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Australian Open: Week 2 Frazzle Post

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Reasons why Mandy will beat Fed tomorrow

  1. New aggressive attitude shown in the past two weeks
  2. Confidence – Murray still leading 6-4 in the H2H
  3. As usual, my retarded theory: Federer’s complacency after a strong semi. Roger has the tendency to play a hot match followed by a cold match. We’re due for a cold one.
  4. Form – Murray has served more aces, lost fewer sets and played the best tennis I’ve seen from him at a slam. Ever.
  5. Ferd the turd might turn up: Federer’s serve hasn’t been totally on this week.
  6. Fluoro armpits. Scary.
  7. Desire to win a first slam. To win a first slam beating Federer. To help the Brits win their first slam in 150,000 years by winning his first slam while beating Federer. Lastly, to earn Roger Federer’s respect.

Reasons Fed will beat Mandy tomorrow

  1. Big match experience, he’s done it 21 times before.
  2. The match may or may not be in Federer’s hands, but what matters is that Roger believes the match is in his hands
  3. The pressure on Murray: from his country and from himself, as a slamless 23 year old “heir apparent”
  4. By contrast, Roger has zero pressure: he defended his points, secured the No 1, looks happy and laid-back, and to be quite honest – he wouldn’t be crushed if he lost. BUT I’LL BE YOU FUCKWIT.
  5. TMF is in Melbourne. So is Ferd the turd. So who’ll stay home tomorrow to take care of the kids?
  6. The key to the match is Roger’s serve, which has been on and off all tournament. But that’s within his control.
  7. Hit for Haiti karma


Frazzle Post: Countdown.

The last week before the Australian Open. 

Overnight, Roger Federer has pulled out of the Kooyong Classic, sparking rumours that his wrist is bothering him more than he’s letting on. Fed’s manager dismissed the claims. Make of that what you will.

Meanwhile, here’s a pic I took last year. *sigh* 



Nole and del Potro now headline the field in Kooyong, while Jo-Willy Tsonga‘s participation is a little uncertain given his injury.  

It’s a bad week for France all-round. Over in Sydney, Monfils has pulled out of the tournament after being plagued by what appears to be a shoulder inflammation. Birdy, Hewitt, Stan and Samurai will still be there to hold up a less-than-stellar field.

Never mind, Sydney’s all about the girls. Serena, Safina, Sveta, CWoz and Vika will be getting their last minute practice before the Oz Open next week. 

Somehow, it’s just not that exciting without the Belgians.

Over in the tennis wasteland of Hobart, Anabel Medina Garrigues and Shahar Peer are the top two seeds, but Zheng Jie, Lucie Safarova, Alize Cornet and Sori Cirstea should make things interesting.

Picspam: Welcome to the “I’m Popular In Asia” Club.

Zheng Jie, Sania Mirza, Elena Dementieva and Maria Kirilenko arrived in Kuala Lumpur for their exhibition this weekend. The Locals v the Exotics Blonde Creatures.



Oh Sania, when they say to dress ‘casual’, they don’t mean to come in your trackies.


Picspam: Practice makes perfect eyecandies.

All hail the photographers in Beijing, who are picspamming harder than me these days to provide a healthy stock of eyecandies to tennis followers worldwide. 


We have plenty of smiley, wrinkly Rafa …



… And of course, Safin.

Affectionally dubbed as “the Hippo” by Chinese fans, Marat practiced with Blake and flirted with the horde of Chinese fangirls who turned up to perve and SQUEEEEEEEE over the Tsar.




Everywhere I turn, there are temptations. Come back soon Roger! 


Meanwhile, local hero Zheng Jie followed up her visit earlier in the year to earthquake-devastated Szechuan by inviting two of the kids there on a trip to Beijing to watch the China Open and practice with her on centre court.

This girl has a heart of gold. I just want to fold up her and pop her in my pocket.




Love. Her.



Good day at the office for Americans, a day of bloodbaths for the WTA, as its own headlines read: “who let the underdogs out?”



For all her comforting results this summer, Jelena Jankovic fell second round to Yaroslava Shvedova 6-3 6-7(4) 7-6(6) after holding two match points. During the match, JJ lacked her usual vibrancy and sprint.

And how could she not? She was playing with a heavy heart after learning that her grandmother had passed away the night before.


“For my part, I wasn’t really on the court. My grandmother died and I was very close to her. I was very sad and emotionally, I was not really on the court. I was really suffering. I tried to think about my tennis, but, you know, I felt like I was so late and so slow. I couldn’t even watch the ball. That was my problem.”


It’s sad to see JJ’s slam season finish on a low point like that, just when she seems to be getting her game back on track. Take a break Cherry, and cut yourself some slack. 


Call it double standards, call it whatever you want. But I’m less inclined to cut Dementieva any slack.

As a self-proclaimed non-fan of Dementieva, I must admit I was fairly cynical of her grand slam chances, even after her victory in Toronto. If slam results could be inferred from warm-up tournaments, then Dinara Safina should be sitting on a few slams right now. I stuck a fork in the idea that Lena D would eventually win a slam a while back, and I’m not about to resurrect her now.



Even so, it’s just not good enough for the World No 4 and a veteran of the tour to be out-gutsed by an injured 17 year old.

Credit to Melanie Oudin though, if you thought she was impressive against JJ at Wimbledon, then her performance in her 5-7, 6-4, 6-3 win over Demmy was something else to behold.

The petite 17 year-old was 90% guts today as she fought back tears, ignored the pain in her injured leg, and played fearless tennis for three sets against one of the more established names currently in women’s tennis.

Oudin certainly lived up to the inscription on her shoe – BELIEVE. If only a few more of the WTA contenders could do the same.



Q. Talk about the shoes. They say “believe” on them. 

Q. Is that your saying or somebody’s…
MELANIE OUDIN: Actually, my boyfriend gave me that idea to put on it, and I really liked it. So I put that on my shoe. It seems to fit me well.


And fit her, it sure as hell did.


Someone who never had any troubles with self-belief: Masha Fierce, who came through a cruising win over another American 17 year old, Christina McHale 6-2 6-1.

The serve is still coming in ebbs and flows, the toss tends to get higher as the match goes on. But Maria had it under control for most of the match except for one service game in the second set. Not that it mattered much, Masha Fierce was just awe-inspiring in her omnipresence on court. 

Thank god the Pova’s back, showing the other clowns how to do it with a stamp of authority.



Desperately needing a stamp of authority was Dinara Safina, whose 6-7 6-2 6-3 win over the 67th-ranked Kristina Barrois of Germany was just about as laborious as her first round match. 

You really don’t need to hear me say for the gazillionth time how over Safina I am. Contrary to Maratski’s insistence, I’m clearly not the one who needs to go fug herself


Tough day for Alize Cornet, whose season has turned from promising to dismal after losing to Zheng Zheng Jie Jie in 3 sets. She does however take the prize for my favourite dress of the Open so far. Very impressed with Lacoste’s gears for the girls this year. 



More tough luck to Sabine Lisicki, who served for the match against Rodionova at 5-3 in the third, only to lose it 6-3, 3-6, 7-5 and spraining her ankle on match point. For your information, Rodionova is Australian this month, although there’s no telling which flag she’ll play under in her next tournament. And I thought I was indecisive.


On the men’s side of things, James Blake won two matches in a row, since … ever. Me likey.

The rest of the top 20 also came safely through. RFed’s childhood friend, Marco Chiudinelli, equalled his best ever slam result by making the third round of the US Open over Youzhny. Swiss tennis’s two-men effort lives on, despite Concubine’s shambolic loss.

LA Picspam: talk about a perfect tennis universe…

Let’s see? Slammin’ Sammy beat Ana Ivanovic, Masha Fierce survived a three-setter against ABond, Zheng Jie did my ancient ancestors proud and took down the Real World No 1. Not to mention – Zvonareva and both the Rads are still in the draw – just in time for live streaming.

Seriously, Tennis Gods, why are you being so good to me? Are you just sweetening me up before you deliver the blow? That’s it isn’t it?! You cruel, sadistic pranskters. 


I loved the fact that Zheng Jie took down Dinara Safina. Nothing against Safina. It was just oddly satisfying to see a small Asian girl topple the pinnacle of Big Babe tennis. Me? Living vicariously through Zheng Zheng Jie Jie? Am not!

Without seeing any of the matches (and WHY WASN’T THIS BROADCASTED?) I can’t say much about Safina’s loss, except that surrendering a 4-2 lead in the final set to lose the match 75 46 64 is just so-bloody-Safinesque.

Oh Dinara, of all the qualities you could’ve shared with Marat… 



It was revenge time for Masha Fierce, who recovered well after losing the first set, and squared things with ABond, 46 60 63 .

The double faults stats are still a hot mess, but the girl’s into her fifth quarterfinal in six tournaments, which is more than I can say about anyone in the top 5 right now. 

When Maria Sharapova lines you up with her racquet, you know she’s shooting to kill.



It was a day of sweet revenges, as Sam Stosur also scored a victory over Giggles. It’s fair to say that it’s no longer considered an upset when Ana loses to Stosur. They’re both in the top 20, Stosur’s in the best form of her career, more motivated and calmer under pressure. Ana the exact anti-thesis. Still, I didn’t expect to see a 63 62 victory in just over an hour. 

Don’t know what’s going on with Giggles, but that should not be the face of someone who just lost. At least have the decency to look like you care.



Less time on golf courses and more time on tennis courts, dearie. 


Even more good news to add to my perfect but fragile tennis universe – Rafa’s practing in Montreal, looking rather solemn – as Rafa would.

Dude, how can you possibly look that serious when you’re skipping? Adorbs.


AP Photo/The Canadian Press,Graham Hughes


Ivanovic photo credit: GOTOTENNIS – if you’re starving for some proper LA coverage, then get your ass over there. Go on!

Other images via Daylife

Picket Fence Picspam: the Baby Quiz

With so little tennis to inspire me, it’s time for a bit of fluff with some baby photos I’ve collected over the years of tennis players. Sorry about the size and quality of some of these, baby photos are hard to come by! 

Guess who these cuties grew up to be? Go on! You know you want to.

Answers at the bottom 😀


1. (Left)

2. (Right)

Guess Who






4. the left hand kinda gives it away.








6. she looks the same, no?







8. sorry about the size of this



9. … and this too




10. You know who this is. Sure you do. 




11. Mommy gave me a bowl cut …








13. tongue in cheek! 








15. (Left)

16. (Right)




17. (Left)

18. (Right)



19. cutiepatootie




20. Oh, you dork. 




21. Is it a little mean to follow the photo above with this photo?


you beauty!

22. Guess who looks exactly the same?















26. the most photogenic kid EVER? 


future hottie


A few more of him, because I love this little guy. He makes me want to get preggers right now, and have super-gorgeous kids just like him. 







So how many did you guess right? The answers: 

1 + 2: Safin and Safina;
3: Cibulkova
4: Federer
5: del Potro
6: Hingis
7: Ivanovic
8: Wozniacki
9: Soderling
10: Nadal
11:  Roddick
12: Fish
13: Djokovic
14: Jankovic
15 + 16: Andy and Jamie Murray
17 + 18: Nalbandian and Coria
19: Blake
20: Henin
21: Dementieva
22: Clijsters
23: Gasquet
24: Zheng Jie
25: Bartoli
26: Wawrinka


Did you suck as much as I did? Or do you have a good eye for these kinds of things? Did cutiepie Stan make you fall in love with him just a little more? Admit it! You totally want to pinch his cheeks until they look like two swollen tomatoes. 


Ridiculously cute.

xx dootsie


Credit to the women’s tennis blog for some of the girls’ photos

Wimblydondon Fashion Report: the rest on Day 1

I need a moment. I think I’m going to cry tears of joy, “it’s killing me …

Maria Sharapova has finally worn an outfit that looks like tennis wear rather than a cocktail dress. Take a bow Shazza, you look faaaaab.


Seriously though, with the shoulder injury and comeback uncertainty shrouding her career, what better way for Sharapova to dress for Wimbledon than in a simple, understated dress, almost reminiscent of what she wore en route to her first Wimbledon title. Very classy, go on! Take another bow!


Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images


Never thought I’d see the day when Maria’s opponent (Kutuzova) looked more frilly than the Frills Queen herself.




But you didn’t really think she was going to go all “organic” on us did you? Masha came up with a military jacket of her own to match le Fed. I would wear that any day. Oh yes I would.


Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images



Normalcy in my tennis universe continue to shatter as Serena Williams turned up in an equally simple dress, with a gold swoosh to match le Fed too. Sheesh Federer, trend-setting much?

Love it. I’ve never seen a dress flatter Serena more. Brilliant fit.


Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images


For her outerwear, Serena chose a trench coat … again. Boooorrring. 


Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images


Nike is sticking to simple lines this Wimbledon, giving Daniela Hantuchova a no-frills, fitted design. Quite flattering for someone as lean as Daniela. 



The dress theme was simplicity. Obviously Anta and Zheng Zheng Jie Jie didn’t get the message. Worst outfit I’ve seen so far. 


GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images


And c’mon guys, Vika is no monster. In fact, she was quite a darling in consoling her injured opponent – Severine Bremmond Beltrame, who had to retire after dropping the first set 62. Thumbs up for the tennis, the sympathy and the hair, thumbs down for the ill-fitting two piece outfit.








More mindless garble comin’. With pics. Yeah why not? 


Order and Chaos: Picking the Impossible.

I just can’t shake of this nasty feeling I have for Roger Federer this Wimbledon. Why? Roger Federer is majorly due for an early round upset, that’s why. That 20 consecutive semifinal streak is just a sitting duck, a gross statistical anomaly waiting to be snapped. It’s not rational of course for me to suppose this. This is Wimbledon after all – the slam where freak upsets and surprise runs are least likely to happen. The odds are stacked favorably for Federer. So let’s hope it’s my subconscious reverse psychology at work here. 


Meanwhile, WTA picks are much less stressful where there’s no Potato Nose clouding my judgment. So here’s Team Dootsie – complete with fabulous glam shots, since you know, “sex sells” and all. We’re out to kick Wimbledon’s pompous ass. 


The Contenders


n8059422391495513459590Face it. She’s beautiful: Italian Marie Claire


Venus Williams: Here is when you say “duh Dootsie!?”

Does anyone else think Wimbledon should’ve chosen Venus instead of Roger to play first on centre court? Like Roger, she’s a five time champion at Wimbledon, but unlike Roger, she’s actually the defending champ. So why not give women’s tennis the limelight and get Venus to open play? I think it would’ve been more fitting and symbolic. It’s not like Roger is owed anything. 

Venus had a strong start to the year despite her early exit from the Australian Open, but she’s looked very patchy during the clay season. That’s not so different to the usual however. As always, Venus makes it hard to pick her, or to pick against her coming into Wimbledon. I’d personally love to see her win, her grace, athleticism, and dominance on grass are a privilege to see. And there’s something about seeing Venus and Federer posing with their respective trophies that restores order in my tennis universe.


Serena Williams: assuming she’s injury free, I actually think Serena has a better chance of winning this year than Venus. Last year’s defeat did not go down well, nor did the loss of the top spot. I think Rena’s out for blood. Ironically, if she wins this, she’ll be the current title holder for three out of the four grand slams, but she still won’t be No 1 in the world. 


Are there any other contenders apart from the Williams sisters? 


Victoria Azarenka: At some point, the girl’s gotta be ready for her first slam. Why not at Wimbledon? Sharapova aside, Vika is the only player on tour who doesn’t suffer an inferiority complex when the player across the net goes by the surname Williams. And at the moment, she’s resembling a hungry pit bull more and more. It’s time.


The Fringe


It says something about the power dynamics of the WTA tour when I pick 3 past and present No 1’s as “outsiders” to win Wimbledon. 


Gladiators gone wrong: The Sunday Times


Dinara Safina: I’d put her in the contenders for Wimbly as the No 1 seed, but her less-than-glamorous record on grass and the sting of her recent defeat in Paris suggest she’s better considered as an “outsider”. In theory, there’s nothing about Safina’s game that suggests she can’t be good on grass. In reality however, I don’t think she’s comfortable with the surface and the atmosphere of Wimbledon. 




Maria Sharapova: I can’t believe so many commentators and writers out there are picking Sharapova to win. I’m still keeping my expectations low for Sharapova at Wimbledon. Her fight and will at Roland Garros were more impressive than the actual tennis she played. She’s very rusty and those double faults are still too Dementieva-like. This doesn’t say much of course, given Dementieva’s success last year. She’s in Azarenka’s eighth of the draw. Assuming she makes it past the first 3 rounds, that would be one hell of a match. I hope they put it on centre court … with the roof closed. It HAS to happen.




Agniewska Radwanska: I love Radwanska. I think the Hingis comparisons are overdone, but there’s something admirable about the way she constructs her points and how she handles the offence of players much bigger than her. She is in the top 10 now, but that doesn’t mean she qualifies as a “contender” yet. She certainly hasn’t performed to my expectations at the slam level. But if she were to have a breakthrough, it’s more likely to be at Wimbledon than any other slam. Radwanska won Eastbourne last year and was a semifinalist this year, not to mention a past junior Wimbledon champ. She moves well and looks comfortable on this surface and I’d love to see her make it happen with a good run in the next two weeks. If Bartoli and Zheng could do it, so can she.





Caroline Wozniacki: she belongs in the same group of WTA surgers as Victoria Azarenka, but she’s probably the calmer but mentally more fragile one of the two. I love her solid tennis, her charisma and personality. Love that smile. But unfortunately, something about her is a little too ‘Kim Clijsters’ for me.  I really hope she’ll win a slam soon, and winning Eastbourne is probably a nice way to start her Wimbledon campaign.


The Upset Squad


Tamarine Tanasugarn: I don’t get her. She’s invisible for the vast majority of the year, only to come out and shine during the grass season. I just don’t get it. 


Sam Stosur: on paper, Stosur’s game looks good for grass. In reality I think her topspin forehand and kick serve would suit the red clay of Roland Garros a lot more than Wimbly grass. And just because she has a good serve, and volleys well doesn’t mean she serves and volleys – which she should. 


Jelena Dokic: I don’t know if her back is still bothering her, and I don’t know about a second round clash with Stosur. I just don’t know. But she’s Jelena Dokic, and surely she deserves a smile from the Tennis Gods? I never liked her back in the day, but my heart breaks for this girl the way it breaks for Baghdatis.


Li Na: Li Li Na Na frustrates the hell out of me. The girl has so much game and personality that you just can’t help loving her, but she is also a complete headcase. Out of the “three gold flowers” – Zheng, Li and Peng (Shuai) – I do believe Li Na is the one with the most talent, but she is also the biggest mental mess out of those 3. I don’t see her ever going all the way, but pulling an upset? Quite probable.


Zheng Jie: everything about Zheng’s game is solid and compact like her build. She’s a lot calmer under pressure than Li. AND I just flove the girl okay? I want to fold her up and pop her in my handbag. She’s adorabubble. 


Daniela Hantuchova: at the end of the day, Hantuchova is always going to have the game to do some damage, but she’ll never have the heart, the fight or the mind to sustain her throughout an entire slam. An upset? Yes. A run? No. 


article-1192061-04984ABE000005DC-836_468x899Errm … the spot is distracting. And not in a good way.


Ana Ivanovic: it’s a poor reflection on how far she’s fallen that I have Ana on the upset squad. Firing coaches at this stage of her career looks more like a denial of her problems than a change for the better. But I think she’s close to hitting rock bottom now, so surely the only way to go is up? She’s too talented to just keep slipping. Or are we looking at a Beta version of Nicole Vaidisova here?

Her first few rounds should be easy, and who knows, she might get a bit more confident by the time she plays Venus. All it takes is one off-day for Venus and a good day for Ivanovic. 


So Not Happening


The antipicks and the prove-me-wrongs.


Oh no! JJ turned Transylvanian cosplayer: photo Tanjug/ STR


God gave me beautiful eyes, so I can roll them at slumping sisters:


  • Jelena Jankovic: what’s your name? Who are you? If she doesn’t have the passion or motivation to play, there is no reason for her to make it far. 
  • Amelie Mauresmo: ex-believer, I love her. I wish her luck, but it’s not happening. You know it. 
  • Svetlana Kuznetsova: Sveta on grass is a bit like Davydenko on grass, theoretically there’s nothing stopping them, but again, it’s just not happenin’. Some players were never born to rule tennis’s Sacre Coeur.
  • Elena Dementieva: Not a Lena D fan, but I really wish I could say she’s due for her first slam after years of frustration. She started her year fabulously, but just seemed to run out of gas completely by the American winter hard court season. I assumed she would rest, reboot and return strong, but it’s taken a bizarre Ivanovic-like turn ever since. Perhaps it’s time to look at getting a proper coach rather than an over-attentive mother. 
  • Vera Zvonareva: grass is not her surface, and she didn’t get enough match play coming into Wimbledon. But I look forward to seeing more from her in the summer hard court season. 


Final Prediction: you know what would make my tournament? A Venus v Azarenka final, the regal Goddess v the adorable banshee, veteran v challenger, massive serves and heavy groundstrokes, going deep into the third set. That would really really make all this WTA love worthwhile. Going with Azarenka for the win.

Oh yes I am.

Fashionistas in France

I’m never in the mood for much actual tennis in the first few days of a grand slam. And how can I be? I’m too busy checking out what everyone is wearing! In any case, I consider it a better use of time than meaningless analysis over early round matches. And here are some of the highlights (and lowlights) of the last 3 days. 


Diatchenko impresses

Not only did Vitalia Diatchenko save a total of 10 match points in her 62 26 10-8 win over Mathilde Johansson, she did so in style, showing us what Maria Sharapova’s Aussie Open dress would’ve looked like had she been able to wear it. It would’ve looked much better than the slip dress she’s wearing now.




Bluebird JJ

I thought I would love JJ’s bluebird dress. Turns out I don’t. I don’t hate it either. But it must be said that it’s one of the better ones out there – well-fitted, interesting without bordering ridiculousness. (see my last two posts on examples of ridiculousness).



Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images


Still the Glamour Gal

As I mentioned in my previous post, Maria Kirilenko has been sent packing by the Aussie wildcard Olivia Rogowska overnight. Her tennis might’ve gone downhill, but MariKiri is still one of the best dressed women on tour in this simple but flawless white and purple outfit from the Adidas by Stella McCartney range. Small comfort for her I’m sure.


3566125519_188f0356a9Clive Brunskill/Getty Images


Someone explain to me why Adidas is so lazy? They have arguably the prettiest girl in tennis, instead of giving her swarovski crystal embedded dresses a la Nike and Sharapova, Adidas gives Ivanovic two shoddy designs a year and vary the colour in between. Worst dress ever, but slightly better in blue than purple for the sole reason that this shade of blue distracts me from the actual fit of the dress more than the purple.


3566961866_3b3335ab87PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images


Move over, the Queen is here. 

Here’s looking at you, Queen Vee. Totally divine in a green, yellow and white print dress. I’ll be honest – having missed Venus’s match live, I saw a picture of the dress first and wasn’t too impressed. But when I actually watched the dress in action, it struck me as so Venus, in a fresh, summery, Parisien way. Classy.


3566131869_ca2ed774efPhoto by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images


Err, move over again. The 90s are back!

At least for Victoria Azarenka, who was sporting a retro headband. Does it remind you of anyone in particular? Clickey!

Not sure where the pink shoes come in though, since her jacket was yellow. Nike seems to be making a mess of all the random colours. 




Taking a break from the girls for a second, it appears that Juan Martin del Potro has stolen what Rafael Nadal should’ve been wearing at Roland Garros instead of his current psychedelic horror. Lookin’ even better with two eye brows!


3566963148_89027b8926AP Photo/Bernat Armague


Low-light of the tournament so far goes unfortunatelly to Zheng Jie. I’m not quite sure what Anta tried to do there – I think they wanted to create a bit of a traditional Chinese feel with the collar. Don’t understand the strange fit and the tassels, which appear to serve no practical purpose. Epic fail.





Her compatriot Li Na looked better in the standard Nike issue. No frills, no colour palette malfunction. Simple, fitted, classy – thank you very much. Here’s to something from Nike that I actually like at Roland Garros this year (excluding Roger and Azarenka’s outfits).




Might update with Hantuchova and Serena goodies later. Right now, Roland Garros is frying my brain with sleep deprivation. Tada my friends. 

xx dootsiez



EDIT// never-mind, apparently sleep is overrated. 


Daniela wearing the exact same thing as Azarenka, only with a visor. Looking fab, but we won’t get to see much of it, as she was just bundled out of the tournament by Virginie Razzano.



And Serena Serena! Looking fierce and stylish. That’s how you do “colourful”. Now go teach Rafa!