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The Week-in-Between: Oh Puny Arms, how I’ve missed ye!


Rust? What rust? 28 winners to 14 unforced errors, thank you very much. 12 aces to 1 double? Yes please.

It was a lot cleaner a performance than I was expecting after a 6 week break. With an easy 63 64 win, Roger cruised past his former doubles partner, Olivier Rochus, with whom he won the Wimbledon boys doubles in 1998. 



I gotta say though – the mahogany coloured polo looked good on TV, but old and tiresome in photos. Roger looked as though he has lost some weight.


The 15-time grand slam champion has laid low and got to know his three-month old twin girls as he assumed his additional new role as a father. He was unable to help himself as he bragged about his daft hand with a dirty nappy.

“I have an unbelievable technique,” he said to laughter – mainly from his wife sitting in the stands.

Source: Eurosport


Pfft, you arrogant douchebag!

Meanwhile, check out this recent interview with Federer on the Swiss SI. It’s in German, so Google translate is your friend.

You gotta admire the Swiss interviewer, who asked him everything from whether he prefers shower-gel or soap (shower-gel), flip-flips or bare feet (flip flops), to how many times he brushes his teeth a day (3 times with an electric brush.)

Now I feel like a dirty, barefooted slob.



Who looks like you?
RF: Myla is like me, Charlene Mirka. When I see baby pictures of me and Myla, there are many similarities. I want to be with them as often as possible. They grow so fast.


Aren’t they identical? 

In other news, Valencia has the best stadium in tennis, hands down. Nikolay Davydenko cruised through his first match there, and as usual, no one noticed.



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