AO2012 Day One Wrap (By LJ)

This time last year I was soaking up the sun in Melbourne, chillun’ with Wog and PJ, checking out the sights on Day 1 of AO2011. But this year alas, it was first day back at work after summer break, so I had to be content with following the scores online.

So before we get onto perving at Mr Grandpa-sore-back here are some of the interesting outcomes of the day.

Bernard “The Annoying” Tomic beat Nando, in 5…from 2 sets down. Kid had nothing left in the tank afterwards but kudos to Tomic for his tough mental fortitude in the heat. And Fer…tough luck drawing someone who’s got more mental toughness than you on a hot day.

Bad day for the Brits as 5 went home with hardly a fight. Some of the other seeds to fall early were Pennetta, Monaco, Melzer, Wickmayer and Ljubydaddy.

Kolya again had a bad showing, losing in 5 but Delpo made it in 4. Jarkko Niemenen retired due to abdominal strain against Nalby which was disappointing after his win in Sydney on Sunday.  But I’m glad my BB Greeegor Dimitrov made it through in 5 over Jeremy Chardy.

The rest of the seeds rolled comfortably, including Rafa, overcoming the trollage of his knees yesterday.

My knees are fine no? I just sprained it sitting in chair, thinking of how to become roselike…

Mr Gramps-sore-back made it through in 3 against a very big hitting and incredibly unpredictable qualifier journeyman, Alexander Kudryavtsev. Kudryavtsev hit some screaming winners at stages, baffling Gramps, but faded after a groin strain midway through the match.

Rog had a nice collection of backhand and forehand shanks along with ill placed net play. Net play was especially lacking and bad today but probably because his opponent hit so big and so fearlessly. But a couple of times he stepped up during the crucial stages and managed to set up BPs and set points with cracking forehand returns.

Regal hand wave…

The post match interview by Courier was as entertaining as ever. Asked if he would coach his own daughters, Rog remarked…

Of course I would…I don’t have much of a choice I guess! I’d very happily give that to my wife…

and Mirka…went all BOSS on him.


and bonus twin pic from the match.

As for War of the Roses…there is no war because King Roger didn’t feel like partaking, cause you know…his royal highness is above all this plebian shit…plus he went all UN in the presser and will be the successor to Ban Ki-moon. or something.

That was roughly how Day 1 went folks…much more tennistical drama to come…


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2 responses to “AO2012 Day One Wrap (By LJ)”

  1. Matt Zemek says :

    A moment of silence for the careers of Kolya, Tuna Melzer, and Hot Sauce/New Mexico State Flag.


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