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Shanghai Masters 2011 – Midweek Irrelevant Asian Dramaz (By LJ)

I’m away interstate for work for the next 4 days so won’t be able to comment on the end of Shanghai masters till early next week but here are my thoughts on the irrelevant drama thus far….It’s a pity only about 5 people witnessed the following fuckery live in the stands.

Tomic d Fish (2nd Round) 6-4 1-6 4-6


Giraldo d Melzer (2nd Round) 6-3 3-6 6-7

Hmmm, Melzer continues to be crap after an excellent year last year

Nishikori d Tsonga (2nd Round) 6-7 6-4 6-4

Tsonga couldn’t care less I gather

“ah shit, no?”

Mayer d Rafa (3rd round) 6-7 3-6

IN STRAIGHTS???? WHUT??? Have I mentioned that I shared a flight down to Melbourne before the Aus Open this year with Florian Mayer? I was going to go up and say hi but I chickened out.  But still…nice guy…shouldn’t be beating Rafa in straights. I didn’t watch the match, was Rafa shithouse?

Ebden d Simon (3rd Round) 2-6 6-2 6-7

Very good run by Ebden as a qualifier.

This tournament is this man’s to lose…

Yay for you Mandy….but hey still not a slam though *ahem*

Have you started caring about the Asian Swing yet? The Asians have clearly stopped caring.

Asian Swing: Halfway Wrap (by LJ)

What…people are still playing tennis? People still care about tennis?

Yes it’s the much maligned Asian Swing, were players below the top 3 try and make some more money and actually win some matches.

Considering all the matches were actually in or near my timezone, you’d think i’d have watched quite a lot but alas, I have been stolen by the Rugby World Cup amongst other things, but anyhoo…

Mandy cleaned up and bageled Rafa in the process, winning Bangkok and then Tokyo. I managed to catch the 2nd set of the Tokyo final and Rafa must have played shithouse in the 3rd (and Mandy out of this world).

I don’t care if Mandy beat me, no? It’s no grand slam, no? I laugh last, no?

Donald Young impressed me again by taking down Monfils in 3 in Bangkok…but then promptly rolled over to Mandy in the final.

Tipsy took Kuala Lumpur over Baggy….WHAT???

And Berdy won the China Open (Beijing) over Cilic…BLURGH!!!

Nothing to see here…moving on.

Shanghai (Ahhhh my mother city) Masters is this week. We’re pretty much through the first round already but as everyone should know, the big guys don’t play till the 2nd round, so here’s a belated preview of the tourney.

Rafa Quarter

Rafa has a possible meeting with Nalby in the 3rd, Tipsy/Berdy lurking in the quarters.

Unknown Quarter #1

Ferrer, Youzhny, Verdasco, Roddick, Robredo and Almagro duke it out. I personally hope its my BB GREEGOR Dimitrov who makes it…but he has Randy 2nd round,  so probably unlikely.

Unknown Quarter #2

Fish/Tomic Round 2, should be good if Tomic has improved his hardcourt game, otherwise Fishy Beatdown. Cilic, Dolgo, Melzer AND Luby in the mix. Tsonga to make quarters probably.

Mandy Quarter

Possible Mandy/Stan 3rd round, Gilles Simon for quarters.

Overall…duller than batshit really. I’m ready to continue sleeping till the Euro indoors. Pity for Asia but the matchups here are about as interesting as the lack of people in the Shanghai stands.

As Robredo rolls over Bohli in 2 tiebreak sets and Young sets up a 1st round encounter with a Chinese Wildcard, I count like 5 people in the stands… I’ve seen more spectators at challenger events…

…tsk tsk Shanghai, this is absolutely effing ABYSMAL you can do better… you have a population of 18 million…just give the tickets to the grandmas, grandpas and all the waidiren =p.