basel basil barsol baysel…(by LJ)

I didn’t watch one iota of Basel, till the final. I don’t know if I’ve ever managed to watch Basel in the past, I felt like it did but obviously not since the time difference meant every Fed match was 4am Sydney time, ugh…but thankfully the final was a more manageable 1am.

Yes yes, the draw parted like the Red Sea. Mandy had a Butt Strain (serves you right for taking Marco’s wildcard and complaining about the long schedule). Nole went down with 1 shoulder against Nishikori, who served a delicious bagel in the 3rd.


This man came with a mission…

To beat this guy…

Who is on this mini-resurgence, which is great cause he’s uber likable and has a great game. But anyhoo…Maestro played like this most of the night…

and Special K could only do this for most of the night…

So Maestro fistpumped lots and went in for the final kill….

The 3 Amigos looked on in bemusement…

And at the end Fangirls and boys squeed at the final sweet sweet victory…

Tears flowed under the rampant adoration of the crowd…

But smiles prevailed overall…

And that bigass trophy got a bigass wet kiss…

Whilst the ballboys & girls got their much deserved PIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAA…..

And i managed to go to bed at 2:30am…

Nothing short of PeRFection

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Sup, I'm LJ, media producer/director, photographer and all round addict of various cultural pursuits...including food & tennis (the latter with an irrational attachment to a certain swiss potato nose genius).

7 responses to “basel basil barsol baysel…(by LJ)”

  1. Carol says :

    A perfect day in Federland!

  2. Matt Zemek says :

    The love he has for the sport is touching. The extent to which he knows how blessed he is is revealing. The extent to which he outwardly communicates his own awareness of his immense good fortune is special.

    We should all have sportsmen with such rich humanity and self-awareness.

    Now, let’s make a Bercy final for the first time ever (hopefully winning it). Let’s do things that haven’t been done before, Roger. (Setting the stage for next year in a big way…..)

    Thank you, LJ, for the great photos and building another Fence today! 🙂

  3. Pika says :

    It amazes me each time to see that playing tennis and winning still means so much to him. Roger Federer: the man with a record 16 grand slam singles titles, 30 years of age, 68th career title, and still tearing up because he won in front of his home crowd! Never change, Roger. Never change!

  4. caliope says :

    i was in basel and watched Roger play Niemenem? It was great to see him at his home tournament! I loved basel!

  5. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Thanks for this post, LJ 😀
    I watched all of Roger’s matches and I can assure you he was adorable the whole week through! He started off with some not-so-great serving but played himself into form. I really hope he can win in Paris.

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