The Manny Brigade.

Woger and Luthi on shopping and pram duties.

Myla and Charlene, eating apples AS BIG AS THEIR FACE.


Captain Adorkable, Mighty Babes, I adore you all DIS MUCH.

xx doots


10 responses to “The Manny Brigade.”

  1. Carol says :

    The Babes are almost too big for the strollers! And I wish Rog wasn’t wearing such baggy jeans….you know why!

  2. dari says :

    It’s great that roger is hands on dad and I’m sure they wanted to be taking out the babies for a stroll (“babies” is a rough term, those kids are huge), but seriously no one could help out when rog has got to play and sev has to coach? All the ladies took the day off to shop in Par-eee!

    • No. 17 in 2012 says :

      Doots, have been following your blog for few years now but never commented. Love your blog and am mighty glad you came back to blogging after your world trip. I have one question and have been wondering about it for ages (can’t find any info on the web). It’s about Severin Luthi. His loyalty just amazes me. Is he just a very very caring and supportive coach/friend or is he secretly in love with Roger or what??!!! He is at Roger’s beck and call – at his matches, babysitting, God knows he may even be diaper changing for Roger!! Or besides Mirka, he maybe the closest person to Roger!! The loyalty he has displayed is out of this world. He is always there whether Roger is winning or losing; yet he never gives interviews to claim credit or whatever. WHO is he?? Is he married and has he kids of his own? (I guess not; otherwise his wife and kids would be divorcing him for all the attention he pays to another man and his wife and their kids!!). I could find NOTHING about him on the net. The extreme tight-knitness that Roger “spun” around his family and friends is just out of this world. With technology as it is nowadays, it is impossible to live private lives especially if you are a famous person but Roger Federer defied all these odds. He is living a most private life and succeeding very well for such a famous person. Please, anyone, if you have anything about this very mysterious but intriguing Severin, I am dying to know. Having said all that, Severin has my utmost respect and admiration for such amazing loyalty and steadfastness.

      • dootsiez says :

        No 17 (I like your name), I’ve always wondered about Luthi myself. He is by far the most under the radar person on Fed’s team (other than Mirka, who manages only to be seen and never heard in the media). Even Pierre Paganini gives more media soundbytes than Luthi.

        I’ve seen (and posted) some previous photos of Roger and Luthi having a grand old time, which suggests to me that the relationship between Roger and him is more akin to best friends than player/coach. (And yes, he does have a girlfriend).

        • No. 17 in 2012 says :

          Thanks, Doots, that explains a little about the “stalker-like” presence of Luthi in Roger’s life!! Sorry to give you another one but do you have any idea who that Asian lady is who has sat next to Mrka in some of Roger’s bigger matches? I’m perpetually intrigued with every little detail of Roger’s life; quite an obessessive fan!! Btw, that was a sloppy 1st round from our man but it’s the first round, a win is a win, No worries. And the draw has opened up like the red sea …..!!! Yay! no Nalby, no Feliciano! Hmm… but I’m not sure if it’s good for Fed. We all know he tends to be “lazy” if he is not pushed in some early rounds to sharpen his tools and his mentality. I’m scared shit about Birdshit and was hoping for Delpoop to poop him out but once again the big man is injured. I’ll start frazzling when the quarters come.

      • CWATC says :

        Hi there,
        Luthi seems to be an old friend of Rogers (I have seen some old photos of them together as early as 2002/3) who’s been involved in Swiss tennis for many years. He became Swiss Davis Cup captain after the team rebelled against Rosset, so I suspect he had Roger’s support to get that position. Then after Roger fired Tony Roche in 2007, Luthi began helping him with his practices and so on, and eventually became a sort of unofficial coach. Since Annacone was hired, Luthi is no longer at every tourmament; sometimes just Annacone is there like in IW and Miami.
        It’s no surprise if he’s loyal to Roger as Roger has basically made his career.
        Luthi rarely gives interviews but he’s done a few over the years for the swiss press – I remember he did a nice on during TMC last year about sort of “a day in the life” of Roger’s coach at a tourney. I’ll post it later if I can find it.

        • No. 17 in 2012 says :

          Thanks CWATC! Hope you can find the post – would love to read it! Can’t wait for Roger to play. Hours feel like months. Love the grey attire with the yellow details and the black socks on the dainty ankles! Princess sure knows what looks smart! Now, round 2, which Roger shall we see? I don’t think I can bear another sloppy match. Common Roger! KEEP it together, OK??!!

  3. CWATC says :

    Hi there,
    Sorry it took me a while, but here’s the interview w/ Luthi I meant.
    The original:

    Google translate:|en|
    (you can cut/paste)

    Luthi is apparantly a “grasshopper champion”???

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