RG/Halle: Well trolled, tennis.

Apologies for the lack of updates in the past week. Sometimes life gets in the way of a full blown tennis addiction. (Yes, you heard it right: LIFE. Even those of us stuck in the National Crapital of Australia have one sometimes).

Truth be told, I didn’t feel right to move on to Halle without first wrapping up Roland Garros. And I couldn’t wrap up Roland Garros because the semifinals and final were  some of the most uninspiring tennis seen in the latter stages of grand slams for years. Devoid of both quality and drama, where the only suspense concerned the fickle Parisien weather, and not the tennis played on court.

In short, everything we expected to happen happened, in a mediocre, lethargic fashion.

Snark and cynicism aside, it always amazes how just how consistently Rafa is able to hit a career trough, survive til the clay season, and then use his natural talent on the surface to prop himself back up for the rest of the year.

Coming into the clay season this year, Nadal was not only on a losing streak against Djokovic, but was also title-less for almost a full year. In the media, he was drawn into making a litany of complaints against the ATP Tour. Was he becoming vulnerable? Has the daily grind gotten him down? You wonder.

And yet, somehow, Rafa finished his clay season with another slam and 4 titles, a pattern so impervious to time that it outshines even Federer’s record on grass.

Now mentioning Federer on grass … 

There is no other day of getting around this, bitches. Since I can’t bring myself to brutally execute Federbear with an electric shaver, I must sentence him to a lifetime in the cage for the sheer WTFuckery he has brought on court in the past 3 week.

Say WHUT? Now you suck on BOTH clay and grass now?! It’s not enough that you lose to the bright young things of the ATP World Tour, you’re now losing to OCTOGENARIANS TOO?

BRB. I just need a moment to do a Nalbandian and put my foot into Federbear.

(And no, Woger. You don’t get a free pass just because Rafa lost and Mandy was irrelevant and Novak disappeared off the face of the planet last week.)

The way Federer lost the final was exemplary of his recent issues – his inability to pull away when in the lead and a general sense of confusion when it comes to shot selection. Second last point of the match, which ended with an oddly chosen forehand drop shit (spectacularly retried by Haas), said it all: Federer’s head was clearly screwed onto his arse.

All the hysterics aside, it was an inspired week from Haas, who took out 2 top 10 players (Federer, Berdych) and former Halle champ Kohlschreiber en route to a title in front of a German crowd. And in doing so, Haas played some aggressive and inspired tennis, and failed to falter when you most expected him to – i.e. whenever he was leading.

Even Federer (that LOSER), couldn’t help but be happy for Tommy.

‘I’m just really happy for him … happy that he’s been able to fight off so many injuries and come back and still believe in himself, still want to travel, still want to sacrifice his family (life) too.

He sure did look happy. HAPPY TO BE A LOSER. I guess losing to old people really does make you feel young and immature.



xx doots


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7 responses to “RG/Halle: Well trolled, tennis.”

  1. Kyle Johansen (@KJOttawa) says :

    Roger’s reaction during the trophy ceremony says it all – he clearly doesn’t care that he lost to Haas, his good friend. Don’t worry about the loss, I guarantee it does not mean anything in the grand scheme of things.

  2. Matt Zemek says :

    Through 2010, Federer was good enough that he really didn’t need to worry about the draw. In 2011, Djokovic established such a high standard that the draw could only mean so much.

    This 2012 Wimbledon draw, however – given the stakes associated with this event for Roger – represents the most consequential draw of this particular (old-man) stage of Federer’s career. Draws could be shrugged off in the past for one reason or another. This draw feels different. This draw needs to be right. This draw needs to offer the right path, given the coexistence of brilliance and bumbling in Roger’s game right now.

    *Lifts incense*



    *Prostrates self*

  3. jfk10s says :

    Damn. I was looking forward to the grass season, but maybe not so much anymore.
    Roger never really found his form in RG and I’m worried it will carry over to Wimbledon. I really hope he gets it together b/c I am tired of Nadal-Djokovic finals.
    I don’t know why people are saying he doesn’t care or he’s happy to lose to his friend, he still hasn’t won a grass title in 3 years.

  4. jandemom says :

    I hope & think Roger will be OK for Wimbledon; he might need some brain exercises to keep his mind on task during the best-of-5 matches but I believe he can do it. No doubt that he’ll be motivated to win, with #17 and a shot at #1 there for the taking. And a good draw will certainly help, so I am crossing my fingers and toes for that. I am a little concerned for Federbear’s safety, though – don’t hurt him, doots!

  5. Louise says :

    Yay, thanks for posting again doots! Hm, I’m inclined to forgive Roger because he’s done so well already this year and was bound to screw up some time. Haas needed this more than Roger did. So… onward!

    PS. I can hear Federbear crying and it tugs at my heart strings :((

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