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Frazzle Post: Monte Carlo

As you can probably tell, I am now swimming in a sea of work, exams, assignments and the WEIGHT OF EXPECTATIONS (okay, okay, not quite, but ya know …)

Bloggage will be done when I get my priorities sorted.

In the meanwhile, read Poojay’s recap of the Fed Cup tie. YOU LOSER, Feddy.


Picspam: No amount of money can buy you taste, but at least it should buy you a stylist.

You’d expect Miami to know how to throw a party, and it didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, when it comes to style, the players did.

How can someone so sweet and gorgeous get it so wrong, all of the time? And the worst thing is …

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Communal commiseration.

Usually I’m first to say “FUCK YOU ROGER FEDERER! Get out of Shankville”. But you know what? I can’t even say that. When Federer loses, people – even Federer fans (or especially Federer fans) – jump to the conclusion that he lost playing like shit.

But Benneteau actually won this one, and he won it with some pretty inspired tennis: at one point, dude had made 25 first serves in a row. Every half chance that Federer had was erased with zinging winners. 

So I’m sitting here, left wondering: what else could Roger have done? My point is, Federer fans, stop overreacting. Save that for London.



The irony of it all was that Federer actually didn’t play badly: 15 aces, 0 doubles, 73% first serves, 41 winner to 23 UFEs over 3 sets. 

The bigger irony is that Rafa actually played like crap and managed to survive because his whipping boy just couldn’t win one more point when he had to. 

Where does that leave us for Year End No 1? 1300 points separate the two (taking off the Year End points). Rafa’s potentially in contention for 2000 points, Federer for 1000 now that he’s out of Paris.

Sorry Rafa, I’m going to have to root against you for a while.


Now let us commiserate, let us rage.