Roland Garros 2012 Day 3 & Day 4: What you don’t expect.

Ah, gay Paree and clay Paree. I’m not a huge fan of clay-court tennis, or Roland Garros in general – my best moments of the Slam stands alone at Ferrero winning and Federer winning. Adding on the magnificent time difference from Land of Oz plus hectic times at work…let’s just say I haven’t feel so disconnected from a Slam in a very long time.

But still, it is a Slam, and it still invokes feelings of excitement and anticipation in me, even if, so far, I haven’t had the opportunity to properly watch a full match that features another player not named FederBrainfart, or read up on full tennis analysis and news etc etc etc. And things have been happening. Man, have they been happening.

Perhaps the biggest news thus far is Serena Williams losing to Virginie Razzano in the first round. It may be worth noting that Serena has never ever lost in the first round of a Slam – until now. It was a match full of drama and momentum swings and stuff that’s Hollywood-worthy, or so I heard. Serena was up 5-1 in the tiebreaker in the second set, lost the set. She was trailing 0-5 in the third, and clawed back nail and tooth and guts and spleen to come back to 3-5. Razzano needed 9 match-points before finally managing to win the last set 6-3.


I like Serena. I wanted her to win the French Open (again). But yanno, it’s hard not to feel pleased for Razzano. Of course, it’s doubtful to think she’ll progress very far, but as Francesca Schiavone and Li Na has taught me the last two years…anything can happen.

While Serena unexpectedly lost to Razzano, big sister Venus Williams perhaps was expected to lose to Radwanska (the-better-at-tennis one), who was too Rad for Vee. But Vee was full of positives in her press conference, and that was lovely to see. I know it seems impossible and I live in #delusionland but honestly I really want to see her lift the Wimbledon trophy once again before she calls it quits. Someone make that happen.

Another notable upset: Hamster Bartoli lost to Petra Martic in 3-sets. Gee I really didn’t know what happened there. I picked her to go far. She was supposed to be the last Frenchwoman standing!

In other news though – all the big names made it through the last two days. Sammy Stosur has yet to combust, playing some pretty pretty tennis. I was scared for Li Na against Fistpumpy #2 Cirstea but thank goodness Li Na proved me wrong and kept her head together to win comfortably, YEAH. The other big peeps Azarenka, Kvitova, Shrieky, Kangaroo Woz (is she still considered a “big name”…?) all made it through as well. And yeah, Kutznetsova is still winning. But no one remind her of that fact, or she’ll start losing.

As for the men…well. Among puns of Ungur Games and Parem and fire jokes, Federer managed to lose a set to the relatively unknown Adrian Ungur. I guess when he was Wikipedia-ing and Google-ing his opponent, he forgot the cardinal rule of Don’t Be Stupid. I have to give credit to Ungur for hanging in there in the third set and playing some pretty awesome shots but Federer was just dumb during the tiebreaker. That spectacular shank on the first match point on his serve, was stuff that nightmares are made of (well, my nightmares, anyway). He then went on to lose the third set, evoking in me the most unpleasant memories of last year…yanno…what happened after he was up two sets to love, yadda yadda yadda.

Yeah, that MP shank gave me a migraine, too.

But what the old man had over Ungur was experience, and after fighting off breakpoints in the opening game of the fourth (at that time I was cursing at him most colourfully), he carved out a break and breezed through the set easily enough.

It’s kinda ridiculous how he could look so graceful trying to maintain balance…

At the hindsight, although I am relatively annoyed at his third-set stupidity (YOU COULD’VE WON IN STRAIGHTS, DUMBASS), I am kind of grateful for a tough match, because Fed needs to get the rhythm going and clean up his play. With Roddick, Floppy, Steps and potentially tougher opponents all going bye bye, the first seed he will end up facing is possibly Delpony or…Berdman, who, according to sources, hit 42 winners and 6 unforced errors against Llodra. You know, if he gets there and stuff #antijinx

Oh, let’s mention that the win marked Gramps’ 234th Grand Slam match win, overtaking previous record holder Jimmy Connors. Way to go, Fed. Now let’s rack up a few more wins, preferably five more for this Slam, y/y?

In other news:

1)      Delpony survived dropping the first set to set up a clash with Marin Cilic. On paper it looks like a difficult match, but if Marin is Marin and Delpony’s knee holds up okay, it should be straightforward.

2)      Paris waved goodbye to another one of Fed’s Old Men Cohort, as Juan Carlos Ferrero bowed out to Marin Cilic. Sad face, as the first French Open I followed – Ferrero won that. And as with all the old men in Old Men Cohort, I have a soft spot for him.

3)      No problemo whatsoever for Rafa and Djokovic, thumping opponents and thumping chests (for the latter).

4)      Let’s not mention Berdman (and let’s hope for him to brainfart sooner rather than later – I know, I’m evil).

5)      Crazy Dolgo, Y U SO CRAZY. I can’t give up on you because you’re effing nice and your game is effing uniquely incredible (when you’re not being stupid) BUT seriously?? Losing in 5 to Stakhovsky? Really? I MEAN. REALLLYYYYYY!?!!! Sigh.

6)      Brian Baker’s comeback story ended at the hands of Gilles Simon. ‘Tis been awesome for Baker – he forced Gillay to five sets but Gillay proved too strong in the end.

7)      I should mention one old man that DID make it: Tommy Haas. At 34 years of age and on his 53748643th comeback after his 42354356435th surgery, Haasi slogged through qualifying to make it to the main draw, and is still alive. He would’ve played Dolgo –but instead will play that other Ukrainian guy. I’d be torn if it was Crazy vs Beautiful, but since it’s now Beautiful vs Whatever…GOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

I know Day 5 is already underway and there already has been drama involving Muzzface and stuff, but that’s the wrap for another few hours later. Enjoy the tennis (while it’s nearly time for me to crawl off to bed…)!



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  1. virgilou says :

    I don’t know waht it is about this second picture of McFed but its getting me all fuzzy… Hum, well maybe I do know what it is now that I look more closely at all the details…
    Just had to say it ! 🙂

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