Picket Fence Vid: Free tissues for all!

I gotta say, I didn’t cry. 

1) I was slightly freaked out by the non-Chinese host speaking much better Chinese than me. 2) It was so un-Marat, but sooooo “China Open”. 3) I had “Time to Say Goodbye” stuck in my head for hours after it.




Guys, he’s still got some tournaments left – save yer tears for Paris.

And dear Draw Gods,

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put him in Roger’s quarter there.

It’s only appropriate.



10 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: Free tissues for all!”

  1. LJ says :

    not even when dina came on screen? i started blubbering like a blue whale.

    and yes…at bercy…there is only one possible outcome maratski vs roger….

    and rog wins in 3…and gives maratski the sweetest man-hug at the net.

    • dootsiez says :

      Dina’s part was cute, but – *sniffles*

      Don’t get me wrong, I have hay fever.

      I dunno, it just felt kinda forced. You can tell when the host asked him to speak Chinese, Marat was like “oh seriously, do I have to?!”

      Even with Rafa and Nole’s messages, hey they were nice and sweet about it, but neither was not exactly an important person in Marat’s career. Roger or Fabrice Santoro on the other hand …

      • inez says :

        ..I have to agree….not a tear in sight from me – maybe its a melbourne thing??
        seems to me it was all about the ‘prestige’ of the China Open rather than a genuine farewell from the fans – I mean, having made the statements about the ‘farewell party’ implying that Marat had agreed in advance, then canvassing the ‘fans’ through a Chinese forum for their ‘contributions’, and then MArat saying “no, no party” after the Acasuso match – and the fans being told – it’s OFF – it ended up looking like what it WAS – something that was clearly put together in a rush completely cutting out all the ACTUAL fan messages – the ones they filmed themselves and sent in – so, BOGUS -! and as I am being super-snippy today – what was the “Special day for MArat and you have something to announce to your fans…”???..had to say something to justify the hoo-ha, I suppose…
        Reading MArat’s body language he was ready for it to be over after his initial little ‘speech’ – I guess he realized there was nothing he could do, so he went with the flow – my favorite moment was the little “WTF” smiles he shared with Rafa(at about 3.46)…not to say he didn’t appreciate the sentiment of the fans , he was amused by the video messages and I think they could have done without Nole and Dinara’s contributions they seemed kind of out of place to my eye,- but really….as you say, SO NOT Marat….I imagine he’s shaking his head in disbelief and wondering what the hell to expect in Paris….but there’s Shanghai, Moscow and Saint Pete’s to get through first! GULP…maybe now I am feeling a little ocular dampness…on a positive note, he DID look pretty impressed with the “Royal Seal” (for the TSar) – and I fancy that may end up as a handy book-end or doorstop somewhere in his Moscow apartment…he’ll be stubbing his toe on that thing for years to come!

      • anne says :

        Umm….i think it is ok but i would still not consider it as a bittersweet moment since Marat and Rafa has practically no history together.Now if it would have been Roger then i’d prolly shed a tear or two since those two have history after all being in the same era and hitting buddies and etc..

  2. LJ says :

    i tend to just skip all the awkward 2nd hand embarrasment (i.e whenever someone is forced to speak chinese) so perhaps my version of the ceremony was more watchable than what actually transpired.

    i dunno what would be more entertaining, maratski vs rog or maratski vs the torturer aka santoro

  3. JFK says :

    So Nadal took out the hottie. That sonofabeesting.
    IF he was in Roger’s quarter in Paris I would not know who to root for.

  4. Blue says :

    Aww sweet. And I agree, it would have been more meaningful with Roger, they have way more history than any other player on tour. Who knows, he might be shedding tears along with the rest of us. And what was up with wordpress today?

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