Davis Cup – Australia vs Switzerland – Day 3 Message For Stan (by LJ)

Dear Stan,

We eat humble pie and apologise for doubting your determination. You were just AWESOME today (bar that brain fart in the 3rd but I digress)

For tomorrow…




Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 3

Full Day 3 Report coming tomorrow, I’m physically hurting (Not as much as Stan obviously) and too busy getting work work done to complete it (besides, technically Day 3 isn’t really over, its finishing at 11am tomorrow)

But here…have some photos from today as consolation for the absence of my eclectic word poetry.


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About LJ

Sup, I'm LJ, media producer/director, photographer and all round addict of various cultural pursuits...including food & tennis (the latter with an irrational attachment to a certain swiss potato nose genius).

5 responses to “Davis Cup – Australia vs Switzerland – Day 3 Message For Stan (by LJ)”

  1. Carol says :

    Go Stan Go!!! Roger is not the only Swiss hero!!!

  2. Karen F Wilson says :

    perhaps he read your blog yesterday and wanted to prove us all wrong ! ALLEZ STAN ! STANTASTIC peRFormance today! Just one game to go !! HOPP SUISSE

  3. Johnna Walker says :

    Those were some awesome pics! Come on Stan!

  4. Blue moon says :

    Allez Stan, I guess he really showed some fight (and what an awful place to suspend the match).

    Did you guys see this video from Roger’s presser, by the way? He continues to feed the bromance with My Friend Stanley!

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