Quotable Quotes: New Year Resolutions.

While my new year resolution for 2010 is to stop blowing up my microwave, Roger revealed in his Abu Dhabi press conference that he’s aiming to stay on top of the rankings in 2010. 


“I would like to stay No. 1 for an obvious reason – getting to No. 1 from No. 2 was very hard work,” the 28-year-old Swiss player said Monday.

“Nadal played so well to stay No. 1. Now, I want to stay No. 1 for as long as possible. I am sure if I stay healthy, I can win tournaments and stay No. 1.”



Commenting on the pressures of being No 1 and a GOAT-contender, Roger said that it does not bother him.


“There’s always pressure from one quarter or the other,” Federer said. “There’s pressure from yourself, pressure from fans, your team.

“But I play better under pressure.”


Roger also signaled during the press conference that he intends to try and win more titles than last year, playing both large events and smaller tournaments. This comes after he fell short of meeting his ATP 500 commitments in 2009. I guess it explains his participation in Estoril.


I think I can definitely, if my body allows me, win many more tournaments than I did last year,” the 28-year-old Swiss legend claimed. 

“I really just had to focus on the big tournaments, the major events last year. Obviously those are the hardest ones to win, and it reflects in the tournaments I was able to win. I hardly played any smaller events. 

“But if I am healthy this year I can win many more tournaments. And that could also get me more confident, more momentum, and even more things could also become possible – even though last year was was fantastic.”


When asked about his relative lack of physical injuries compared to some of his younger rivals, Roger pointed to his style of court coverage and had some advice for the other players. 


“My movements are very smooth,” he said. “That has helped me stay injury-free.

“It’s just important to listen to your signals. I think that is also one thing I did really well when I became number one in the world. I had all the things going for me and huge opportunities, to go and chase money or tournaments around the world I said I’m not going to do it, you know,” he pointed out. 

“And if there was a niggling injury, I would listen to my body. I would listen to signals my body would give me. You have to look at the larger picture.”


Good. You’ll have no excuse the next time you flunk a match then.

Oh yeth, my lovelies, Dootsie’s giving Roger some tough love this year.



3 responses to “Quotable Quotes: New Year Resolutions.”

  1. JFK says :

    That’s what I want for him too, to be healthy and happy so he can play forever :P. My goal for him is at least one slam a year, and beating Del Potro again and Nadal in a Grand Slam.

  2. Jack says :

    Do you think he can end the year No1 again??

    I think it’s possible but he’ll have to do well at all the tournaments he plays, not just the grand slams.

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m not sure, it’ll be hard, much of it will depend on how the others do.

      To end the year as No 1, I think Roger needs more than just one slam. Or a slam and a solid showing across the Masters. He has until May to gain some points and I hope he takes these opportunities.

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