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Picspam: Newly Weds.

Sania and her hubby attended their wedding reception in Pakistan. Nothing to it, except she looks like the Bollywood princess of my imagination.

Unfortunately, the drama hasn’t stopped stalking the pair: they had to leave their own wedding reception early as wedding crashers put their security at risk.

The pair’s decision to cash in on the media rights to their one of many receptions also angered many in their home countries.

Two petitions were filed in Pakistani courts against hubby Shoaib for violating government rules on wedding receptions: apparently, you’re not supposed to serve more than one dish at marriage functions and or hold such functions past 10 p.m.

Geez louise.

Another petitioner by the name of Safdar Ali filed the court, alleging that he was barred from attending the reception in honour of Shoaib and Sania even though he had bought an invitation card for Rs 15,000.

What and what?

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Picket Fence Newsreel: The Monte Pythons.

1. Notable victories overnight in the Monaco principality of Monte Carlo – Ernie whipped Chiudy into submission with a 63 62 win.

Nalby and Birdy had it even easier, with the identical score line of 63 61 over Beck and Feli respectively, while JCF baked Granola bars, 60 63.

Perhaps more intriguing than the matches – WHAT’S WITH THE HAIR DUDE? YOU LOOK 50.



2. As Monte Carlo got under way over the last two days, the biggest news so far is that Novak Djokovic has split with Todd Martin after 7 month collaboration. The pair teamed up before the US Open last year, but Nole’s serving woes and some communication issues between long-time coach Marion Vajda and Martin saw the tenure come to an end.

“You’re always going to have problems like that when you work with two coaches. They did not understand each other very well.”

“Todd is a fantastic person. He has so much experience and was willing to share everything with me. There are no hard feelings but we just decided it was not working. It was probably a question of understanding what kind of person I am.

In other words, Martin didn’t click with the Djokovic team.

The problem was probably exacerbated by Djokovic’s serve problems over the past few months. Martin reportedly attempted to tinker with Djoko’s serve to protect his shoulders, but if the woes of Ivanovic and JJ at the Australian Open were anything to go by, messing with the serve at this stage of a player’s career is just asking for misery.

“Todd has specific ideas on some issues of work. There were no major problems, but changes in my service did not work out. It was a good experience and I’m not sorry for it.”

“At the ATP Finals in London my shoulder was tired and the body automatically started to make adjustments because of that,” Djokovic explained. “Then we tried a slightly different action and it all got very complicated. So now I am just going back to my original action.”

Source: Foxnews



3. You didn’t think I was going to skip this did ya? Over the last weekend, Stanislas Wawrinka took home his second title in almost 4 years, defeating Victor Hanescu in the final 63 62. It was his first victory over the Romanian in 3 attempts.

While competing there, Stan took some time off to visit the local mosque with his coach.

The tournament, one of the few on the ATP tour schedule played in Africa, was declared to be a success.

“It was fun to watch, and even though there weren’t a lot of Moroccans at the tournament, it is growing in popularity here, especially as we have had our share of good players recently,” said Said Chobkar, an avid tennis watcher who has documented the rise of the sports popularity in local media. He said that this year, more and more young Moroccans “are picking up a racket and started to hit some balls. Hopefully this will mean more success for us on the international stage.


Majed Ibrahim, a young tour operator based in Casablanca, said he made more money during the tennis tournament that he had in the previous three months combined.

“These kind of events are really great for the country, because it brings in a lot of money from foreigners who want to see the place and not just watch sports,” he said.

Source: Bikya Masr

How awesome is this sport of ours?

As for the Swiss, the title – coming a week after his 25th birthday – was a resounding statement that he still has the drive to win at smaller tournaments, despite recently becoming oldie and a daddy. Oh wait –

Wrong Swiss.

Even so, it was important for Stan to get the monkey off his back after losing 5 consecutive finals. He’ll be looking to build on his victory in Monte Carlo, where Ilham and baby Alexia will be joining him for the first time.

FUCK YOU, ROGER FEDERER. We could’ve had a Mighty Swiss Babes play date.



4. The ATP has a new video: DIMPLES AND DOLPHINS. My heart almost ruptured.



5. Leon Smith, former coach of Andy Murray, has been officially named Britain’s Davis Cup captain and the head of men’s tennis at the LTA. While the rest of us took a moment to wonder out loud – “Leon WHO?” – Mark Petchey was first to jump the gun and bitch to the media.

“When Roger Draper came into the LTA it was all about a world-class leadership team, world-class people and this is it; four years down the track we are putting someone in charge of the men’s game and the Davis Cup who has none of these qualities.”

“So are we saying the strategy before was wrong and now we’re on the right one, or are we actually saying we don’t have a clue and are sticking somebody in the job who we think might persuade Andy Murray to play Davis Cup? Andy will make his own decision and I know Andy, he was happy to go with the majority view of what the players wanted in terms of a Davis Cup captain – and the majority of those players wanted Greg Rusedski.”

After the dramas surrounding Tennis Australia and now with the LTA, it seems that the politics of tennis federations aren’t so different from the politics of girlworld.



6. Lastly, congratulations to Sania Mirza, who married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik on Monday. There was no end to the drama as the April 15th wedding had to be brought forward by 3 days, after Muslim clerics in Hyderabad criticised the fact that Malik was living in his future bride’s house.

The ceremony was held in the presence of family and friends at a hotel in Hyderabad, attended by a delegation from the Pakistani parliament, including Pakistan’s minister for population welfare, who has asked Sania and Shoaib to become ambassadors for the country’s program to curb population growth.

So … I guess we know what that “family planning kit” is all about now.

But enough of all that. Wedding photos! Hurrah!

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Picket Fence Newsreel: the Absentees.

Courtesy of the demands of modern tennis:

  1. Serena Williams has withdrawn from Charleston. Not that I expected her to play, but her absence since the Australian Open has been one of the longer spells in recent years. I wonder if she’s lost a little motivation to play after all her slam successes in the past 2 years. Are we in for one of her “disinterest – career dip – raring comeback” phases again?
  2. Maria Sharapova has also withdrawn from the same tournament, still bothered by her elbow injury.
  3. Sabine Lisicki is out of Charleston with her left ankle problem.
  4. Del Potro is out of Monte Carlo, with no specific date set for his return. His physician is still waiting for the swelling on his wrist to subsided before giving him the green light to play. No surgery is required.
  5. Soderling‘s total mindfuck against Berdych in Miami could perhaps be explained by his knee injury. He’s official out of Monte Carlo.
  6. As is Monfils, who hurt his hand during the Davis Cup last month.
  7. Gilles Simon (oh remember him?) rate his chances of competing in the French Open at about 20%. Damn those knees.
  8. Lots of Americans fall in Houston with bodily niggles: Fish, Ram, Dent, Russell.
  9. Azarenka retired in Marbella with a thigh injury. The only positive being that she did it against MJMS, who’s through to the semis. Hoorah!



In non-injury related news:

9. BBC reporting that Leon Smith has been named the next Davis Cup captain for Great Britain after John Lloyd’s resignation last month.

Seems that Tennis Australia isn’t the only federation with bad internal politics. Former captain David Lloyd has told the London Times that it would be “impossible”  for Smith to be appointed to the captaincy. “It would be a joke. I’m telling you, they can’t do that.




10. The Times of Indian reports that Mirza and Shoaib have moved their wedding forward to today.

And nope, the controversies ain’t going away. In a TV interview, Indian right-winger Pramod Muthalik has labelled poor Sania as a “disgrace” to her country for marrying someone from ‘an enemy nation’.

“Sania Mirza is not an ordinary youngster. She represents India in the field of tennis. She is indebted to India for her success and she has to act as a role model to others. Being in her position, it is a disgrace that she chose to marry someone from Pakistan and her decision is a shame for our country.”

Countries and cultures may differ, but bigots worldwide are exactly the same.



11. Happy birthday to Sorana Cirstea, who turned 20 on the 7th April, and had a tennis cake to celebrate the occasion. I want a tennis cake.

Unfortunately, the birthday girl was upset by 18 year-old reigning French Open junior champ, Simona Halep, better known as the Breast-Reduction Girl.

Sorry to be totally vulgar, but friggin hell … 18?





6. You saw it coming. You were in denial. And now you have to face up to the truth:

The last two wild cards for Monte Carlo have been given to Simone Bolelli and Bernie Tomic.

Well, in any case, I hope the reetard gets Mirka a nice one year wedding anniversary gift.

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Let’s play a love game.

Our tennis world is resembling more and more an episode of the Bold and the Beautiful these days.

You know!? The one where two star-crossed lovers come together despite the feud between their countries, only to find out that the groom is already married! Over the phone! To a woman he’s only ever “met” on the internet!

It’s as if someone rewrote Willy Bard’s work with elements of modern technology, ancient divides, media frenzy and police investigation.

Mirza, who broke off her engagement with a childhood friend earlier in the year, announced in March that she was to wed Pakistan’s former cricket captain, Shoaib Malik on April 15. This high profile marriage between India’s top tennis female tennis player and a well-known Pakistan’s cricketer has sparked controversy from the outset.  In India, the rightwing Hindu nationalist political party – the BJP – has asked Mirza to “reconsider” her decision to marry a Pakistani.

Well … if this is their idea of “asking”, that is.

Pakistan – on the other hand – was thrilled by the announcement, with the nation’s minister for population welfare vowing to give the couple a “family planning kit“. As an uncultured Australian, the first thing I think of when it comes to “family planning” is a condom, which is a rather strange wedding gift.

But perhaps it’s simply the Pakistani government’s code name for a dip bowl?

But wait, there’s more.

A woman from Sania’s home town Hyderabad – Ayesha Siddiqui – has come forward to claim that she is already wedded to Shoaib.

According to allegations, Ayesha and Shoaib had an internet romance, which led to the pair being married over the phone. They even have a marriage license to prove it.

Umm … to the extent that it appears to be hand written on lined paper and signed anyway.

Three years later, Ayesha’s father declared that the marriage was over, but Shoaib was refusing to grant Ayesha a divorce.

Shoaib initially denied that a marriage ever took place. He now claims that Ayesha forced him into taking part in a nikah – Muslim marriage ceremony – over the phone, and that a phone nikah isn’t valid in Islamic law.

In any case, Shoaib claims that he was deceived into this alleged marriage because the woman he believed to be ‘not-marrying’ – the woman whose photographs he had seen – was not the woman he actually ended up not-marrying.

In other words, dude got wife-swapped.

Shoaib’s sympathisers understand. After all, who hasn’t been conned into a marriage over the phone to the wrong woman after a lengthy internet romance? “How could a hot young cricketer choose to marry someone who looks like that?” his supporters asked, pointing to the photos of Ayesha.

But the Ayesha supporters were having none of that. They know the real Shoaib Malik. He’s a fool! He’s a cheat! He should leave India and go back to Pakistan! Ayesha justice! *ajde doublefistpump*

In a final twist, the woman in the photographs shown to Malik – the one he thought he was ‘not-marrying’ – turned out to be a woman named Maha. Malik now claims to have actually met Maha back in 2005 and thought she was an older relative of Ayesha, his non-wife.

Oh stop it. I’m confused! But then again – a good soap opera will do that to ya.

So who’s marrying the-what-now?

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Picket Fence Newsreel: the Alchemist.

1. Fire! Water! Air! Earth!

No, it’s not some weird Captain Planet cult invented by Gen-Y Federer fans, just the new Wilson BLX racket.

You know you’re suffering from Federer withdrawal if you watched the entire thing despite the annoying voice and the background that looks like it was stolen from a TV promo for ‘Charmed‘.

Advertising fail, Wilson.



2. More on the earthquake in Chile: Gonzo has told the Chilean press that he might pull out of Indian Wells to raise money for Chile’s earthquake victims.

“What I want is to help, and I’m looking at the possibility of not going to play at Indian Wells and to stay in Chile to help.

“I have several ideas and in a couple of weeks I’ll try to do something to generate resources. I want to send a message of hope to all of Chile. What does not kill strengthens. I have received many messages from my colleagues, including Roger Federer, who is very concerned about what happened in Chile. I hope that we pull through this.”

Gonzo also asked his countrymen to stop the looting. “There are more important things than to go looting, we should all be united,” said Gonzalez, adding that he will try to raise Chilean spirits by leading them to a Davis Cup victory. “I hope to win and so give a little joy to our country is suffering so much.” [Chile’s DC tie against Israel has be rescheduled to start on Saturday]

He might act like an asshole on court at times, but Fernando Gonzalez is a decent guy who’ll do anything for his country. If you didn’t know that already from his performances at the Olympics.

You know who else is a decent guy? The Swissy who messaged his colleague out of concern.



3. Talk about earthquakes, the tectonic plates need to calm down.

After Haiti and Chile, Taiwan has also been hit by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake in the South. There is widespread damage and disruptions to communications around the island. Local news reports said several people were injured.

The Chinese Taipei Davis Cup team is in Melbourne, preparing for their tie against Australia this weekend.



4. Will he or won’t he?

First, Nalby tells the press that he’ll play Davis Cup on a wheelchair if he has to. Then he pulls out. Now, it seems that Bandy will be making an appearance after all in Argentina’s tie against Sweden. He’s down for doubles, but may play a singles rubber if things get close.



5. Indian Wells wild cards have been issued to Henin, Moya, Nalbandian, Ginepri, McHale, Glatch, Mattek-Sands, Molik, Daniilidou, Paszek, Ryan Harrison and Alja Tomljanovic.

Perfect. All need we – apart from a picket fence – is for TMF to make an appearance too.



6. Mentioning Indian Wells, casualties so far: Vesnina, Mirza and – I believe – the newly Americanised Tommy Haas. Haas recently underwent surgery on his right hip and is expected to be sidelined for up to 6 weeks, or – as retirement gossip has it -forever.



7. More pictures from Ethiopia, courtesy of SI.

A little medicine for all your withdrawal symptoms. ‘Cause I’m thoughtful like that. 😉

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