Picspam: Name these arses.

These amazing photos were sent to me by LJ, who as you know is on-site at the Aus Open this week. Mad props on the photography skilz, gurl. The pictures turned out beautifully.

And you’re clearly focusing on the right things. Take note, Getty Images. 





In case you couldn’t name the fine rear-ends on display above, answers: 











Proof that Roger Federer is immune to the gravitational pull of Planet Earth. 




Seriously, I’m jealous. I want your camera. Not that I even know how to use it. 



What was I talking about again … 



LJ attached the images in a zip file and named it “assorted porn”. Never have I been more glad that no one else reads my emails. 

xx doots

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One response to “Picspam: Name these arses.”

  1. LJ says :

    ahahah awesome, post =D

    glad you like the pics, that camera/lens is a bitch to carry around but it does get the results

    oh and my friend and i try to take as many rear-end pics as possible, we have way, way, way too many of Feli, but we can’t help it that his ass is the most gorgeous.

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