Picket Fence Announcement

I like to think of Picket Fence as more than a tennis blog, but rather a forum for chatter and silliness and the occasional giggle. Over the years, I’ve tried to make this site more personal than ‘newsworthy’, which is why I would be remiss if I didn’t update you on some personal developments in my life.

As most of you already know, I am about to set off on a trip around the world to study, travel, watch a bit of tennis and enjoy my last semester of a marathon tertiary education. Yes, tough life, but somebody’s gotta live it. 😉

The flip side of this is that unfortunately, travelling isn’t conducive to following tennis. At least not in a way that requires constant upkeep of this blog while I’m trying to sample all that the world has to offer. So I have decided to go on blogging hiatus for the next 6 months. As for what happens to this site after that, I will have to reassess once I get back. As much as this site has been a huge part of my life, it has also eaten away chunks of my time, and seems increasingly at odds with my career choices. It’s a sad, but realistic assessment of my situation right now. If only there was such a thing as “tennis law” …

In the meanwhile, All I need is a picket fence will go into caretaker mode. I have entrusted my slice of cyberspace to the hands of some familiar interweb pals of mine, who will be guest blogging here in my absence. I’m sure they’ll be introducing themselves soon.

As for myself, don’t worry. I’ll still be around: commenting, twittering, and sending you some updates from tennis tournaments I plan to visit on my trip – namely the US Open and the World Tour Finals. Will I be meeting any of you there?

So long, bitches. Time to gobble up this world.

xx doots

PS. Find me on Twitter or Tumblr, which will serve as a micro travelblog for the next few months.


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27 responses to “Picket Fence Announcement”

  1. Cynthia Lo (@cindy67) says :

    All the best for your trip/s and hope you get to see a whole lot of wonderful tennis and meet lots of wonderful people (=tennis players).

    • Deb says :

      Doots ! Have never posted before but I LOVE your blogs.
      Have a wonderful time and stay in touch….look out world
      Doots is coming !!!!

  2. marcoiac says :

    Tennis law? I bet ATP is full of lawyers…also, in July, at the ATP tourney at UCLA I ran into this lovely lady who is an attorney and worked for many years for the Tennis Hall of Fame and now is involved in fundraising with Charlie Pasarell and Billie Jean King (and wanted me to go to a fundraising dinner at Indian Wells…we’ll see about that)
    So, there is hope 🙂
    I’ll miss you blogging here 🙂 (but I’ll meet you in person next week, that’s exciting, and yeah, twitter and tumblr, of course)
    Have fun around the world

  3. Lucia says :

    Have an awesome time travelling. Your blog posts will be missed

  4. virgilou says :

    Perfectly understandable decision Doots! And the best for you from my point of view, even though we will miss you (and the best tennig blog out there!) a whole lot! Too much time consuming, especially while the world out there as so much to offer. I wish you the best! Have fun doing it! Take some pictures and bring us back some great stories when you hace the time…
    We’ll look out for the Wogie McFed while you’re discovering the rest of the world…
    Take care! Virgilou xx

  5. virgilou says :

    I forgot… I might see you in NY at the USO…I’ll be there both nights, the first weekend of the tournament. I’ll keep an eye out for you… Hope you still look like your picture!!

  6. Karen F Wilson says :

    have a FEDtastic time with all your travels. Hope you have many opportunities to see Our Wogey! We’ll miss you !

  7. Nancy says :

    Many thanks for the best Wogie loving website, I will miss you. Best of luck and safe travels.

  8. flo says :

    Well, George Carlin taught me not to say safe journey and presumptious stuff like that…so may you have good luck and enjoy the experience.

  9. FortuneCookie says :

    Boooooooo re. less Picket Fence,but I hope you have a faaaaabulous time on your travels and hopefully we’ll be able to meet in London! 😀

  10. annalisa says :

    6 MONTHS w/o fedporns!?!?!?!? that is INSANE! anyway… I’ll be @usopen for the quarterfinals… hope we shall meet there!! hugs and enjoy every single minute of it!!! xxx

  11. Sue Whiteside says :

    We’ll miss you Doots !! How will we survive without you……………………………….and FFP!!!! Waaaaah!!
    Have a blast girl!! You deserve it !!xxx

  12. TruBlu says :

    I’ll get in Rajah’s pants for you…keep things warm. 🙂

    Enjoy, and I’ll see you at USO or YEC, for sure!

  13. roadrunnerz says :

    I will miss your blog, Doots!! It’s my favourite tennis blogs on the internets. 🙂

    Happy, safe travels and hope you decide to come back here when you get back.

  14. Vishal says :

    You will be missed. Your posts always made me smile.

  15. Lady B Good. says :

    Thank you Doots for everything i have always loved your posts, i will miss you, have a wonderful life, live the dream, always be healthy and happy and take care XXXXXX

  16. Cathie (@breadstix) says :

    Very sad at loss of picket fence, but very happy for you and your travelling life plans (jealousjealousmejealousnotatallwhatmadeyouthinkthatperishthethought–fine,totallyjealous). Will be at the WTF though, so hopefully stalk– see you there doots!

  17. dari says :

    Great times reading here including some embarassing LOL’s in the library or subway! Best to you and safe travels, its been a pleasure!

  18. PSP says :

    I’ll miss your insane writing since there is no other doots!! 😉 Anyway, good luck and have a great time traveling around the world.

  19. xta says :

    oh, doots, doots, doots —
    have the best time ever !!!
    gobble up the world !!!
    keep in touch from time to time (i know you will)…can’t wait to hear all about it !!!

  20. Sabine says :

    Your super witty and fun blogging will be DEARLY missed! 😦 But looking forward to seeing you here in NY! Safe travels

  21. Jaz says :

    Truly inspiring words to remind us all their is more to life than cyber Fedfadom…, in fact you’re words of forthcoming adventures moved me so much as to actually contemplatie moving away from my pc and actually opening the curtain’s this morning…update to follow

  22. allie says :

    selfishly, it’s very sad news for those who love your blog (like me!), but what a great opportunity. Enjoy your travels, but hopefully we’ll get some posts about wogie and tennis along the way!

  23. Freudo says :

    oh, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, that said, you are a treasure wherever you go, whatever you do. I feel so fortunate you used some of your time here as long as you did, and will hope in one form or another that I will never lose track of you. For now, enjoy and sieze the days!

  24. jfk10s says :

    We’re gonna miss you, Doots! 😦 Be safe and have a blast!
    I might go to WTF so maybe we can meet up 😀

  25. Katarina_YYZ says :

    oh noes! 😦 we will miss you here. But have a wonderful time globe-trotting. 😉

  26. jandemom says :

    Thanks so much for all the time & energy you’ve poured into the picket fence, doots! I have greatly enjoyed reading your take on tennis (& especially on Roger!) & will be glad to read any occasional posts from your travels. Maybe I’ll see you at the USO; I’ll be on the lookout.

    What a great opportunity for you, and it’s great that your sense of adventure allows you to take advantage of it. I wish you good health, a lifetime of wonderful moments & safe travel as you explore the world!

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