Picspam: Nadal says to “drink responsibly” … unless it’s his Kool-Aid you’re drinking.

With the release of his creatively titled autobiography – “RAFA”, Nadal has been hogging the media spotlight this week in New York, first attending his sponsor’s “Drink Responsibly” (unless it’s our product you’re drinking) event, and heading to Broadway for a little “Mamma Mia”, before feeding the paparazzi at the Letterman Show.

Shall I watch it? I’m torn between the desire to see Rafa on a rare English language talk show and the repulsion at having to tolerate a whiny, smug host with a lame sense of humour and non-existent knowledge of tennis.

Aaaah … the first world problems of my life.

Gazing down at the minions ...


Has Rafa lost weight? I don’t think I’ve ever seen his cheekbones so hollow, his face so pointed …



One response to “Picspam: Nadal says to “drink responsibly” … unless it’s his Kool-Aid you’re drinking.”

  1. virgilou says :

    Skinny, with very muscular biceps, especially the left one! He’s not looking too good lately, I agree.

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