My thoughts exactly.

You know your ass has made it when it is preceded by the word “DAS”.

(Source and explanation: tumblr)


9 responses to “My thoughts exactly.”

  1. Hiba/Heba A. M. (@IAmNotHiba) says :

    What does “Das” mean ? lol

  2. Marie says :

    My thoughts exactly when I saw this. He does have a nice ass doesn’t he? I know the actual translation is “The Ace” but don’t think the person who thought up that cover didn’t see the humor in the wording. This time nothing was “Lost in Translation”. LOL.

  3. Matt Zemek says :

    Only last night did I notice that Fed plays Delpo in the round of 32. #SignsThatIAmFocusingOnCollegeFootball The good news is that Federer will play Delpo in an early round before the Open. As long as this isn’t a third- or fourth-round matchup in New York, I’ll be happy.

    But anyway, time for Potro and the Patootie. 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      Personally, I wouldn’t want Federer meeting del Potro this early here either. He’ll have close to no match practice going into the US Open. Doesn’t bode well does it?

  4. jfk says :

    Please don’t lose to Del Po, Roger!

  5. caliope says :

    very nice ass indeed!

  6. steve says :

    “Das Ass” has beaten Del Potro 6-3, 7-5. Great serving from both guys and nice sportsmanship at the net afterwards.

  7. pban says :

    LOL this is priceless

  8. Freudo says :

    Love the cover. Loved the match last night. Love Doots. Roger’s forehand was sublime. Time for breakfast which I’ll probably love, too. The way to this gal’s heart is a Roger victory!

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