Federporn Friday (by LJ) : Choice sides from the Davis Cup…

So with the news that we won’t be seeing his Royal Tennistical Highness till the European indoor swing, I bring you some lovin’ federporn from the past Davis Cup between Australia and Switzerland. The colour Red has never looked better…

We start with the back…side…

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 3

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 2

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland

Then…take a saunter around the blurry side…

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland

How about the nonchalant side??? Meh?

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 3

Yessums, volleying with my eyes closed…

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 3

I’m thinking…pasta arrabiata tonight?

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 2

What about the…BAMF side?

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 3

werkin it

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 3


Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 2


Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 3

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 3


Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 3


Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland

Davis Cup - Australia vs Switzerland - Day 3

*pics by moi



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Sup, I'm LJ, media producer/director, photographer and all round addict of various cultural pursuits...including food & tennis (the latter with an irrational attachment to a certain swiss potato nose genius).

21 responses to “Federporn Friday (by LJ) : Choice sides from the Davis Cup…”

  1. Carol says :

    sigh……… He’s so damn sexy and mature while the others are simply children!

  2. Marie says :

    All I can say is YUM! ❤

  3. Lady B Good. says :

    Thanks LJ for these beautiful photos of our Roger, so handsome, his wonderful dark brown hair
    sets the red off a treat, a feast for the eyes and heart, the creator only made one RF!!!!!!
    He’d look great wearing just about anything.

  4. Deb Griffith says :

    Wooo Hooo, thanks a million LJ

  5. Pika says :

    AWESOME, LJ! Thank you! I missed Federporn Fridays! hahaha

    He looks great in red <333

  6. Julie =) (@dootsiez) says :

    Of course Roger volleys with his eyes closed. This merely confirms what we’ve known ALL ALONG.

  7. JFK says :

    Friday is a great day!
    merci, LJ
    love it all, especially the hair

  8. Caroline Paquin says :

    Wonderful photos, PJ! And the narrative is absolutely nice too! 🙂

  9. A_Gallivant says :

    Ahhh, I can’t believe am just picking up the pretty. Lovely. Gonna miss this mug for next few weeks! Thanks for such great pics.

  10. LongLiveKingRog says :

    WOW!!! DROOLLLLL!!!!
    LJ/PJ/wonderful bloggers – can you tell me a bit about getting tickets for Aussie Open next year? is it relatively easy to get tickets on the ground/ on the day during the first week (that’s what I heard?) What about semis and finals? I am planning my trip to watch Wogie next year from 10000 miles away and am not quite sure what I should do !!! I’d like to buy all tickets in advance but that’s far too expensive and frankly, there will be days that I dont want to watch tennis if McFed is not playing….. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!! thxxx!

    • theladyofshalott says :

      Ok, I’ll give you my experience from going to Melbourne this year – I saw rounds 1 to 3 in the first week. In the past it was easier to guess when Roger would be playing, but this year he got almost all day sessions which threw a bit of a spanner in the works. For the first session, I kept updating my computer to see when the schedule for the first day would be released and bought my tickets online immediately after – that’s Saturday afternoon Aussie time. For the second round, I guessed (right!) the Wednesday night session on the Tuesday morning and for the third session I waited until the Thursday afternoon when the schedule was released to buy the tickets for the Friday day session – I was on the ground at the time and ran to the nearest box office. Now, be aware that while the above method is the cheapest way of getting the right tickets, you will get seats near the top of Rod Laver Arena buying at the last minute, which is fine because all the seats are good. I wouldn’t leave until the day to buy tickets as Roger is still probably the most popular player with AO crowds, followed by Hewitt and Nadal.

      For the middle weekend (round 4) and the quarters, semis and final you will have more trouble buying at the last minute. The final is always sold out months in advance, usually the semis as well, although some people have luck lining up a few hours before hand to buy seats released at the last minute. Tickets to round 4 and quarters probably need to a bought at the latest a week before when the schedule is released and you know what day the players are playing. I have no direct experience with the second week, perhaps others can help.

      Roger has always played on Rod Laver Arena. I’m not sure with his drop in the rankings whether the AO might consider putting him on Hisense like they usually have done for Djokovic and Murray in the past. I have my doubts though, just because of Fed’s financial pulling power. If they put him on Hisense, at least the tickets would be cheaper ($50) and there are always some available.

      As you probably know, the organisation selling tickets is Ticketek. You can buy tickets online with a credit/debit card (buy the EzyTicket option to have them send to your email instantaneously), via phone (often a long wait) or at the grounds with cash or credit. Just a further tip, try to buy the tickets at least the day before the session you want because for 2012, the AO is introducing a ‘fee’ for buying the tickets on the day – its about $5 or $10 per ticket. This includes grounds passes to see Roger practice. It’s also a good idea because that way you can avoid the long queues. While the queue at the box office outside the Rod Laver tram stop gate is usually long, the queue inside the Rod Laver Arena forecourt is usually shorter.

      I think I’ve told you everything I know. Look out for the free trams to Melbourne Park from Flinders Street Station.

      • LongLiveKingRog says :

        wow thank you so much for your detailed info!!!!! definitely helps!!!! I hope that with two sessions per day in the earlier rounds, the scheduling is such that he can be scheduled on Rod Laver every round (unlike in RG or Wimbledon where they have to sometimes schedule Roger on court 1 and they do that to all other top players…)! Do you know of any official ticket exchange websites? e.g. for US Open there is an official exchange from Ticket Master, and it was very easy to get tickets for semis and finals… Thanks!!!!

        • theladyofshalott says :

          I tend to agree that the AO will still put Roger on Rod Laver, just because he sells tickets. I have a strong suspicion that they put him on during the day for round 3 this year because the Friday night session was completely sold out whereas the day session was not! But even is they were to put him on Hisense, the tickets are much cheaper ($49 I think) and they won’t be sold out.

          I’m sorry, but I don’t know of any official ticket exchange websites – to my knowledge, everything is done through Ticketek (see here http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=AO&VIEW=AO).
          I haven’t bought finals tickets at the last minutes, perhaps you could ask on other websites/rf.com. I know that Ticketek usually releases extra tickets on their website near to or on the day of events more generally. I believe some people have had luck lining up for tickets in the morning at the box office in the Rod Laver forecourt – sometimes people return their tickets or extra corporate seats become available.

    • PJ says :

      Hi there!

      theladyofshalott has given you a LOT of comprehensive information about AO ticketing, I hope it helps. I haven’t ever attended semis/finals but as far as I know, those tickets sell out by time the actual day rolls around, so if you’re keen on those, it’s definitely recommended you buy way before.

      Are you travelling alone? If you are – meaning you just need one ticket per session – I think you’re good up until to quarter-finals. I bought Roger/Stan on the day itself and ended up with decent enough seats. The thing with Rod Laver Arena is that it’s not gigantic like Arthur Ashe so even last row seats are not THAT bad. You still get decent enough viewing (not so for photographs though).

      As for ticket returns – only possible IF the session is sold out. For example this year a LOT of people expected Roger/Stan to be the night session (on a Tuesday) so night session was sold out two days before after Roger/Stan got through their fourth rounds. When they’re scheduled on day session, I managed to return my ticket (thank goodness – have no desire to have paid AUD$129 to watch Djokovic/Berdych).

      Middle Weekend tickets may sell out as far as Rod Laver/Hisense goes because it’s weekend and there will be more people. Again if you’re after one ticket it makes things a lot easier though.

      My best advice is actually to just rock up on the day for the early rounds and wait for the schedule to avoid seeing matches you’re not keen on – pre-buy Middle Weekend, semis and finals if you’re keen on those sessions. It’s hard to decide for next year because Roger is not the defending champ and we don’t know which part of the draw he will end up on. Can’t bank on the day/night alternate scheduling as well as this year proves that it’s not the case (I took a gamble on day/night scheduling and ended up with some dud tickets eg Djokovic first round and Djokovic QF – thank goodness I managed to return those).

      As for Roger on Hisense…he has never played on any court other than Rod Laver since 2007 (I believe – I stand to be corrected). I’m still inclined to think he won’t be on Hisense next year despite the drop in rankings simply because he is MASSIVELY popular in Australia. Aussies love him.

      Feel free to drop me an e-mail if you need any more questions answered and I’ll try my best.

      • theladyofshalott says :

        Did you get stuck with the first round Djokovic night session tickets too PJ? I had to sit through two sessions on Rod Laver on the Monday after getting in on the all-night Sydney to Melbourne train on Sunday morning and going straight to the Rally for Relief that afternoon. I think I slept through most of that Djokovic match in the end! I was almost too tired to get to Roger’s training on the Tuesday afternoon. It’s a hard life. 🙂

      • LongLiveKingRog says :

        I am indeed travelling alone (I somehow do not know any equally crazy Fedophile in the northern hemisphere who would go to down under for two weeks!!!!) What’s best way to drop you an email – via the contact links on this page? Thanks a lot !!!!

        • PJ says :


          Just click on the picture of that little dog next to my name in this comment and it should take you to my profile page with my e-mail address on it 🙂 The contact links on the Fence takes you to contact Doots 😛

  11. theladyofshalott says :

    I’ve been loving all your photos LJ and thankd for reviving Federporn Fridays. I was lucky enough to be at all three days of the Davis Cup and took a tonne of photos as well. But now I’m experiencing post-Roger withdrawal symptoms, particularly now that he’s not playing in Asia (overall a good decision I think).

  12. Deborah (shackle52) says :

    Wonderful pictures and commentary. I watched this on the world’s worst livestream so it’s nice to see what I missed! Great stuff and I love the return pf Federporn!!!

  13. Carol says :

    It’s Thursday and I’m hoping there will be another FPF tomorrow – even though our man hasn’t been out and about much…

  14. jbs10is says :

    I just saw this and have to say these may be the best tennis photos I’ve ever seen. seriously, the clarity even over the ‘net is amazin’.

    er, subject not too bad either of course…


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