Quotable Quotes: On Joy and Weenies.

At least someone gets this joke of a trophy. 

So … I spend a whole blog post ranting on about Rafa and Novak’s tantrums in Madrid, and Serena Williams comes out and pwns them in just 45 words, complete with some  feministy zing and a nod to Mother’s Day.

I guess that’s why she’s Serena Williams, and I’m … living in Canberra. Preach it, gurl:

Women are way tougher than men. That’s why we have the babies, you guys could never handle kids.

We ladies don’t complain we just do our best. On the WTA (tour) we are real performers, we are not about going out there and being weenies.

Source: Reuters/Yahoo Sports

The most hilarious part in the source article is when the journo cited Dictionary.com meanings for the word “Weenie”.

Dictionary.com lists several definitions of “weenie” including “an insignificant, disliked person” or “a stupid and inept male”.

I shake my head at you, Reuters.

It’s been a fabulous week for Serena on multiple fronts. I managed to catch most of her utter domination over the current World No 1 and 2 – Azarenka and Sharapova, as well as the big serving, giant-killing Hradecka, and it was almost as if the foot injury never happened. Against a field of current WTA leaders and up-and-comers last week, Serena Williams continued her old way of rendering the WTA power index irrelevant, completely outclassing higher ranked and in form opponents.

Post match, ReRe sought to correct a few misguided notions about her attitude towards clay:

I love the clay, I have won the French Open.

It’s a myth about me not liking the clay — I like it more than grass. Hopefully I can start doing better.

Roland Garros conditions are much different from here. Conditions are different every week on clay. Definitely my goal is to do well in Paris.

It’s been a decade since Serena won her Roland Garros title, but watching her en route to her second consecutive clay court title this year, Serena looked more fit, focused and joyous than I’ve seen her in a long time.

To wrap up a week of successes for the American, she also became the first tennis player to grace a Vogue cover in an Olympic edition of the magazine along with Hope Solo and Ryan Lochte (Source: HuffPo).

Glowingly beautiful.



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