One of the BEST. MEN’S FINALS. In a long time. 17 slams, 7th Wimbledon, back at No 1. One week away from breaking another Sampras record (weeks at No 1).

Despite the slow start, the Federer who came out after the rain delay was simply Jesus Fed.

So to all those weak era theorist, to all those who claimed Federer would never win another slam, to all those who said he should retire.

But most of all, to all of you who stood by the champion and enjoyed this journey, each step of the way …

Since it’s 4am on a Monday morning in Australia, ANALYSIS LATER PARTAY NAOOOO!

xx doots


23 responses to “PARTAY!”

  1. Joalissa Jean says :


  2. LJ says :


  3. Jodi says :

    PARTAY!!!!!!!!! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOSCATO!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mattzemek says :

    Paris in 2009 is still (and will always be) number one. Wimbledon 2009 has now been displaced as the second-greatest moment in Federer’s career. It will have to settle for third. This moment is number two.

    And Roger is Number One.

    A complete triumph in every sense and dimension of the term.

    HUGS to Murray and his fans. Muzz played a terrific match, fought well, and was simply eclipsed by a slightly (not hugely) better player. No more talk about Murray not showing up for major finals. He brought A-minus tennis to Centre Court and was just a few swings away from taking a two-set lead and/or breaking back in the fourth set. The odds are now better than ever that he’ll win a major. This version of Murray will be a factor for the next seven years or more. He plays that kind of game.

    Fedrinkas on the house!

  5. flo says :

    Good job Murray, any player should be proud of that effort. His team will give him the support he needs. I expect a good next 2 slams for Murray because those are his best slam results prior to this one.

    Federer what can be said. The guy has a derriere made of horseshoes. His residence is seemingly the end of the rainbow. I mean fortune favors the bold and his effort was top notch. But he is also living a blessed tennis career.

    Federer was first made aware of the existence of PseudoFed before this tournament, so the question is, is this result a coincidence? Probably, but you probably should not bring up the coincidence part.

  6. Carol says :

    It was and is wonderful!

  7. pban says :

    SO MUCH LOVE FOR ALL WHO KEPT THE FAITH after RG09 I felt I could not feel so completely happy for someone …..I was wrong. Ride and die bitches we survived Benneatue

  8. RS says :

    I have not been a Fed fan for long, only since US open 2009, so this is only his 2nd major that he won where I’ve been rooting for him. A long wait for me but I never gave up and Rog didn’t disappoint! This guy spoils his fans. PARTAY! indeed.

  9. RS says :

    also I just want to thank the picket fence blog community, only started reading this year, but it’s helped me through a lot!

  10. BS says :

    He did it! After everything that has gone on in the time since AO2010 this victory is so sweet. He proves again why he is one of the greatest. *Hugs* to all fellow Fed fans! Let’s enjoy this 😀

  11. Katarina_YYZ says :

    Woohoo! Federer is Wimbledon champion and world no. 1. All is right in the world again 😀

    Doots, I hope you’ve released Federbear from his cage! This ‘get out of jail’ pass should be good for at least a year, no? 😉

    • dootsiez says :

      But but but Federbear is enjoying his time in the cage! I might give him a cookie, and then eat it for him though. 🙂

  12. PSP says :

    YES!! What a wonderful day… 🙂

  13. PJ says :


    I’m so proud. So happy. So everything.

    Went to work with 4 hours of sleep, panda eyes and looking like utter crap but I’m so happy happy happy happy!!!


  14. jfk10s says :

    PARTYY HARD! Damn, it feels SO GOOD. FEELS SO RIGHT!!!
    It reminds me when someone on here said, Roger’s monogram should be RFF b/c he’s Roger F*cking Federer! 😀
    Please, Doots Federporn all week long!!! 😛

  15. GigiNYC says :

    Yahooooooooooo!!! Have been grinning like a madwoman all day. Man, it feels good! Everyone around me said Roger was never going to win a GS again but I kept on believing for over two years. Words cannot express how proud I am of Roger, the greatest tennis player I’ve ever had the privilege to watch. Enjoy your 17th, love!

    Btw, am a long time lurker here on Picket Fence and infrequent commenter but just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here for your insights and moral support. Dootsiez, you run a fantastic blog. Keep up the great work!

  16. freudoe says :

    Went to bed with a smile. Woke up with a smile. It was a good match, Murray played his best slam final yet, hung tough, and Roger was back in the fun house.To Roger, PIcket Fencers, Doots, Matt, all of yous, thanks and Hooray!!!! We had a piece of chocolate and made love.

  17. sita says :

    Hell Yeah ! Woger is reunited with his Wimbledon trophy and the no.1 ranking and all is well with the world again. Haven’t posted a comment here in a long long time. Was saving it for the moment Wogi won a major…..
    We need 17 continuous days of Federporn to celebrate grand slam no. 17. Hope the head bitch will oblige 🙂

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