Federporn Friday (By LJ): Pimms No 1 Cup Edition

HAVE WE RECOVERED? Well not really, I’m still celebrating a little bit every morning with a post wimby win happy dance. Seriously I’ve never celebrated my own achievements this much, what is with this man?

Anyhoo, Dootsiez has kindly given me permission for a bit of celebratory FPF today…so ENJOY!!!

It was going to be the entire tournament but after wading through 60 pages of Daylife and STILL not having made it past the final…I gave up…the following are of Final/Post Final only.

Last time Princess Rog graced the wimby finals it was in his Sargeant Pepper Number, thankfully this time it was a little more subdued.

After a cracking start by Muzzface, where he took Lendl’s BE AGGRESSIVE mantra a little TOO literally, Fedface slowly reigned him in and soon we were seeing some Vintage Fed point construction.

He strutted and looked mighty hot…

…what a GQMF srsly…

But overall…he wanted this sooooooooo bad…

and then it finally happened…




blew kisses from the skies…

and looked fucking BAMF as we rocked the ball and danced with Serena…

Hope you enjoyed this uber bumper edition of FPF, enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you back at Wimby for the Olympics in under 2 weeks…WHOOT


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Sup, I'm LJ, media producer/director, photographer and all round addict of various cultural pursuits...including food & tennis (the latter with an irrational attachment to a certain swiss potato nose genius).

6 responses to “Federporn Friday (By LJ): Pimms No 1 Cup Edition”

  1. mattzemek says :

    Federer crushes the United Kingdom’s dreams, and yet he’s still blowing kisses to an adoring audience from the balcony/catwalk/overlook.

    Powers. The man has powers. Many kinds.

  2. pban says :

    Totally agree with you LJ what is with this man….I still find myself smiling like an idiot the minute I remember.Wanted him to win and wanted it to be Wimby as it means so much to him

  3. freudoe says :

    I’ve been replaying happiness, too, even watching the match over and over, a little each day.!!!

  4. Louise says :

    Even in that shot where Murray’s trying to decapitate him he looks hot. Flying hair! ❤

  5. Alex (@FedFanForever) says :

    It’s about time we had a Federporn Friday!

  6. cali says :

    omg he is hot!

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