Shanghai Masters 2011 – Midweek Irrelevant Asian Dramaz (By LJ)

I’m away interstate for work for the next 4 days so won’t be able to comment on the end of Shanghai masters till early next week but here are my thoughts on the irrelevant drama thus far….It’s a pity only about 5 people witnessed the following fuckery live in the stands.

Tomic d Fish (2nd Round) 6-4 1-6 4-6


Giraldo d Melzer (2nd Round) 6-3 3-6 6-7

Hmmm, Melzer continues to be crap after an excellent year last year

Nishikori d Tsonga (2nd Round) 6-7 6-4 6-4

Tsonga couldn’t care less I gather

“ah shit, no?”

Mayer d Rafa (3rd round) 6-7 3-6

IN STRAIGHTS???? WHUT??? Have I mentioned that I shared a flight down to Melbourne before the Aus Open this year with Florian Mayer? I was going to go up and say hi but I chickened out.  But still…nice guy…shouldn’t be beating Rafa in straights. I didn’t watch the match, was Rafa shithouse?

Ebden d Simon (3rd Round) 2-6 6-2 6-7

Very good run by Ebden as a qualifier.

This tournament is this man’s to lose…

Yay for you Mandy….but hey still not a slam though *ahem*

Have you started caring about the Asian Swing yet? The Asians have clearly stopped caring.

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9 responses to “Shanghai Masters 2011 – Midweek Irrelevant Asian Dramaz (By LJ)”

  1. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Hey LJ,
    Rafa has been sub-par for a while now, but Mayer played really inspired, amazing tennis and deserves full credit. You “Fedals” will have to get used to other side of that coin losing more often as well; I think his best years are behind him.

    I would love for Ferrer, Mayer, Dolgopolov to win this tournament. Or Nishikori, or even Ebden, though I’ve never seen him play (hopefully his next match is on a TV court). Murray was looking tired there against an injured Stan in the last set. He is beatable. Nice how some young guys have stepped up here. 🙂

  2. lapinroyal says :

    No body watching? How come I heard so much clapping???
    We have “lip-sinc”… and naoo the “clap-sync” EEEK!

    Florian jumping BH make me nostalgic of Safin… 😦

  3. Katarina_YYZ says :

    by the way, the caption with Rafa’s pic is hilarious!!! You should put it right on the pic like a LOL-Cat poster. It’s classic 😉

  4. flo says :

    I have a question pertaining to Federer crying at AO ’09. Now, Katie Baker thinks it’s most misinterpreted by fans and I’m wondering what she might be referring to. Is it that people think he’s crying because he lost again to Nadal? That he lost his edge on hard courts? Tried his best and failed? And (my personal opinion/theory) That his body/serve/will let him down in the crucial moments and that he didn’t play his best on the big stage? I interpret it that way because he lost a closer and more prestigious match at Wimbledon (where he raised his level to get back into it) and didn’t have that same reaction. It could be just the people shouting supportive things that got to him.

    • Katarina_YYZ says :

      My personal opinion (yes, I did watch the match) is that Fed played a poor 5th set; not the kind of 5th set a 13-time GS champion with plenty of experience in final sets plays. I think he was disappointed in himself.

      Then, when they gave him such a warm introduction and the crowd cheered him so much, it was just too much. If you are struggling to hold back tears, and a friend comes and puts his arm around you with a supportive squeeze, that will likely crack you. 😉

      When Fed said stuff like “the better player didn’t win,” people called him arrogant, but they don’t get it. It’s not about the result — it’s about HOW he played the final set. If he had raised his level — and Nadal raised his even more — that’s fine: the other guy was just too good. Of course you can be disappointed in how you played in sets 1 to 4 when you had chances. But once the 5th set rolls around, you must forget all that – the score is reset at 0-0 and it’s anyone’s to win. This kind of disappointment in oneself is about regret, and wondering IF the result could have been different (not that you are so sure it would have, just the eternal, nagging “what if…”).

  5. Morgan says :

    Don’t care about the why – he put Nadal into the awkward position of comforting him instead of celebrating his big win. Fed should have sucked it up and cried later.

    • Veronica says :

      Morgan, the thing is, he COULDN’T suck it up. It was all too much for him as Katarina said, his disappointment with himself and the love of the crowd for him (I watched the whole episode repeatedly and it was definitely the love of the crowd that broke him down. A man shouted, “I love you Roger” and it was precisely that moment that he broke down) We finally see that Roger, afterall is human, a very sensitive man. All those years of winning, many have accused him of being inhuman, unfeeling, cold. Now we see the man and I love it. I love his humaness, his “weakness” and wouldn’t wish it to have happened any other way. To me, his crying in AO will remain one of the best experience I have of him. Roger is an artist less we forget and artists are emotional people and can’t always hold it in. How he stopped smashing his rackets is already a very big
      step forward for him already. As for Nadal, where else can you witness such history where the winner of the two biggest rival in tennis history hugging and comforting the other? Of course Nadal felt awkward but it was a very unique and touching moment and seals the truth of how much respect and true friendship they have for each other. Also we could also look at it as “condencending” and “patronising” of Nadal to throw his arm over Fed as if Fed needed his “comfort”. He could have respected Fed more by leaving him alone. That was how some people looked at it. But it was also good that Fed accepted his hug. Fed could have withdrawn away from him. Just shows Fed respects and likes Nadal so much and painful though it was to lose to him, he still was comfortable to accept Nadal’s hug. And Nadal felt comfortable enough to give Fed a hug. Can you imagine if it was Djoker? I think Fed would push him away let alone run a mile away from him! And I don’t think Fed would cry if it had been Djoker on the other end of the net! Therefore what is telling about this episode is the genuine friendship and respect Nadal and Fed have for each other, the level of comfort they have for each other and therefore Fed couldn’t hold it in as much as he would have been able to against another player.


  6. Sheeple Liberator says :

    Florian Mayer, cool. He looks like one of those guys who’d be better looking up close in real life than on TV. Yeah? 🙂

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