says :

    Hear hear Matt z, roger getting some confidence here won’t hurt, but at this point, my interest is in the majors.
    Wow, I can’t believe AO is so far gone and we’re on the last slam :/
    Tsonga I think is sick, anyway, he was blowing his nose and messing with his ears during the match

  7. dari says :

    That picture of rafa is hilarious

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