Nothing constructive to say at this point. Except that TENNIS HAS BEEN VIOLATED, THE COLOUR ORANGE HAS BEEN VIOLATED, and by some mercy from the tennistical overlords above, I wasn’t there to witness it.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the sensation of solid earth falling away from your feet.

Let us mourn, bitches.

xx doots




  1. Alex (@FedFanForever) says :

    Yes I also feel utterly violated right now. However Staks did play the match of his life looking at his stat line and still barely beat Roger. I’d wait until the US Open to provide final judgment.

  2. Marco Iacoboni says :

    Not sure what happened to my comment, I’ll post it again!

    I feel your pain! I watched the match while flying from Boston to LA. Had to order many drinks to cope with the angst. But we must admit that the other dude played wonderfully at the net. I like to see some serve and volley. I also like all these upsets. The game was becoming a bit boring with the dominance of the top guys. There is a certain poetry in upsets. It reminds us that life is unpredictable. That’s why is so beautiful. BTW, your title made me laugh. That’s good!
    Big hug, Julie!

  3. BS says :

    No words. Just a lot of sadness. 😦

  4. PJ says :

    *wails and sobs and wrings hands and flails* Fed’s presser actually sounded okay, he sounded like he’ll be okay. I’ll know I’ll be okay, I just don’t know when.

  5. pban says :


  6. Nancy says :

    “Why is the world still spinning?!!” That is exactly the first thing I said to my husband when I came home. Followed by “all the joy is sucked from my life” and “never mention this to me ever” and “I was barely able to drive home without an accident” (that last one is an exaggeration). Still not as bewildering as his loss to JM Del Potro in the 2009 US Open final. My logical mind knows that he will eventually fall to earth but that does not make it any easier for my heart to accept. I am heartbroken (but I still love you Wogie).

  7. cali says :

    It is funny how we all feel the same! Why is the world still spinning????

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