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Offseason Newsreel: Crime and Punishment

The competition may have stopped, but the news certainly haven’t. 

Here I was thinking that I can just sit back with a stack of trashy romance novels and enjoy my summer, apparently, relaxation isn’t in my dictionary. And I much prefer lowbrow tennis writing to Mills & Boon. Who knew?  

So let’s cut the crap shall we?

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Five Wimbledon Questions Answered

This came from the Wimbledon blog, thought I might give them a crack just for fun. What say you?


So here we go… Five Wimbledon Questions

Earliest Wimbledon memory? Oh dear, don’t actually remember … I have a series of vague impressions from 2001 onwards of Wimbledon finals, but can’t tell you much apart from those vague impressions. Ah – those moody teenage days…

The earliest match I could actually recall would be the 2004 Wimbledon women’s final between Serena and Maria. 

Favourite match? These questions are deceivingly hard. In all three of my favourite Wimbledon men’s matches, I was on the losing side of the fence – 2001 Wimbledon final between Rafter and Ivanisevic, 2008 R16 between Murray and Gasquet, and of course the 2008 final between Fed and Rafa.

So I’m going to pick a women’s match – the 2005 final between Venus and Lindsay, the one a decade earlier – the 1995 final between Steffi and ASV ain’t bad either, though I only watched it in hindsight.

Best dressed player? Bethanie Mattek! Okay I kid, I kid… must I answer?

The infinitely dashing Sire Jacket, Mr RFed. Although Andre Agassi would give him a run for his money in the attitude department.

Dream doubles partner? Martina Hingis. There was a time when the best doubles team in the world was Martina Hingis and whoever she was playing with. Pat Rafter for men’s, because he’s Pat Rafter. 

Secret Wimbledon crush? Roger doesn’t count – there’s nothing ‘secret’ about it. That takes Marat out too. So … Goran Ivanisevic? Zheng Jie for the girls. 

What not to wear at Wimbledon

What not to wear at Wimbledon

What TO wear instead.

What TO wear instead.