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Picspam (by PJ): Monkey in the Sun

Sunday greetings to all! I’m up writing a post at 7AM on a Sunday morning, how’s this for Feder-dedication? 😛 (Actually, I got up to watch the Germany and Uruguay match…woke up 1.5hours too late and only caught the last 20 minutes boo)

Anyway, just a small picspam of MonkeyFed for y’all! Thanks to TennisAce for the heads-up, and photos taken from rogerfedererthebest.blogspot.com and tennis.com.cn!

First Fed-sighting since it was apparently at the Mediterranean Seas, on board a boat called Jems, and with Fedy wearing gray swimmers with white designs (I can’t really tell what they are…flowers? Starfish? And believe me I looked very closely…veeeery closely indeed). Darling boy looked tanned and relaxed even if he was not a bunch of smiles. All the same, does anyone want to sponsor me a plane ticket? Heh.

Monkey and Wife on a boat!

Monkey diving.

Swim, Monkey, swim!

Darth Monkey on the beach?

I hope he remembers his sun protection…slip-slop-slap, Feddykins. We wouldn’t want Monkey to burn.

Drinky drinky…Evian sponsorship anyone? (can I just say that Mirka is really kinda rocking that bikini?)

Random hot shot.

Okay, Mirka, slip-slop-slap. Yer looking kinda red.

So I think the paparazzi really kinda sucks most of the time, but when they give me Feddy and Monkey, I’m not going to complain. Heheheheheheh.

Also, I’m going to try and do a Davis Cup post once I get to reading news and updating myself for there has been an upset!

Happy Sunday, all of you. Now I am going out for a morning run! No beaches near me, unfortunately.

– PJ