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The Monday After Wrap #2

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? 

If the Rogers Cup happened and no one was there to see it, DID ANYONE ACTUALLY WIN?

Excuse the cheeky question. Starting a new job, taking new courses and working on legal admission has sapped me of all my free time and energy lately. And with the Olympics dominating my sports agenda for the past few weeks, it seems that I’ve blinked and almost missed the so-called US Open Series entirely.

Luckily, I’ve managed to catch a bit of my favourite tournament of the Series – Cincinnati, which has an endearing quality of being just a little daggy and utterly without pretention. Even the winners’ trophies look like they’ve been donated by the Senior Citizen’s Association of Oh-Hai-Yo.

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So what he lost a set?

So what he looked like a retard and a half trying to serve out the final set?

ROGER FEDERER. Serving like his name was Pete Sampras. Believing like his name was Melanie Oudin. Slut walking like his name was Tyra Banks.

ROGER FEDERER. Almost 31 years young. Almost a world No 1. Almost a Wimbledon Champion.

ROGER FEDERER. Still a legend, still a contender, and still the BEST HAIR ON THE ATP WORLD TOUR.

“Analysis”? WHAT ANALYSIS? A ROUND OF FEDRINKAS ON THE HOUSE. (More on the match later. LET’S PARTAY LIKE IT’S 2009!)

Why Can’t He Do That All The Time?

It’s one of the great fallacies in sports: the belief that in a tournament, one day’s play is not just relevant, but definitive, in determining both expectations and outcomes in future rounds. This forms the basis for assessing Roger Federer’s chances at Wimbledon after his quarterfinal win over Mikhail Youzhny… and before his monster semifinal against Novak Djokovic.

Let’s step outside tennis for a bit: After Italy slogged past England in a labored, plodding Euro 2012 quarterfinal decided by penalty kicks, the conventional wisdom quickly kicked in: Germany would destroy Italy in the semifinals. Sure, the Germans had reason to be the clear favorite, but the Italians — unbeaten against the Germans in international tournaments since 1920 — were being written off prematurely by most pundits. A few wise souls reserved judgment, but the vast preponderance of public opinion said that the Germans would waltz past the Azzurri. Read More…

The Wasted Upset And The Nurturing Of Tennis Talent

Andy Murray’s 11:02 p.m. “beat the clock” adventure was a one-of-a-kind experience. Marin Cilic and Sam Querrey merely played the second-longest match in Wimbledon history (though only HALF as long as Mahut-Isner). Serena Williams and Zheng Jie played one of the best third-round matches in the history of any major tennis tournament. Brian Baker continued his feel-good story. Mardy Fish authored a brand-new feel-good narrative of his own. Tamira Paszek, Ana Ivanovic, and Sabine Lisicki are rebounding better than LeBron James did in the NBA Finals. Maria Sharapova remains the consummately consistent player of the WTA Tour. David Ferrer is playing his best tennis at age 30. PETRA KVITOVA SMASH THINGS! Read More…

Wimbledon Men’s Preview: A Conference of Anti-Experts.

Doots: Alright bitches. Let’s get down to business. First thoughts on Wombly draw?

PJ: Looks good for the Old Man, looks good for Rafa, whatever for Djokovic and LOLOLOLOL for Muzzface.

LJ: I’m overwhelmed by the amount of WTFckery 1st round matchups we have.
Kohli vs Haas: WHYYYYY? Both would have made good runs to 4th round.  Read More…

RG/Halle: Well trolled, tennis.

Apologies for the lack of updates in the past week. Sometimes life gets in the way of a full blown tennis addiction. (Yes, you heard it right: LIFE. Even those of us stuck in the National Crapital of Australia have one sometimes).

Truth be told, I didn’t feel right to move on to Halle without first wrapping up Roland Garros. And I couldn’t wrap up Roland Garros because the semifinals and final were  some of the most uninspiring tennis seen in the latter stages of grand slams for years. Devoid of both quality and drama, where the only suspense concerned the fickle Parisien weather, and not the tennis played on court.

In short, everything we expected to happen happened, in a mediocre, lethargic fashion.

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Roland Garros Semi: Transit of Genius

Up a break in the first set, goes on to lose the first set.

Up a double break in the second set, loses both, gains another break advantage, loses the next 4 games to concede the set.

Some things have to be written down to be believed.

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Quotable Quotes: Fought and failed.

Every once in a while, a tennis journalist out there feels the need to write a piece singing praises of Federer for no apparent reason, other than to generate incoming traffic from RF.com.

So it appears that Pete Bodo has decided to use some of his quota for Fed-lovin’ today and wax poetic about Federer, as the “anti-special”. Read More…

It Only Seems Automatic

There was this match at the French Open. You might have heard about it.

Roger Federer, frustrated to the fullest possible extent, was trying to find his game, trying to pry open an opportunity, trying to gain an escape hatch against a man he immensely respected. Down two sets to love in the high-stakes poker game known as a major-tournament tennis match, Federer once again found himself in the position that tests a professional like none other. Trailing by a substantial margin and unsettled to no end, Federer encountered his worst critic – himself – and had to deal with the human voices that are always the most unsparing: the ones that lie within. Read More…

Roland Garros Preview: A Conference of Anti-Experts. Pt 1

Ahead of the French Open, your Aussie blog mistresses – Doots, PJ and LJ – convened for a cosy fireside chat of the anti-experts in place of your usual ‘draw analysis’, pointless predictions, and French Open themes. Best enjoyed with a glass of wine, a hint of sarcasm, and a dash of hope.

Read on and enjoy! 

Doots: So I posed a question on the blog yesterday about the lesser of two evils between Rafa and Novak. Obviously now that Roger has drawn Novak, this is kinda redundant but what did either of you think about which is the “easier” side?

PJ: I actually hope for Federer to land on Rafa’s side of the draw. If I have to take another 2011 redux where he plays brilliant to beat Satan and then fart to Rafa in the final…I may just jump into Yarra River.

Doots: But surely a final is better than a semifinal?

LJ: It is, but fuck – losing another French final to Rafa? Seriously every time I venture onto the Roland Garros website, I cry a little looking at the scoreline.

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