When He Won Seventeen, It Was A Very Good Year

When he won Seventeen… it was a very good year.

It was a very good year for proud, aging champs to bathe in great light.

His first serves were right…. on All-England green

When he won Seventeen.

In (major) final (#) twenty-four, Federer made it very clear.

Federer made it very clear that his British foe would have to max out.

But when there was doubt… the Swiss closed the door.

In final twenty-four.

When almost thirty-one, Federer played without fear.

Federer played without fear, producing his best in fires of crunch time

His shots had form and rhyme…. he got the job done.

When almost thirty-one.

Though now the days grow short… in a spectacular career

Fed’s tennis life still remains like vintage wine in fine, flowing strokes

Bag the Pseudo Fed jokes. He reigns full and clear.

In this, his very good year.


One response to “When He Won Seventeen, It Was A Very Good Year”

  1. Marcoiac says :

    Is it true? Did he really win it? Is he really back at no.1? Feels almost incredible, magical.

    He played the best tennis I have seen him playing in a very looooong time. Unbelievable. I’ll be gladly watch this match again. All those great shots make this win even more magical

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