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Picket Fence Vid: Ai love you too.

It’s nothing new – just an interview Roger did with the Japanese media during the Australian Open.

The quality is poor, but it’s not every day that you see Ai Sugiyama interview Roger Federer hey? Seriously, she looks fantastic. And he looks rather squishy himself.

Picspam: It must be love.

So it’s time to say goodbye to Ai Sugiyama. 



The reaction of her fellow players speaks volumes about Ai as a player and as a person. Like Fabrice Santoro, she combined the talent she had with excellent work ethic, making a record 62 grand slam main draw appearances in a career that spanned 17 years. As we’re so often reminded by the US Open publicity machine: it must be love. 

Given her impeccable grand slam record over the years, it’s ironic that Sugiyama’s swansong came in the form of a retirement, as she pulled out of her match against Nadia Petrova trailing 6-0 2-1.

Meanwhile, Nads continues to entertain in her cheerleading costumes from the 80s. 



For Marat Safin’s last tournament, can we get all the ATP players to line up, make tearful speeches and give him little bouquets of flowers?



Marat would immediately unretire in protest against such indignity. And somehow, that would be awesome. 


Ai love you long time.

Some warmfuzzies amidst all this brouhaha.



The Fabrice Santoro of women’s tennis, Ai Sugiyama, has officially announced her retirement from tennis at the age of 34 at a press conference in Japan. 

She will play her last tournament in Tokyo later this month. 


“I cannot imagine a life without tennis. I feel sad, forlorn. It will be a completely different life after the retirement. I can stay in Japan for a long time. I can still enjoy tennis.”



Ai was a former doubles No 1, current No 5 who achieved the highest singles ranking of No 8 in the world. She has 3 doubles grand slam titles, and reached the final of the Australian Open this year, losing to the Williamses. 


Ai with her mum


With Ai Sugi and Nathalie Dechy both retiring this year, the WTA has lost some of its best smiles. 


All photo credits to TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images

Stanford Mosaics: Cut-throat is my middle name.

I’ve taken a bit of a break from tennis after the French Open and Wimbledon, to grow back my finger and toe nails, and nurse those stomach ulcers induced by Feduruh and coffee.

But with my sleeping patterns returning to normal at last, I’m craving for some real tennis once again, and who better than Maria Cut-throat Sharapova to cure my tennis craving? Hurrah! 



Click to enlarge: Cool visor, messy cobwebs dress?


It wasn’t that easy, but she certainly made it harder for herself by choking away the second set after being up 5-2. I’m not sure how much the injury is playing on her mind right now, because she’s getting into a pattern of tightening up fatally when she’s seemingly in command.

Still, can’t complain about a 64 67(6) 61 win. Overall good news: the groundies are still sharp, the shoulders appear to be fine, and the last time I checked, there was definitely a head on top of them too.  


Someone who’s missing a head right now: Sorana Cirstea, who has now won only one game against Agniewszka Radwanska in their last two meetings. 60 61? Pathetic. 




In other Maria related news, Sharapova will join Andy Roddick, Jordin Sparks and Will Ferrell at this year’s Arthur Ashe Kids Day. Since it’s “kids day”, how about we get all the players with kids there?

You know I just need an excuse to see Feddydaddy with his girls.