Overheard at Australian Open…(by PJ)

A little less than 3 hours till the first Grand Slam of 2012 kicks off. I know there has been a lot of controversy and hoo-haa about certain comments made by a certain someone. When I have nothing constructive to say, I choose not to say anything, because frankly, I don’t know how the real story goes and I don’t want to speculate on anything either, based on translations and media articles that thrived on sensationalism and exaggeration.

So how about a short post about the things I overheard at Melbourne Park during the qualies on Saturday? I thought they were funny. Hopefully you people might get a chuckle out of them, too.

Overheard 1:

Guy at tram stop: Federer is fucking greedy, man…I mean, he should give Andy Murray a Slam.


Overheard 2:

Girl at food line: I’m looking forward to seeing that guy from Sweden that everyone said is so good.

Friend: Robin Soderling? Hate to disappoint you but he’s not playing this year. He’s injured.

Girl: No, not Soderling…it’s something else…OH I remember…it’s Federer. Robin Federer.

Friend: …what? That person does not exist.


Overheard 3:

Kid at Kids’ Day, when Djokovic and co were introduced: WHERE’S FEDERER?!??! I WANT FEDERERRRRRRRR!!!!!


Overheard 4:

Kid 1: Novak’s the best player of ALL TIME.

Kid 2: NO WAY, ROGER is.

Kid 1: Novak won THREE SLAMS last year.


Kid 1: Well…Roger is OLD.

Kid 2: MUM, Jack said Roger is old!!

Mum (who was looking completely bored): Boys, eat your lunch.


Overheard 5:

Girl at Sharapova’s practice: God, I’ll turn lesbian for her.

Friend: You mean you’re not already a lesbian?

Girl: *SMACKS*


Overheard 6:

Girl: OH MY GOD!! LOPEZ!!!

Friend: NO, that’s the other Spanish guy…that’s VERDASCO.

Note: It was Fabio Fognini.


Overheard 7:

At Larcher de Brito v Vogele:

Lady: …doesn’t she ever get a sore throat? (re: Lacher de Brito’s screeching)


Overheard 8:

Girl: I’m really hoping to catch a glimpse of Nadal practicing naked…I mean, shirtless.

Sometimes, you just hear the funniest, dumbest and darndest things.

Now let the crazy begin.

– PJ


About PJ

I'm a tennis nut. Loves watching and freaking out over tennis, and as of late, writing about tennis. As a player though, I'm terrible. My other interests includes reading (pretty much will give any genre a go), checking out films, crafting (making cards, scrapbooking etc), eating/food (specifically searching for the perfect chendol outside Malaysia). I'm also trying to find my own perfect corner in this world!

6 responses to “Overheard at Australian Open…(by PJ)”

  1. marcoiac says :

    This is the funniest post you ever made, PJ! It’s great. People should just find ways to laugh more in life. Anyway, since I have been busy on other fronts, would you care to at least say, in a concise way, what the controversy is about? I haven’t heard anything (not surprisingly, I am not reading tennis comments BEFORE the dudes start playing)

    • Antoinette Simmons (@madblackmother) says :

      The controversy is about some remarks Nadal made to Spanish press allegedly calling out Roger for not standing up for the players more and preserving his (Roger’s) image as gentleman while being content to let other more vocal players take the ‘heat’.

      • marcoiac says :

        thanks. read some comments from le fed about it. i can see they part ways here. fed has zero interest in a strike when he’s turning 31. rafa is 5 years younger, and the way he plays, his body needs a break. no matter what they say, that’s why they don’t see eye to eye on the issue. whatever.

  2. LJ says :

    LOL awesome post PJ

  3. Antoinette Simmons (@madblackmother) says :

    PJ thanks for the laughs, I laughed so hard I scared my little dog! the look she gave me, priceless.

  4. Alex (@FedFanForever) says :

    I find the idea of living vicariously through players who are worth mega-millions, live the 24/7 VIP lifestyle and are beloved by millions to be fascinating sociological phenomena. Many tennis forum users would be perfect test specimens. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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