Federporn Friday: It takes a lovin’ eye …

As a blogger, it always assures me that I’m not alone in my insanity when I receive email attachments titled  “nice butt fed.jpg“.

This week’s Federporn Friday is brought to y’all by Josée Lalonde, more often known in tennistical circles as Virgilou. It should not come as a complete shocker that Josée is a fan of Mister Wodge. It took the loving, admiring and knowing lens of a fan to take these gorgeous photographs of Federer, smiling, squishy and looking completely delicious in Montreal last week.

Merci Josée!

xx doots

Federer gives you WINGGZZZZ.

Das Ass, himself.

Hair porn and finger porn in a single picture. You just melted and oozed like hot raclette. I know.

But naturally, I saved the best til last.

BRB, ice bath.


17 responses to “Federporn Friday: It takes a lovin’ eye …”

  1. Sharon says :

    OMG You weren’t joking about saving the best for last…@@ Thanks Doots and Merci Josee!

  2. Jasmine says :

    Ohmahgah, SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS.

  3. dari says :

    THE LAST ONE! maybe one of the best photos of roger I have EVER seen. I can’t believe Mirka gets to hit that regularly!
    And no one caresses their own hair like Rog does.

  4. jfk says :

    “BRB, icebath”

  5. caliope says :

    love fedporn!

  6. jandemom says :

    Thank you for these fabulous photos of the old hot Swiss guy 😀 I, too, need an ice bath!

  7. ovoorigo says :

    Woohoo! TGIFF 😀

  8. nancy says :

    I just saw him tonight against Blake. So much better in person. I was ogling him with my binoculars but then I wasn’t paying attention to the match so I had to stop. Ahhhh!! He is so delicious.

  9. Lady B Good. says :

    Thanks Josee and Doots for these wonderful photos of our Roger! Cheered me up a whole lot tell you that! Such a wonderful guy Mr PeRFect! Gorgeous long sensitive expressive hands!
    Dont know why he has never done any hair shampoo ads, he is Sooooo Worth it!

  10. virgilou says :

    Not only does Mr. McFed has the perfect hair, the perfect chest, the perfect eyes, the perfect butt and the perfect game (well… used to), he also has the perfect manucure!!
    I’m glad all of you crazy Fed fans out there can enjoy my pictures… Merci Dootsie pie!

    • dari says :

      the lady herself!
      You took some amazing photos, thank you for sharing!
      Were I to make a fed calendar, that last one would surely be August 😉
      Future career as a hand model!

    • dari says :

      he still has the pertft game!!!! just more… patchy… :/ 🙂
      Lookin good this week, though.
      Go rog in cincy!

    • nancy says :

      Thanks a million virgilou, I truly enjoyed these photos. The hair, the hands, the tan, the legs, the whole package. Just yummy!

    • jandemom says :

      I have just peeked at these photos for the, um, dozenth time or so & I think they get better every time. Thanks so much for taking them (lucky you, so close to Das Ass!!!) & also for sharing them with us via doots 😀 ok, now I’m off to do something productive…

  11. GigiNYC says :

    Thank you Doots and Virgilou for these fantastic pictures! Ol’ Rog looks delicious, more so than usual, I think. He looks a bit buffer these days, especially in the last picture. Mirka is one lucky girl. She gets to hit that whenever she wants. Life is unfair, man.

  12. sherryl says :

    LOVE Roger in blue – great pics! Thanks for sharing. Do you have one from the same day where Rog is directly facing the camera ?

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