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Dooby Dooby Dubai…a wrap (by LJ)

So on we went from Rotterdam, first title of the season for Rog in hand, I didn’t expect him to take Dubai, after all the last win was 2007, even if he has won it 4 times. But lo and behold, the court was slick, it was fast and gramps…had the stuff.

Yes it’s a 500 level torny but Dubai, with it’s abundance of oil money attracts a stellar field, in fact, out of the top 10 only Ferrer and Rafa were not present.

The biggest upset was Mandy taking out Djoker in straights. But granted Djokovic played like shite throughout the entire tournament. Limp net rushes, UFEs galore and he was lucky to not lose a set to Stakhovsky. Murray on the other hand had a great tournament, also demolishing Berdych in the quarters. It was great also seeing Del Potro build on his great run from Rotterdam, if he keeps it up he’ll definitely be a theat at the majors and make the year end WTF.

oh geeeeez, how do I keep this up for 10+ years like gramps? It’s way hard…

As for gramps?…he didn’t drop a single freaking set…in fact he didn’t face a single break point between playing Llodra and Mandy…that’s like FREAKING INSANE!!! Almost takes me back to AO2007 when he won the entire thing without dropping a set. *sigh*…good times. The forehand was zinging, the serve popping, shit was happening and the best thing was the court was fast enough to keep his concentration, he actually detoured around Mirkaland most tournament…it was AH-MAZING…

The final itself featured a tight the 1st set with a late break by Fed. The start of the 2nd set was a total dismantlement of Mandy’s game. On faster courts the insane defence of Mandy/Djoker/Rafa just doesn’t work as well and unlike Djoker/Rafa, Mandy doesn’t have a palpable weapon to hurt gramps. So it wasn’t until gramps was up a break and close to serving it out that Mandy came alive again after an ill advised dropshit point by Fed, but luckily he still managed to pull the win out of the bag.

Mandy…herp derping…

But yes…as Mandy said in the presser afterwards…if more majors were on fast courts, Fedpants would definitely have more majors in his pocket. It’s astonishing how enjoyable fast tennis is after the war of attrition slugfests that we’re used to these days.

And thus Wogie McFedpants as another crazy Dubai boat trophy to go into his trophy room…uber YAYNESS!!!!

Mandy: “How do I even begin to explain Wogie Mcfedpants?…he is flawless, he has 2 nike purses and a silver Mercedes…”

But now onwards to Indian Wells and Miami where the courts play so slow, it’s as if the red dust of Spainish davis cup wins have been hardened into a court…I don’t really care how Fed does really…Rotterdam/Dubai have been so much fun, I’d think we’d be a bit spoilt if big things happen in the 1st US swing, but hey…tennis is weird that way.