Sunday Best: These are a few of my favourite things.

1. Who hasn’t heard Serena Williams rap yet? Sure, we ain’t looking at the next female Kanye (if you don’t like Kanye, we cannot be friends), but it’s not bad … if you’re drunk enough …

2. For Spanish speakers and anyone who can use Google Translate: Federer’s interview with el partido de las 12 about his charmed life, and thoughts on whether Nadal can surpass his slam record (spoiler: he thinks yes).

3. And it looks like Halle and Federer are back on good terms again, despite the tournament director’s bitchfest over his non-attendance last year. The German town has recently renamed one of its streets Roger-Federer-Allee and Federer’s participation in June this year will be a near-certainty. Nice spot for an investment property, anyone?

4. Umm … Boris Becker’s son is kinda cute. I’M JUST SAYIN. Geez.

5. Mentioning cute, check out Proud Mama Mirka and her two toddlers, playing with their balloons and scooters. It amazes me how normal this whole family is, except for the part where Goat Kid #1 strips off her pink and blue jacket to reveal … the RF monogram.

6. And speaking of proud mamas, Picket Fence reader Deanna sent me a video of her talented tods this week.

I love your posts about tennis so I thought I’d share this with you. My husband purchased some tennis videos. We all sat down to watch them. Davy (our 10 month old baby) was staring a hole into the TV screen. The next day we took him to the tennis court and put him in his walker so we could play. He burst out in tears while staring at my youngest daughter’s racket. My husband put the racket in his hands and this is what happened next:

I do believe we have the next Roger Federer on our hands here, although you may wish to do something about the grunting, Deanna. 😉

7. And to all the mothers of the tennis world and beyond: a very happy mother’s day to you!


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One response to “Sunday Best: These are a few of my favourite things.”

  1. abby55 says :

    Oh the cuteness of the Wogie family !! Mummy seems to be having as much fun as the girls!! Awww to the RF logo!!
    Squeeeee @ the little one in his walker loool


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