Picspam: This is too much. SHUT DOWN THE INTERNETZ.

Since Moonpie Zemek and A-Gallivant felt the need to wake me up on “Hump Day” with a giant hump of a Tumblr post, I believe it is my civic duty to share these with Picket Fence readers.

Courtesy of Credit Suisse’s latest campaign with Roger Federer, gifs from Federerblog.

I dunno what is it about Sir Woger McFudd that conjures up the image of a motorbike-riding, leather-jacketed, guitar-toting hipster … or how any of it even relates to Credit Suisse, but hey, do you see me complainin’?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that stylish, metrosexual men wear big scarves, beige chinos and neutral colours. I give this my tick of approval and rest my case. 



Coming in May … Mofoderer, GOAT of Smurf Clay and slayer of smurfs. 




10 responses to “Picspam: This is too much. SHUT DOWN THE INTERNETZ.”

  1. Annemie says :

    Because tumblr is the greatest invention in fandom.

  2. lapinroyal says :

    Smurfs’ slayer… Teehee…

  3. virgilou says :

    I’d say it’s a tennis racket he has there on his back when he’s on the bike… The ad will tell us I guess when we see it completely.
    Love the look with the scarf! Come on down to Québec Rodg; we Québec girls know how to take care of handome men wearing scarves.. !! The leather jacket is not bad either… (miam!)

  4. jfk10s says :

    Federporn humpday hahahah… love it
    And seriously Roger seems to have a huge collection of scarves. It’s cute, really.

  5. cali says :


  6. Katarina_YYZ says :

    I love me some Fedporn on humpday (or any day) 😛
    How about the lady “fixing” his hair? There’s nothing wrong with his hair, you just want an excuse to keep touching it 😡

    I approve of this picspam 😀

  7. Brodie says :

    What style & brand of motorcycle is used in Rogers’s Credit Suisse ad?!

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