USO 2011 Day 6 (by PJ): It’s all good…ish.

Today was the day that I finally spent some quality time engaging myself in USO tennis. I had been so flat-out busy with work the past week that I couldn’t afford to stay up late/wake up early/sneakily take some time off work (as I usually would). Seeing it was Sunday in Aussieland, I actually crawled up at 430AM in the morning to catch Roger’s match against Marin Cilic.

Dude was cruising when I tuned in, winning the first set 6-3. It remained tight for most of the second set, until one loose game by Fed allowed Cilic to break and clinch the set. Uerk. When Roger then promptly farted an early break in the third set, I was huddling in my woolly fleece blanket, muting and unmuting my laptop, twiddling thumbs, making tea…basically having a mini panic attack like the paranoid worrier I am. Inside my head I was all KSFLDSKFLSJGSKJF FUCKER WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME AT 5AM WHYYYY. It was a competitive affair that looked like it was heading towards a tiebreak, when Cilic was giving a time violation breakpoint down at 4-all. Maybe that broke his momentum and concentration…but he double-faulted to hand Pants the break. From there on, Rog gained the upper-hand and momentum, as he comfortably serve out the set, secured a double-break in the fourth, and eventually won the match.

Check out that left arm, it is really so wonderfully puny.

Check out the man, he is really so wonderfully hot and pretty.

It wasn’t a bad performance by any means from Pants – Cilic was really putting pressure, playing and serving quite well – but I’m quite pleased that he came through, and had quite a good work-out on court. I think it’s sorta what he needs heading into the second week. He didn’t play his best tennis, but he doesn’t need to, and I’ll prefer him to save all the peaking for later.

Fed professed that he would like to play his good buddy Tommy Haas in the fourth round, but that was not meant to be as Haasi lost to Juan Monaco in four sets. There has been talk that this may be Haasi’s last USO and that made me sad face that he wasn’t able to play Roger (and thus denying me a whole lotta hot in that fourth-round match). Haasi is one of those “could-have-made-its” for me – massively talented, gorgeous player but with the worst luck in injuries, and other personal issues. I hope he continues to play for a bit – would love to see him again in next year’s AO.

Haasi = yummy.

My other favourite, Crazy Ponytail Dolgopolov, however, played some of his best tennis thus far in the year. Smacking a whopping 59 winners to only a mere 22 UEs (…nearly tripling his winners as compared to his errors? Who are you and what have you done with Alexandr Dolgopolov!??!), Dolgo broke Dr.Ivo’s “unbreakable” serve a total of 6 times to clinch the match in 4 sets. The thing with Dolgo is, he’s either a genius or an idiot, with very little middle ground. Today, his genius, his creativity and his crazy were all working excellently as a team. It was a tight first set that saw Ivo prevailing in a TB, but from then on, it was all Dolgo. Ivo’s booming serves were returned brilliantly, Dolgo’s passing shots flashed past him constantly, his backhand ripping cross-court, his drop-shots working , his serve clicking. In fact, he served the same number of aces as The Serve himself did, 22 aces a-piece.

Dolgo will now play Djokovic in the fourth round, who in turn disposed of Playstation Kolya in straights. I’m not deluded, it’s a massive massive task for Crazy, because we alllll knoooow what kind of form that Djokovic is in. But if Dolgo plays the way he did today, I daresay he stands more than just a fighting chance. After all, Bobby Sod went into AO unbeaten and unbroken and no one gave the scrappy Ponytail half a chance (including myself). But he did the impossible. So I’m going to hope he can do the impossible again. 😀 😀 😀 #DelusionLand #FantasyLand #ItWorks

In other matches – the much-touted match between Jo Tsonga and Nando Semi-Baldasco didn’t live up to the hype. It was fairly tame and a rather boring affair that saw Tsonga dumping Nando in straights. Tsonga seems to be in imperious form and I’m freaking the fuck out at the notion of a QF with Fed (ONE MATCH AT A TIME PJ!!!!). He plays the Best Fish in the Sea next, as Mardy disposed Kevin Anderson in straights as well. Boss Ferrero and DjokoMinion Tipsarevic benefitted from retirements as Granola Bar and Berd pulled out with injuries.

A record 18 retirements/walkovers so far in USO. Some fans/journos/players (notedly MAndy) immediately pointed a finger at the Tennis Association for their scheduling but dudes. You are responsible for your own schedule. Choose your tournaments wisely. If you’re going to play a zillion tournaments a year, consecutively, back-to-back, then you have no one to blame.

I’m happy that Roger is wise, and has an entourage that is equally wise (and no doubt will tell him if he’s gotten a bit fatread his presser, it’s so much gold).

For the laydees – Queen Serena blasted past Vika Azarenka, breadsticking her in the first-set, even, and continued to say she wasn’t quite happy with the way she played. I bet the rest of the field is crying bucketloads of tears and/or having fits when they heard that. Franny Schiavone again needed three sets to find her rhythm, while JJ failed to find hers against Pavlyuchenkova, losing in straights. Sloane Stephens’ run ended against Fistpumpovic, while Andrea Petkovic continued to dance on. Sveta, meanwhile, is quietly making her way into the second week, beating Amamuradova fairly easily. But no one tell/remind Sveta that, as we all know, she scares easily.

All righty, till tomorrow, y’all.

–  PJ


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